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  1. So the park will be unrecognisable in 10 years? Maybe under water then. I would like to think good things will come, but I just cannot see it. Especially as the park has often promised remarkable things which never happened and with Merlin seeing the park as a failure also. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it!
  2. Nah, we don’t want any unnecessary metal sheds hanging about.
  3. Welcome Back. In this section we take a look at same of the many places and jewels to explore in this city of Fairy Tale and wonderous city. Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital city, a place famous for Lego, Hans Christian Anderson and creativity. It is the largest and busiest city in Denmark (naturally) and Scandinavia. It also features rich history and it’s own Royal family. Attractions: Copenhagen features a large diversity of attractions and architecture, from modern wonders such as the Black Dismond to the historical treasures of Rosenborg. There are also lots of green areas and lakes. Nyhavn is perhaps one of the most iconic and touristy areas of the City, it’s colourful harbour side buildings are believed to be centuries old and home to many stories. Hans Christian Anderson is believed to have hung out there frequently. So simple yet effective, there are lots of bars and restaurants on this stretch, however likely very pricey (when Copenhagen is already very expensive). We took a river cruise from here. The tour lasts one hour and gives an insight into the city, with the tour guide giving plenty of info of the place and some of it’s buildings. The cruise is definitely worth it, especially if you want to learn and see more of the city. The Little Mermaid statue is yet another wonder to this city. It was built in 1990 from requests of the owner of the Carlsberg brewery. It certainly isn’t the biggest of landmarks, but still cute nonetheless. Around the main shopping area of the city lies Rundetarn (Round tower), this tall and unique building offers plentiful beautiful panoramic views of the city. It also houses an art exhibition and an observatory. Copenhagen features several castles and palaces in and around the City. Rosenberg is one of them. The attraction is split it into two sections, the first part covers the ground, first and second floor. Where you discover some of the many rooms and historical artefacts of the palace. My favourite rooms were the treasure, mirror and throne room. I also liked the music box too, which played out tunes every so often. The second part of the attraction covers basement, in here you can witness some of the royal jewels and treasures, which is certainly impressive to say the least. Rosenberg is definitely worth a visit if you want to learn some history of the city and Danish royal family. The attraction has similarities to the Tower Of London and the historical parts of Warwick Castle. Away from the main areas of the city lies the Cisterns. This former underground reservoir- turned art space, hosts different installations each year. The exhibition when we visited was called- It Is Not The End Of The World, where you would walk around in provided footwear exploring the sights and sounds around you. The exhibition initially presents a scenario where the end of humans but necessarily the world has occurred. The main centre pieces include a flooded toilet, based off the ones in United Nations and sign with the title “It Is Not The End Of The World”. The eerie music and sound effects, water and limited lighting around, make for an interesting and overwhelming experience. It’s almost like the tunnels go on for miles! Would recommend if you are after a different experience, but not if you don’t like the dark and unknown! Check Cisterns website as the exhibitions do change annually. Some of the additional activities we experienced on our trip was Changing Of The Guard at Amalienborg, home of the Danish Royal Family, I believe these are more triumphant when the family are in! Church Of Our Saviour is unique and stunning church to look at, I’ve never seen anything like this before! It dates around Baroque times I believe. Climbing up the tight and fairly confined stairs, gets you to the top of this wonder. It’s not the easiest place to climb, but the views are rewarding! Tomb and I somewhat agreed the views here were better than Rundetarn. Another interesting place is The David Collection, this