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  1. The first deliveries are allowed to arrive on the 31st October. Although the first day is usually mainly fences, flooring panels & toilets with the odd food units & some ride loads arriving. The first week of November expect to see the main portion of rides & attractions arriving. Keep an eye on HPWW Unofficial’s Facebook page, there are daily updates of the pull on there.
  2. Yeah I wouldn't worry about queues... this thing achieves approx 1680 pph on 4 trains and nears 2100 pph on 5 trains (only if a train enters the lift as soon as the one ahead leaves, this results in the black & yellow loops looping simultaneously). As for Alpina Bahn, unfortunately we've never seen it over here but I wouldn't be so doubtful about seeing it in the future!
  3. Indeed the 7 car train setup has only ever been used in Munich in the past, having seen OL at a busy Düsseldorf & not requiring the extra 2 cars there, but here they are, gives me great hope that it will return next year! If you've ridden it on 5 cars, ride it in the back row again on 7 cars, feels incredible! When they bought the other cars over from Germany this week they also bought the Power Tower 2 paybox to get the extra numbers through the booths. If you just spectate the ride running 4 or 5 seven-car trains it really is quite spectacular seeing the black & yellow loops in sync...
  4. It's been an excellent first weekend for Winter Wonderland 16/17 so far, the busiest one I've ever encountered for sure. Munich Looping riding full with a small queue on four 5-car trains from about 5PM onwards until close today. (It can run five 7-car trains in total, they are extendable by adding 2 extra cars in the middle of each train.) Really glad to see it doing so well. And the same story for every other ride & attraction. Full queues all round & bars packed to a comfortable atmospheric level. Here's to a successful remainder of the event! Best year yet!
  5. After a trial last year, contactless payment & Apple Pay / Android Pay will be accepted on at least the 5 big coasters (Munich Looping, Wilde Maus XXL, Ice Mountain, Alpine Thriller, Christmas Coaster) & possibly other rides too.
  6. The Capriolo this year is a Furioso, the smaller model with 8 seats (still packs a punch), the Capriolo/Furioso & Turbine provide quite different ride experiences, Turbine is quite gracious however the Capriolo/Furioso is rather intense when run properly. The fans are entirely for effect!
  7. Yes yes, I shall be there! Maybe joining midday-ish though
  8. I'd always say try something more than once at WW, if you ride any of the flats during peak hours then yes you might get a shorter ride & be less impressed. Wilde Maus XXL works the other way round, trim brakes are often turned off / reduced during peak times to allow cars to complete the circuit faster to boost throughput, in the day you will feel the cars trimmed more to reduce wear and tear. Observe a ride before you take it on. I will agree - Rock Rage (Ski Jump) can be a culprit of that as can the Turbine (Gladiator / Blizzard), rode Gladiator in Tilburg, in the Netherlands this year and got 8 minutes on it during the day & a cycle like that will really show you what movements them things can do! Very much looking forward to this year's event though - every year I say it'll be the best yet and that couldn't be truer this year! Although unfortunately the Breakdance will not be returning this year, Super Spin has been drafted in as it's replacement after a deal couldn't be reached to bring the Breaker back.
  9. The siteplan has been designed with Olympia in the centre so it's unlikely to be called off. The likely reason for it being removed in the touring dates is that PWR don't want it being announced yet & have requested Barth to remove the info from their site.
  10. Luke_A


    ^ Yess, Marshmello's take on Jack Ü's 'Where are Ü now" is cool. A fave of mine right now:
  11. Luke_A


    Free download on this at 1 million plays so I believe, c'mon, just a few more thousand to go... Undeniably one of the best UK garage tracks of recent times... https://soundcloud.com/flava_d/flava-d-x-rhythm-gash
  12. The launch system appears to be LSM. I would imagine advancements in technology mean the capabilities of this setup are now greater than in previous installations. Pics: (http://en.pa-community.com)
  13. If I'm not working and if it's the 1st weekend, I'll be there! Will know more nearer the time. 2nd weekend is London Pride so I'll most likely be there instead that weekend, sozzz
  14. I am a maybe for this & Adv Island at the mo.
  15. Nice... Source: http://www.parkerlebnis.de/kaernan-erste-schienen-turm-hansa-park_9192.html There will be some nice speed here. Considering that twisted track, makes me wonder if this will feature something similar to the drops on Intamin strata coasters. Whatever it is it'll be pretty amazing.
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    Will 'Rather Be' ever get old? Don't think so. This is undoubtedly my jam right now & it goes off 100% in clubs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQxoLO8SmQM
  17. Simple principle of Yield Management... Every business that provides a service & operates in the private sector does it. From airlines to Train Operating Companies to hairdressers... the list goes on. The intention is to make maximum profit from the assets (& capacity) you have available to you, if you don't, you're being too generous!!
  18. This. (the voiceover audio plays around the entire ride). There are two entrances / payboxes to Wilde Maus XXL this year. https://vine.co/v/O1huHPZUUz1
  19. The reason Wilde Maus XXL parks at Thorpe Park is because German showman Max Eberhard, the owner of Wilde Maus XXL, is also the general manager of the European industry renowned roller coaster construction company, RCS. RCS have worked with Merlin on many occasions including for the construction of The Swarm. Max uses his company to construct Wilde Maus XXL at every event it attends. http://www.rcsgmbh.eu
  20. Oh my god, these things look so good, look at this dude in the blue seat: cannot wait
  21. I'm blessed with an internal Uni exam on either Monday 15th or Friday 19th December. I will be there regardless of the date but Saturday 20th would be best!
  22. I've said this before too. 100% truth. Anyone who hasn't ridden one needs to before they can judge...
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