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  2. If you look at the fond memories of great Yarmouth pleasure beach and other locations Facebook group you can see the winter maintenance pitures
  3. Since these photos were on Facebook, all my school mates are asking me what the spoons at Thorpe Park taste like!
  4. When I was at Thorpe yesterday, I was somewhat confused when I entered an I'm A Celeb area leaving Inferno. It just wasn't right, IMO. Granted, it was themed really well, and I thought the flooring was great. It just seemed in the wrong place. Do any if you fountains of knowledge know if this will be changed?
  5. Looking forward to seeing the video, Matt!
  6. A couple of years back, I was in the Dome toilets at the sink, and someone else came up. This was back before there were signs saying to push the foot pedal (or maybe there were some old signs or something - I don't know). Anyway, this guy was waving his hands around under the tap trying to get it to turn on. I told him it was voice activated. I said "tap" as I pushed my foot pedal...
  7. I wasn't with my dad at the time... But we got loads of photos of the mess they left and the trouble they caused with the lack of notice and when my mum goes into work tomorrow, she will complain (she works in the council offices)
  8. Just got home! Thanks Peaj and everyone else for a great day EVEN THOUGH PAIGE JUMPED ON MY FOOT, BREAKING THE THORPELAW I don't get to come to many meets, but when I do, it's really great that everyone acts as if they've seen you yesterday and is your best friend. That's great. Who one spooning though, as I had to leave before the results
  9. This is the warning we were given that our whole estate would be closed today. The entrance to our estate is a cul-de-sac that leads to 4 other cul-de-sacs. The first cul-de-sac was closed to all traffic, including residents, effectively closing the other four roads. Notice nowhere on the sign does it say anything about closure What is 'resurfacing' to the average person? The only reason my family know what it is is because it's my dads job - but he wasn't working on this, though. It took us 20x longer to leave than usual because the work men were breaking the law on access. We had to argue our way out. After shopping we were forced to leave our vehicles off the estate, ruining the field and flowers, and walk back to our house, which is the last house on the estate. All the while the work force were swearing at my dad and being down right rude to my mun. Once they cleared off, this was the mess they left This made my family, and the other residents we spoke to soooo angry
  10. I have a bruise on my face because I wasn't looking where I was going and I walked into a locked door at school
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