museum houses Egyptian and Middle Eastern works and artefacts, the largest in Europe . Whilst this may not appeal to everyone, the artefacts in here and fascinating. Free entry too. The Food It’s no secret Denmark is cheap, and the same can be said about the food. However I can honestly say the quality of cuisine is nothing short of excellent and seems to be of generally good quality. Even the hotdogs in Tivoli tasted freshly delicious. Smorrebrod is one of Denmark’s most famous cuisines, these open sandwiches feature a selection of toppings including pickled herring. We had these in Tivoli and Cafe Komplet, and they were undoubtedly delicious. Torvehallerne is one of many food halls and features Grod, somewhere does Porridge so delicious I actually enjoyed it. N.B I never used to like porridge. This has to also be one of the nicest bakeries I have ever visited. They also have delicious pizza in Copenhagen too. Warpigs is certainly one of the more interesting places to eat, think Smokehouse Barbecue but more edgy and cool. It’s Danish take on American style food definitely made it relatively popular. I think it has quite a cult following I also had a Burger King as my first meal too. Very cultural. Tips/ Copenhagen is easily accessible by foot, but there are several bus and train routes too, the metro system they have is remarkably efficient Denmark isn’t cheap, except things to be 50-100% more than UK prices. A Burger King cost me £9-£10 and a sit down meal around £30 for 1/2 courses and a drink. Only tip with outstanding service. Best restaurants are generally off the beaten track (normally the case now in most major cities). Nyhavn is expensive for drinks. If you wish to focus your trip on the parks and only want to do one cultural thing, it should either be a Nyhavn River Cruise or Rundetarn. And in the case of tradition and culture, I had to visit a Lego Shop too! Thanks for reading.
  4. Unless I stand corrected, Universal have used these in queue lines for Hulk and Rip Rocket, where guests couldn’t bring phones with them in person. Most rides require bags and loose items to be put in lockers as I am aware.
  5. That queue looks lavishing. Shame they will probably not allow phones in there though, assuming they have metal detectors like Hulk and Rip Rocket.
  6. Seems like the U.K. does well with doing dull. Moving on, glad to see the park actually getting a new coaster.
  7. Crazy how different they actually look from each other, almost like they are different rides. Untamed looks amazing. Port Aventura should definitely get an RMC, but I’d prefer for it to be a stand alone one. Stampida just needs GCI Millennium Flyer trains.
  8. Thanks for writing. Belantis sounds adequate.
  9. Well, it looks like I should probably go back to Holland now.
  10. They’ll probably announce there isn’t an auction after all. In three years time.
  11. Numerous sources say the boy is now in critical condition. Not good at all.
  12. This is not very good news at all. Let’s just hope the child is ok!
  13. Banshee is the worst B&M invert Backlot Stunt Coaster is more intense than Rita Bat is better than Vampire Racer is better than Grand National
  14. Double Post, but I’ve done some more parks, creds and stuff so might as well update. Steel Coasters: 1/ Steel Vengeance 2/ Helix 3/ Taron 4/ Maverick 5/ Millennium Force 6/ Shambhala 7/ Oziris 8/ Nemesis 9/ Diamond Back 10/ Icon Wooden Coasters: 1/ Wodan 2/ Mystic Timbers 3/ The Beast 4/ Joris 5/ Wickerman 6/ Balder 7/ Tonnerre De Zeus 8/ Megafobia 9/ Ruscherterbahn- Tivoli Gardens 10/ Stampida Crazy how in just weeks all the BPB woodies are off the list. Guess that’s what happens when you let them run rougher than Blackpool back alleys. Top 10 Parks: 1/ Europa Park 2/ Cedar Point 3/ Efteling 3/ Phantasialand 5/ Disneyland Paris 6/ Liseberg 7/ Parc Asterix 8/ Alton Towers 9/ Kings Island 10/ Tivoli Gardens
  15. It’s a very important ride to the UK, plus reminds me of Magnum Force too
  16. quantum is still underrated
  17. Happy 40th Birthday to a park like no other! It might not be my top park right now, but the place has a strong array of history and one of the first theme parks I ever visited. It’s crazy how much has changed and developed over the years! Had a lovely visit, hosted by the wonderful Memories Of Thorpe Park team, which also featured a tour from British Theme Park Archive, delivering an intruiging insight into the park’s history.
