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  1. Hey! Thanks for the link! This is just what I was looking for. Typical that the track I like the most is from the infamous motel scene As for the rest of the FN stuff I'll keep my eyes peeled they might turn up somewhere. Oh and my password, I'll be honest, I cheated and signed in via facebook. I thought I knew my login and password but it wouldn't let me in Guess it will serve me right for being offline for so long!
  2. First post in like forever here. Howdy Ya'll Just a quickie. Does anyone know if the Studio 13/ Fright Nights Tracks are available? If anyone has 'em could I possibly have a copy?? Many Thanks B
  3. On the face of it, the whole thing seems a bit senseless. Perhaps if we knew why the park had decided to implement this 'rule' it would make more sense, then again perhaps not....
  4. Well I think that swimming video could be 1 of a catalogue of incidents that has forced the park's hand into implementing this rule. However could it simply be just a temporary measure over Easter in a bid to keep the queueline/trouble to a minimum?
  5. I'm actually on TPM for the first time in forever! YAY!

  6. *Calls back to TPM* BRUTH BRUTHY BRN! :D


  7. Tom

    Just looked at the comment 3 below. HAHA. Floppy Disc. ;)

  8. Either that or they had a reason not to remove it any quicker.
  9. You are correct Saw is infact on 8 cars or so says someone that we won't mention
  10. Yes it's terrible that SAW is not open but think about perhaps it simply it isn't ready to handle so many riders currently.Also nobody insult Alfonso! he's the best!!
  11. lol skunky I love your description of the button.Thats exactly how I describe it :)Yeah I don't like the delay however it does help when you're trying to do fancy effects with the fountains when you're showing off/ masking awkward situations.Ripsaw might have better fountains in the sense of they're easier to operate but Rameses always wins overall even if he is a bit temperamental in his old age ;)Like Sheepie says Rameses needs our love.
  12. Tom

    aha, That's what we all say... but we don't really mean it. ;) - WEDDING TOMORROW! :P xx

  13. Beth N

    LOL awwwww poor joe I wasn't even being mean I was just I dunno really.

    I love him really hahaha

  14. Tom

    haha HELL YEAH ;) He asked me why we were being so mean to him yesters... so I juats said 'ahhh I'm a playyyerrr ahhhh' :P x

  15. Beth N



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