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  1. I believe they are referring to the CGI parts of the VR, rather than the live action parts.
  2. We cant really say that its just a merlin thing, I know its going back a couple of decades, but when Disney finally opened The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland (California) that had a 6 year delay. I know they had other reasons besides the creative, but working out what was actually going to happen in the ride, fixing down an atmsophere, so it worked coherently all the way through, its the same thing Thorpe Park are doing. To note as well, the haunted mansion began its advertising in 1961, for a 1963 opening, didnt actually open until 1969, 8 years from it first being advertised, lets think ourselves lucky that isnt the extent thats happened with this. Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk
  3. The fore arms arent proportional to the rest of the body, thats why it looks odd. I study makeup and creature design at uni and a group of us were discussing the demon today, and the arms did come up as an issue.
  4. I was thinking, with the hydralics company theyve bought in, you get into the suspended car, and the interal car moves down, on a hydralic lift, you then go around on a track (with the hydralics underneath creating the extra movement, bumps, knocks, general train movement, possibly moving up and down as well, explaining how the height on the VR would link in. Ive got a feeling they will keep people in the preshow area whilst the cars move in and out of position to help hide the illusion, that way all people will see will be the 60 people coming off and the 60 people getting onto the train.
  5. "Do You Believe In Ghost Stories?"

  6. Just noticed I missed a little something off the end there....should end with "THE RIDE!!!"
  7. Merlin Entertainments, The UK's Leading Amusment Park Company, Presents: THORPE PARK RESORT: Presenting THE WORLDS FIRST (insert random claim they think they have here) In, AS SEEN ON CHANNEL 4 AND IN SHOWS AROUND THE UK, DERREN BROWN: Presents THE WORLDS FIRST (insert another interpretation of random world forst claim) IN - THE GHOST TRAIN (Coming Summer of 2016)
  8. I can imagine it now - THORPE PARK RESORT Presents: Derren Brown's - Ghost Train
  9. I have no problem with either the name or the music. They both fit well with the theme of going from "miserable in life" to "being marmalised and smiling". The reason the name works so well, as well, is because its the name of the machine, its The Smiler, because it makes you smile. Yes its not the best thought up name, but it works.
  10. I agree, the amount of self taught hypnosis videos and such on the internet that are about surely wouldnt be allowed if you needed a license.
  11. Yes, and ive got a few little niggles on the subject. 1. Its Derren and hypnosis/mind manipulation is what he does, yes it doesnt work on everyone, but for those is does work on, itll be great. And I'm pretty sure if he was to use hypnosis within the ride, it wouldnt just be that as the whole experience, because of those who wont be affected. 2. Its not the most cockamamy idea ive ever heard on a theme park forum, there have been much worse or barmy ideas that we as fans and the parks have put forward/into place - washing machine section on the smiler? Swarm backwards? A decent horror maze based on a horror film (which they compared themselves to the states). 3. The whole arguement for them not being able to do it on the ride for mental safety reasons is nonsense. If they advertise outside and throughout the queue enough that a method of hypnosis/mind manipulation/pyscological elements will be used, people with or without medical illnesses/problems should be able to make up their mind if this ride is suitable for them, and if there are people with carers, the carers should be knowledgable enough to know whether the person they are looking after can be put into that type of environment. Yes, he has promised some type of pyscological, mind bending element, but until anyone else comes up with a more viable idea as to what derren has bought to this, I'm sticking with hypnosis.
  12. With this in mind, my theory on what could happen. You get onto a tube carriage, and go forward, you then enter the tunnel section in the carriage, and then a video plays (like the ones Derren tests on people in his experiments to work out what video would work for which ever effect he needs) that entises fear, or in this case, for you to see your fears in front of you. Mass hypnosis, the carriage maybe then comes out or you exit onto a lower station, where you walk around a walkthrough area, with actors. You then board another carriage then takes you back up to the to floor, with a video that plays to remove the hypnosis. Would be a revolutionary experience, incorporating mass hypnosis into an attraction, making you truely fear something in front of you, then removing the hypnosis off of you afterwards. Thoughts?
  13. Is it just me, or does the "old santa guy" look like derren when he was dressed as a tramp, when he did the experiment, seeing how the area around us can affect how generous we can be. Looks very similar to me.
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