  18. Regardless of the delays, the progress they are doing to rebuild this area and Batavia is honestly astonishing. Especially when there are parks that leave abandoned rides rotting there for years!
  19. Fastrack for a bouncy castle? Thats a world’s first right there!
  20. Time to beefed things up a little: 1/ Parc Asterix is underrated 2/ Oziris is the best invert I have ridden 3/ Infusion is better than Gouderix 4/ Port Aventura and Parc Asterix have the worst theme park food 5/ Monster Party is the most re-rideable (but not necessary the best) madhouse 6/ Wodan is better than Tonnerre De Zeus 7/ Room On The Broom is actually enjoyable (besides the terrible BBQ queue) 8/ Menhir 4D at Asterix is my favourite 4D cinema 9/ The best vintage cars Ride is at Parc Asterix
  21. Many years ago a man visited a smallish yet popular Danish amusement park. That place was Tivoli Gardens. He was inspired by the charm and character of the place which lead him on to creating his own park. That man was Walt Disney. Tivoli Gardens has been somewhere I have always wanted to visit, whether that be it’s significant history, interesting pallet of attractions, or to say I have visited the fourth most visited European park? These were just some of the reasons, not to mention ‘’technically’’ following Walt’s footsteps. Opening in 1843, Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world (after Bakken). The park is literally in the City centre of Copenhagen (Denmark) putting it firmly into the category of city parks. Like Liseberg, Grona Lund and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The park features no fewer than three entrances, including the iconic main entrance. We decided to take this one. Upon entering, you are greeted upon some pretty picturesque gardens and open spaces, which make for an ideal first impression and one contrasting the busy street outside. One of the first attractions we visited was the iconic Ruschterbahn (Roller Coaster). This attraction dates back to 1914, making it one of the oldest attractions in the park and maybe the world. Despite being nestled into one of the park’s corners, it was definitely one of the most popular attractions. And for a great reason! The ride is so simple yet perfect, a brake-person rides on the train with you and controls the speed as you go through numerous drops and turns. I can safely say the Ruscteebahn is my favourite attraction in the park. It’s effectiveness of completing simple tasks so perfectly is satisfying. It is easily my favourite of the three Scenic Railway attractions I have done too. Tivoli’s second headline coaster is The Demon (Daemonen),a B&M floorless which opened in 2004. This must be one of the smallest B&M’s in the world, with it’s compact layout. There seemed to be some rows dedicated to VR in the station, however we didn’t see anyone use it whilst we were there. Another VR failure? It definitely isn’t my favourite B&M out there, however it’s impressive what the park have managed to fit into what is a very small footprint (for B&M standards). Better than Dragon Khan though. The park did have a Mack powered coaster, however this was in the process of being replaced whilst we were out there. “Adds another to the list of spited creds”. Our final coaster was Kamelen (Camel), an adorable Zierer . This replaced their older junior coaster. The attraction features an Arabian style theme (like other rides in the area). Six laps too? Woo! There are two dark rides inside Tivoli, one of these is The Flying Trunk. This Mack ominmover attraction depicts numerous scenes based on the books from renowned Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. The attraction was sweet and relaxing. It is certainly impressive how much they have managed to fit into what is a relatively small building. The ride is built partially below ground level. The Mine is the park’s second dark ride and is just totally bizarre. You go around in small boats shooting targets, although the scoring system is not particularly clear. The guns are either similar to Wands, or things one will say is less appropriate! The ride is essentially a tiny flume dark ride with lasers. The scenes are charming despite the potential lack of context. Tomb surprisingly disliked most of the attraction. Tivoli packs a large selection of flat rides, some of which have to be the craziest out there, Vertigo is no exception. This crazy contraption flings you 360 whilst turning at rapid speeds to the point of almost making the former Slammer look tame. I enjoyed it, but literally experienced my limit for thrill rides! Some of their other flat rides include a pretty Steampunk themed Air Race, an S&S drop tower (least this one launches down) and a Crazy inverted Magic Carpet. I found this one the most nauseating, it probably didn’t help that girl opposite me looked like she was going to vomit any moment tbh. Amongst this, they also had a highly impressive Fun House, which was free flowing and located underneath the Ruschterbahn. They also had an adorable Vintage Cars attraction which is amazing, because fountains and a vintage Ferris Wheel. We ran out of time for the Dodgems, Carousels, Land-Train and Sea Storm (style) attractions. Annoyingly some attractions were unavailable on our day of visit, including the Fata Morgana which was an iron condor style ride, a crazy mutated breakdance attraction (which replaced their old breakdance) and the sky flier. Tomb was particularly disappointed by the later, especially when it was actually operating the next day too. Just like Efteling! The park also plays hosts to their Illuminations show every evening/night. Essentially a smaller scale Aquanura , the performance features fountains, lights, fire and other effects. Whilst Aquanura is more impressive and contextual, Illuminations still makes for a cherishing and worthwhile watching. The rides shut at 21:45 on the day we were visiting, due to their Friday Rock event, where their centre stage hosts notable Music artists performing. We watched some of the music even though it wasn’t really our cup of tea. We left just before the end, grabbing a McDonald’s on the way. Final Thoughts and Reflections: Tivoli Gardens is undoubtably a charming and lovely park to visit and something of a national treasure to Denmark. Despite it’s relatively small size it hosts a very reasonable diversity of attractions which suit the park. The grounds, landscaping and architecture are lavishing. Whilst not themed as such, the park are definitely trying to allocate different stylings to each area of the park. whether that be Space/Steampunk, Asian or Middle Eastern sections, which are reasonably distinguishable. The park was generally charming and the majority of staff friendly and helpful. It is probably also one of the better parks for food quantity and quality. Smorrebrod, a cultural delight. My only major criticism I can really give was the lack of audio in most of the park. Whilst the dark rides and toilets featured audio, there were very few other areas of the park (especially main areas) where there was nothing. Whilst I don’t expect audio blaring out left right and centre, it would be pleasant if a few more areas featured audio to enhance further atmosphere to the place. Just something ambient and reflective here and there would do the job. I would recommend a visit here to anyone, whether your after a park with charm, class, thrilling attractions or all three! Tivoli Gardens is worth seeing at least once in everyone’s lifetime theme park lover for not! Join me soon in part two as I cover some of the other things to see in Copenhagen outside of Tivoli Gardens, where I witness this City of modern fairytales by Land, air and sea to see what treasures and cultural gems are discovered. Thanks For Reading!
  22. The park looks sweet, like strawberries. Shame the Little Big Cities aren’t being too successful, I wonder how one might work in London?
  23. Was a very enjoyable meet up. These meets are tonnes of fun to go to,
  24. Having visited two new European parks, I think it is time to update a few fields. Top 10 Coasters: 1/ Steel Vengeance 2/ Helix 3/ Taron 4/ Maverick 5/ Millenium Force 6/ Shambala 7/ Oziris 8/ Wodan 9/ Nemesis 10/ Icon And now onto the parks: 1/ Europa Park 2/ Cedar Point 3/ Phantasialand 3/ Efteling 5/ Disneyland Paris 6/ Liseberg 7/ Parc Asterix 8/ Alton Towers 9/ Tivoli Gardens 10/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach P.A and Thorpe are now off the top 10 list. Last but not least, everyone needs a park bucket list. Here’s my one for European parks: 1/ Gardaland 2/ Tover Land 3/ Energylandia 4/ Heide Park 5/ Grona Lund 6/ Parque Warner Madrid 7/ Linnanmaki 8/ Hansa Park 9/ Futuroscope 10/ Legoland Billund Some parks are very much the same whilst some have re-entered (Heide notably). Energylandia and Linnanmaki have leap frogged onto the list for numerous reasons. More changes could be afoot in the near future.
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