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  1. First visit this season was fairly average to be honest, Weren't bad just not great. Although have to say staff were extremely pleasant and had a much appreciated water cooling in the stealth queue line with attendants grabbing a hose pipe and cooling us down was good fun on a absolutely boiling hot day ! having said that stealth didn't opened until gone 1 ! First attraction was the SAW Alive maze which shockingly had no queue for about the first hour of the park opening considering it's their NEW attraction, but once coming out of it, it became very clear why there was no queue this being the attraction it self is poor. Was not remotely sacred or even weary, the lack of actors and effort by a few of them was shocking with no pig men in sight and the obvious "BOO" scares just didn't work which is a same really because even though I had read all the bad reviews about it I still went in with an open mind expecting it to be better than people had said. The fog was both good and bad, good because you couldn't tell were the next actor would be but bad because all the theming put into the maze was blinded by the fog and no final scare left us walking out the maze into the photo section saying "Oh was that it" and within five minutes had completely forgot about the whole maze. Disappointing Thorpe sort it out ! Had a great morning ride on rush. Really felt as though it was going higher and faster today but not sure if that's just me =)Got absolutely soaked on loggers which was surprising, Great ride.SAW the ride had an hour queue supposedly but turned out to be more like 2 hours, with two brake downs in the space of half an hour and also the ride closing to clear up some vomit . . . Hmm nice. I was hearing that the ride had become unbearably rough however this was not the case for me as I found it fairly smooth for the majority asides from the main drop jolt of course ! A shame to see the pendulum trap not swinging as well as the strope effect on the spikes not on =( It surprisingly takes away so much of the experience.Ride Count (Extremely low)SAW Alive - 1SAW Ride - 1 Rush - 1Quantum - 1Loggers - 1Slammer - 1Stealth - 1Rumba - 1 Tidal - 1X; wtf - 1Samurai was also down for the best part of the day hence why not getting a ride. Tidal wave hit 60 mins at 1 point I believe as well as Nemesis, Colossus hitting well over an hour therefore not getting a ride but looks super speeding these days !Note to self NEVER go on a Saturday !!! Completely packed but overall weren't a bad day !
  2. I wonder how long it will be before Rumba Rapids will get a much needed refurb?
  3. In my search for the SAW alive Advert I came across this Video on youtube, not sure if any of you guys have seen it but it has EXTREME SPOILERS Throughout and now I'm sort of thinking to myself that I should not of watched it due to me now knowing practically everything that happens inside ! None the less it's a fairly good video for anyone who is interested in what goes on inside the maze ! WARNING SPOILERS !
  4. I'm with you on that one. Have to wait till at least may till I'll be going Think I'll be getting withdrawal symptoms considering last season I was at Thorpe pretty much every other week !
  5. Surely it's worth a go, just so you can experience it for yourself and make your own judgement on it And has anyone got a link to the SAW Alive TV or Radio advert ?
  6. Just seen a SAW Alive Advert on the TV but missed half of it, is it on youtube by any chance?
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00rkg3l/The_One_Show_18_03_2010/Fairly decent report on here (skip to the 1min mark) Looks as a good as any maze can on video, Good report any how !
  8. Unless they go for; You need a "Fast Track" ticket with a time slot to come back at or if you want to go in right there and then you pay for a "Fast Track" perhaps
  9. Yeah I was there for that, it was crazy ! Can't remember the queuing time, something like 3-4 hours queue! And people were still joining
  10. Jackstar


    I reckon that for the general public it will be a LOT scarier as the majority will not be expecting there to be a drop out of no where in the dark and then suddenly be heading backwards unless of course they watched GMTV I surpose that's a down side of being a fan of rides, Knowing too much! Ah well looking forward to it
  11. Opps must of read it wrong, my apologies
  12. Seriously What is the need? Say no more.
  13. Jackstar


    Loooooool How random is that ! =P
  14. At the end of the day it's just a map, however good it may be there's always someone that will hate it. As for the "Their's people mooning on the map, that means guests at Thorpe are going to moon!" what rubbish, I mean I watch SAW, does not mean I go round putting people in traps till they die now does it The map does what it needs to do, show you where abouts a ride is. Personally I like what Thorpe have done putting the fun back into it! But of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just think some people may be over reacting to what is JUST A MAP. . . . . . .
  15. To be honest I like it, If you look at it as a "Guest" would it's really fun and interesting. Okay not 100% accurate as to the EXACT positions of rides but it doesn't need to be in the EXACT position for the little time a Guest will actually look at it, they will find a ride .e.g. SAW and head for it, not study it in great detail like us guys. On a plus side while waiting for hours on end in a queue it's something fun to look at, I like how it's got a "where's wally" feel to it and I'm sure no one will go "Hey this rides to far too the left on this map" The map does what it needs to do and adds some fun to it. If you zoom right out you can really appreciate the map for what it is . . . . . I say good luck to Thorpe!
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