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  1. Ahh you suck! I'm more Dartford/ Bexley area... it's more inside of London than Kent I suppose. :)

  2. Near Maidstone, what about you? :D

  3. So there's another member from Kent huh? Come on then, spill, which part of Kent are you from? :P

  4. TP-Daniel

    Port Aventura

    As you are only there for a day hopefully you will be able to get on most of the major rides but make sure you don't miss out on some of the excellent shows especially the Templo del Fuego attraction, the heat from the fire is unbelievable! Try to get the front seat on Furius Baco if you can and make use of the single rider queue for Hurakan Condor, it usually saves you quite a bit of time (the queue splits as you get closer to the loading area). It can be tiring especially if visiting for multiple days during the summer, prepare for quite a lot of walking as the park is rather large. It is an amazing park and I hope you have a great time!
  5. TP-Daniel

    Port Aventura

    I'm not sure if that's the cheapest available for a 1-day ticket.. I've always visited the park for two or more days whilst on holiday in Salou.Have a fantastic time, will this be your first visit to the park?
  6. TP-Daniel

    Port Aventura

    Depends how many days you are intending to visit... Last time I visited the park I got my tickets from here: http://www.attractio...cketType=Ticket
  7. TP-Daniel

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    Went yesterday (Friday 21st) and one of the best days I’ve had at the park. Minimal/No queuing, brilliant weather and everything working!Ride Count:Stealth - 7Nemesis Inferno - 3Colossus - 2 + 1 Front SeatSaw: The Ride - 1 Front SeatX:/ No Way Out - 1Flying Fish - 1Tidal Wave - 1 Front SeatLoggers Leap - 1Rumba Rapids - 1Detonator - 3Rush - 2Slammer - 1Samurai - 1Zodiac – 1Total – 27Colossus is running brilliant this year; the new wheels have definitely had an effect on the ride. You can tell how much faster it runs especially through the inline twists - it actually made me feel slightly dizzy, which it never used to do before. It also is a lot quieter especially through the cobra roll because you can stand underneath it now and still manage to speak! Plus had one of the most intense rides I’ve had on Samurai up to the standard it was at CWOA; maybe I just caught it on a good day!
  8. TP-Daniel


    Gave these out today....FASTRACK PRICES:
  9. TP-Daniel

    Food Outlets

    Yes, I went in there today!
  10. TP-Daniel

    Pocket Thorpe

    What price will it go up to in one week?
  11. TP-Daniel

    Behemoth - Canada's Wonderland

    It's a trim brake to adjust the train's speed for a safety reason such as to lower the negative g-force that the airtime hill would produce.
  12. TP-Daniel

    Has Anyone Had A Close Shave?

    Not a close shave but my Dad picked up a £10 note that he saw float down from the top of Stealth!
  13. TP-Daniel

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    I also went recently and I agree that I noticed the exact same thing- that it was ALOT quieter and was much smoother however it was making a screeching sound much like SAW did during testing.
  14. TP-Daniel

    Thorpe Park Trip Reports

    Bit late, but went to Thorpe Park on 19th June. Steam was working on Nemesis Inferno but very little of it in the tunnel. Good day the queues were ok (Max - Colossus and Saw were just over 1 hour) and the weather was great! Stealth didn't open until later on in the day.Ride Count:Nemesis Inferno - 3 + 1 FrontSaw: The Ride - 1 FrontStealth - 1 FrontSlammer - 1Logger's Leap - 1Rocky Express - 1Vortex - 1Rush - 1Flying Fish - 2Storm in a Teacup - 2Detonator - 1Rumba Rapids - 1Canada Creek Railway - 1Total = 18Video: