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  1. I can't go to this one, due to me being in France at the time, plus I had already aranged Thorpe on the 1st and Alton on the 3rd.
  2. TimR

    SAW: Alive

    Honestly I can't really remember, we went in 6 times so it might of happened as one time I did go at the front because some people didn't want to go at the front, but I can't remeber what gender they were sorry!
  3. TimR

    SAW: Alive

    Josh, you must have been pretty unlucky, as I went on the 8th and my opinion had improved alot since 14th March, alot more actors, fourth room filled with smoke and a actor hiding in the shadows which scared us alot as she jumped out.One negative thing though, they need to manage the groups as there were four groups in one room at one point and the Billy video wasn't showing.
  4. Sorry people, I won't be coming, really really can't be bothered, have a good time!
  5. I haven't, I haven't gone a day this week without listening to the Colossus theme!

  7. Not the only one doing French and Spanish GCSE, it's stressful doing two languages.
  8. On Wednesday the main queue was around 1 hour 30minutes at around 11am, if your friends don't have Annual Passes you do have to join the main queue as this was the case for DanJ and I on Wednesday as do not have Merlins but James Allkins and Matt Miller did but we were still stuck in the main queue.Also the priority queue was pretty long as well it looked like it was crossing the one hour mark, it was queueing right up opposite The London Bridge Experience.
  9. That bit is so cleverly done! When the lights flicker on and the body's eye pops out, I lol'd. xDWell Keith, the only bit that I found scary was the bar scene during Jack the Ripper!
  10. We went on Wednesday, it is very good, for anyone that is wondering, it isn't scary at all, nothing compared to The London Tombs or The Asylum. The actors are great and play their parts very well, if you haven't been before it's worth a visit! Bloody Mary is awesome!
  11. TimR


    I laughed alot at this group...http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=240581993533&ref=nf&v=info
  12. Aha! Yes that works now! Thanks, I feel a bit stupid for not trying it earlier now.
  13. Anyone know why this happends when I try to get on Thorpe's site? Been happening for a week or so now...
  14. It's been up and running for a day now and it's down, wait a second...that seems familiar.
  15. TimR


    Wow, some nice photos there, looks great!
  16. The website would be good, if those stupid people with the huge heads went.Edit: Whoever said the new website was aimed at chavs?
  17. TimR

    Video Games.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, naturally.
  18. I suppose, but that will get annoying if you look how slow the scroller moves! :angry:Too be honest I was rather hoping for a darker themed website to fit in with SAW Alive, but can't please all!
  19. Anyone noticed that the "rides currently unavailable" section is gone? I think they might need that back once the season starts.EDIT: They've mucked up the opening times, look carefully.
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