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  1. Haven't posted on here in 6 years, but have been following this thread carefully just out of interest since the incident. I have just come across this and thought it would be worth posting to make some of you happier! http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/alton-towers-accident-kay-burley-5859900 1,100 complaints to Ofcom on Kay Burleys interview!
  2. lol sorry I was banned... back now.. and I got a new phone and lost your number, please PM it to me, or just text me and I can save it;.. I have the same number still.

  3. Ok, Ok guysAs I was given £120 from work today.. I will be around the park, hopefully be there by about 3 / 4, I will let someone know when I am on my way, but I'm not sure what time I will leave yet.Renew AP ftw
  4. Steven G


    To be fair, the last couple of times I have been to Thorpe, the rush queue has been 30 minutes maximum, including yesterday night.The fright night audio for rush is lush
  5. and I take pride in not going, as my AP runs out
  6. How much did it cost you?
  7. It has been proved in this topic no one cares what you think, stop ripping him. Jealous.It's great mate, can;t wait for tomorrows:D
  8. Steven G

    This Or That

    KeyboardPen or Pencil ?
  9. Steven G


    OMG I had the weirdest dream last night:I paid £9.50 at the fair to go on a eurofighter and another ride (Not sure), and I fell of it on the sand when it went underground :s
  10. Sorry Phill, our school doesn;'t teach English well enough, and if most chavs put it: Else...Please take me off the list. Thanks.
  11. Technology college here sucks.PE FTW... Just I hate French, and RE, and English, and nothing else... but PE rocks.. shame we only get 2 damn lessons a fortnight :@
  12. I hate people that always critisize other people... and think they are cool...
  13. Steven G


    Lol Phill, I'm not sure...I like the new Nano, but I am stuck with a 8GB iPod Touch!
  14. Steven G


    I handed my CV to a resurant at the weekend, and got an email today asking me what hours I could do ;d
  15. Steven G


    Now that's a tune
  16. Steven G


    Armin Van Buuren - State of TranceGreat Album
  17. When did I say I didn't like it?In all honestly, I think the theme fits the ride well.
  18. Whats with the Samurai dance tunes?
  19. Is anyone going to be getting to the Park at opening, and wanting to go on a few rides first?
  20. Stay with me - DJ IronikBrother And Sister Together Will Make It ThroughSome Day A Spirit Will Take You And Guide You ThereI Know You've Been Hurting But Ive Been Waiting To Be There For YouAnd Ill Be There Just Helping You Out Whenever I CanEverybodys FreeListen This Ones For All The Ones Showing Love, Its Appreciated Life's Crazy Man Listen To The Lyrics[Chorus:]Stay With Me Don't Fall Asleep To Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment (They Can Wait For A Moment)[Chorus:]Stay With Me Don't Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A MomentListen, Listen To The Words[Verse 1:]Don't Cry For Me When I'm Gone No Point Of Wasted Tears Our Time Will Come One Day And I'm Just Confronting My Fears Though Its Not Really A Fear Its More Like A Destiny Some Times I Sit And Wonder Is This Life Really For Me, Coz Ive Seen,Seen, Heard, Felt, I'm Done. I Hope Ur Proud Of Where Ive Come, You've Seen Me Grown An Helped Me Thou, An There Is No Repaying You, I'm Here An I Feel Like I'm Delaying You, Betraying You, An When I'm Gone I Hope There's Sum1 Saving You[Chorus:]Stay With (I'm Gonna Stay, Listen) Me Dont Fall Asleep Too Soon (I'm Gonna Try Not To) The Angels Can Wait For A Moment (They Can Wait Man, I Swear)Stay With Me Dont Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels (I'm Gonna Hold On) Can Wait For A Moment[Verse 2:]I Wanna Seee Your Face Every Time I Come Home Coz I Cant Leave U Like This In This Cold World Alone, But, In This Live Were Livin Hu Knows When Ill Be Gone, I Dont Wanna Leave You Wiv Wot Ifs, Now I'm In For Long (To The World) Theres To Much To Proove, An Sometimes I Wonder Wot I Really Have To Lose, An Then I Really See Its Not All About Me, I Wanna Show You From This Harsh Mad Reality, Its Real. [Chorus:](Like, Lifes Risky Sometimes, But Really, U Gotta Take Your Chances)Stay With Me Dont Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment( Its Crazy Look)Stay With Me Dont Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment(Listen 2 The Words)[Verse 2:]To The World, Lifes A Game An We Need 2 Play It Correct, Do The Right Moves An Dont Get Caught Up In Ldza Mess, Be Calm Dont Be Stressed, Be Sure To Pass Ya Test, Stand Ur Ground An Dont Let Others Put You To The Test (Repeat) [Chorus:]Stay With Me Dont Fall Asleep Too Soon The Angels Can Wait For A Moment [x3]
  21. Steven G


    To be completely honest, I think there amazing office says it all: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7290322.stm
  22. Steven G


    No, I read the whole cartoon. The way that is fixes the Fire fox memory leaks is amazing...I want to get the Google phone when it comes out for sure, but I seriously think they should make a media player, that is compatible with iPods, and standard MP3 Players, doesn't use lots of memory, can store all my songs how I want, with album art, and just works, not with all the fuss iTunes and WMP give.Possible?
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