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  1. wow thats hilarious! How stupid could you get?And I guess queue jumpers get away with it so easily because people are too scared to confront them...
  2. I work for a steel reinforcement company in Chertsey :-) my FB is facebook.com/mathewwood ...I do like my job, speak to quite a mix of people :-)

  3. ah, I'm glad it weren't wrong, thanks! It just seriously gets at me! People who are like 'err my family are over there in front of you' and they are blatantly not there! and they carry on walking! They just lie cos they are traveller's who cant afford fastracks so they queue jump instead of waiting like nice, normal people do! (not saying everyone who cant afford fastracks is a traveller).
  4. aha, where do you work? (:

  5. Lol, glad to hear it! It does fascinate me having drawings etc for it at work :D And as I'm such a Thorpe fan, I do like being "part of it" - even in a small way lol. You on FB? :D

  6. Okay, the reason why I am asking this is because I had a sketchy experience regarding queue jumpers at the queue in saw the ride at Thorpe park.... So I got really annoyed at these people who where pushing past saying that their 'friends were just over there'. I confronted them telling them they couldnt go past because you werent allowed to do such thing and that she was with her friends and they werent ahead. So she pushed ahead and waited until their was a fence between us until she threatened me that if I didn't shut up she would slap me and 'do me in'.. So I called a member of staff and by then I couldnt spot her in the queue. Then I spotted her at the end of the ride waiting for ME to come off the ride, she was with her friends pointing at me and waiting. I then confronted the staff and THEY WERE ESCORTED OFF THE PREMESIS. I seriously feared for myself. It was a shakey experience...I just wanted to ask anyone if they had a similar experience to me regarding queue jumpers? Was I over reacting?
  7. No way is that lame! I am generally in love with the whole construction aspect, LOVE IT.

  8. Is it lame that I'm excited to be involved with supplying *foundation* steel for LC12? haha. Such a fan boy!!

  9. LC12, the end is coming.

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    2. MattyMoo


      Yep, defo :) The guys from the construction company reckon it's going to be seriously good... I reckon it'll blow SAW out of the water! :D

    3. Louise(:


      definately, I'm so going the day it opens! :L

    4. MattyMoo


      I think I might do that for once :-)

  10. Yes the view from sunken garden is blocked, and other places available to take pictures had tree's in the way. I also didn't want to risk taking my phone on stealth to take pictures and I could see it from Tidal Wave.
  11. According to Wikepedia, this is what the trains might be like: Wing Rider trains with 7 cars. Riders are arranged 4 across in a single row for a total of 28 riders per train.Also, I went to Thorpe Park yesterday, and they have fenced the part you can take photo's from for the LC12 area. However it was possible whilst at the end of riding stealth (whilst still on the ride) to see how its progressing. So what I saw were plenty more diggers (about 4). I could see some sort of metal fencing rolled up with all the other things ready for the ride. The concrete footers were piled in rows beside the area which they had leveled out (these footers were absolutely massive may I point out!). There were other bits and bobs like portaloo's and a cabin. There was also large wiring layed out beside the footers (what looked like it), and also something that resembled metal netting?There were also plenty of signs about, everywhere! 'LC12 the END is COMING' on plain black and white A4 paper, but when you saw them their were about 5 stuck in one place. They had them in queue lines, in KFC, pizza hut, on the windows of ride operators etc. They have made some detailed progress since last time.
  12. LC12 - details so far. - Its £18,000,000- A Steel Wind rider- B&M rollercoaster- The lift/launch system is chain- its hight peak is 127 ft (38.6m)- It has 4 inversions- According to the submitted plans, it will re-create "flying through a crash scene" and will feature extensive themeing including a crashed aeroplane and helicopter around its layout. It will feature four inversons including an inclined loop, zero-g a corkscrew and a inline twist. - The rollercoasters rails will be filled with sand to reduce the noise.- The area will be themed as if being partially destroyed by explosions associated with a major disaster. There is a crashed plane, crashed helicopter, a crashed fire engine and an over turned lorry as part of the themeing- The ride will begin in the station, a partly destroyed church, and will climb up a 40m lift hill. Upon reaching the top of the lift hill the track will rotate 180° and dive down through a large half loop. The train will dive under a wrecked plane and incline into a zero-g roll and before entering the inclined loop. It then enters a turn around with a wrecked helicopter in the centre followed by a corkscrew through the loop creating a near-miss point. Upon leaving the corkscrew the train will curve past a crashed fire engine and a partly destroyed church tower and enter an inline twist before the final brakes of the ride.-LC12.net has a brief description of the possible theme of the ride and also has a countdown until 1st August 2011It may look a bit like this?And this was the plan.So guys we put it all together what do we now think of the ride?
  13. whats the competition?
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