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  1. Visited Legoland yesterday, which was actually my first park of 2019, here’s what I have to report. The Good: Opening show bought an uplifting vibe to the park and countdown until opening (more parks should do this) Majority Of staff seemed helpful and friendly Park was surprisingly quiet (maybe the quietest I have seen), 6 rides on Dragon and two rides on Bosting School (which I has never happened before) Park was clean and tidy (in most areas) This year, the park has invested a noticeable amount of time and resources, refreshing park areas, most look much better. Refreshing to see. Also got an evac off Ninjago, fun times! The Bad £10.50 for Burger Kitchen (£8.40 approx for a mediocre burger at Burger Kitchen is very pricey if you ask me. I’ve had worse but better too. Ninjago is already seeing lots of wear and tear which is Pretty bad for a nearly new ride! Some of the animatronics in Fairy Tale Brook we’re not working The Ugly The front of the Haunted house looks decent. It’s a shame about the warehouse at the back though. Whilst I understand it is in a fairly central location, more definitely could have been done to help blend in the eyesore at the back. Shrubbery, theming landscaping etc. One just needs to look at Phantom Msnor or even Duel to see av’properly’ concealed ride building. I think the entrance could have been better too. The Dragon is one of the rides that helped me got into theme parks. Whilst the front of the ride is looking noticeably better, The sane can’t be said for the rest. This year has seen the back path area rebuilt, however not featuring the former viewing area. This is a massive shame as it used to give great views of the second half of the ride, not to mention people could spectate whilst their family and friends were on the ride. This is adds up to the growing list of features of items that have been “removed but not replaced” including the castle chandeliers, turret theming and old tree. Pirate Falls, Viking Rapids, Raft Racers and Sky Rider were closed all day. Whilst I don’t know the reasons as to why, I really hope it is not as a result of budget cuts. Poor show if it is. beside these thorns, I still had an acceptable day.
  2. Loggers Creek

    2019 Season

    Definitely better than last year’s map, but I think those logos for GameFX and Bouncezilla aren’t big or clear enough really!
  3. So with VR gone, I guess we can finally say it is Lost In Space!
  4. Good to see some ‘potentially’ more optimistic outlooks on this park. Diskos On May be simple attractions, but it should prove a worthwhile staple to them amongst another flat ride as well. If Bounce comes back, that will be a nice move too, especially considering it was going to be ripped out!
  5. This shall definitely be an interesting update. Phantasialand- We have many challenges when it comes to expansions Grona Lund- Hold my beer! Judging from the map, I’m guessing the buildings demolished housed former eateries and storage spaces, which I presume have been relocated whilst this mammoth construction is underway. Perhaps they will only be able to build outside operating hours?
  6. With the 2019 season just starting, I thought I would make a Trip reveal trailer.
  7. Very disappointing to see Stealth closed as this now means MattyMoo can’t experience it, and potentially close it for several months after. I used to think the MAPS were generally more forgiving and tolerant on such issues once. I guess I have spent too much time in Cloud Cuckoo Land
  8. Can’t believe Saw will be 10 this year! It hurts my neck just thinking about it!
  9. Makes me very happy that they are keeping the ride and retheming it to something similar yet appropriate. Presume the Paw Patrol area is replacing one of the older kids areas?
  10. Loggers Creek

    2019 Season

    Could be anything really. except an RMC announcement.
  11. Aside from Monster Party, the park has been busy updating and refreshing existing areas, most of which looks noticeably better. Source- Scream Seekers They’ve also updated the entrance area too which looks much more refreshed now too. The front section of the Monster Party looks great, however it is extremely disappointing to see (what is essentially) the whole ride warehouse on display. The ‘cheap’ vinyl printings somehow make it look even worse and imply these eyesores are here to stay. However, something worse has arisen, Anyone remember the viewing area near the Dragon coaster? This is what it looks like now! Obviously, the original area needed to be replaced, because it been around all those years however the park appears to have gone for the cheapest fix. This is is extremely disappointing to witness as not only could you witness some interesting views of the ride in action, but considerably less opportunities for people to watch the ride. I understand safety is paramount, but surely they could’ve implemented a way of keeping the view (higher fences, clear plastic). Seeing features like the ‘themed Tree’, castle chandeliers and turret theming removed over the years is saddening to witness, especially being one growing up with the park since it’s early years. One step forwards, theee steps back!
  12. We finally have a reveal to the entrance of the Towers Dungeon, here’s a look in all it’s glory! Image- Richard Paul Matthews from Theme Park Global
  13. Loggers Creek

    2019 Season

    The difference between DLP and Thorpe’s problems is basically the difference between a house that needs some redecorating and one with subsidence. Thorpe have closed two popular rides in the last few years and whilst some things may be out of their control, I can’t see either replaced for at least two years.
  14. Reminds me of the World Of Plop and the Cadbury world dark ride a little. Looks rather bright and kiddiefied, but a rather charming upbeat attraction that should fit in well. The park definitely needed a notable dark ride/indoor attraction and this one should do the trick. Looks better than DBGT, let alone the random Fairy Tale Castle that existed before.
  15. £15 for a gravel pit to park that has barely changed since they introduced park is frankly embarrassing. I know it’s £8 in advance but it has honestly got to be one of the worst parks to park in currently. Surw the American parks charge a lot too to park, but at least they probably maintain their parking areas properly.
  16. Loggers Creek

    2019 Season

    Someone expressed their honest opinion of the park’s 2019 lineup, their sarcasm is unreal!
  17. I think there is no doubt about it that the ride was 100% going where Octopus Gardens used to be, especially with the Amity theme. Infact, the park actually closed the Slippery Serpent ride quite early into the season. The ride is probably located in the least terrible location, but more work could’ve been carried out to perhaps improve the aesthetic appearance. Monks walk was definitely ‘fake news’!
  18. **Adds to the book of reasons to go to Orlando** Honestly looks sublime and should hopefully prove an immense coaster and addiction to the park. Whether this will be Steel Vengeance level, remains unknown currently but should still be great regardless. I never rode Gwazi, so cannot comment on that regard.
  19. It’s saddening to see such a massive blow to an expansion at one of my favourite parks. On the hindsight, the park is located around a strongly nature based area with noticeable neighbouring areas and the proposed expansion would’ve not only meant the re-routing of that road but the removal of many trees and shrubbery too perhaps. It will be interesting to see if such an appeal can be made or the original plans amended and updated. Maybe they will downsize the plans or make conditions on the natural area in order for this to go ahead. I think the authorities seem to forget how much Efteling likely benefits the local area, from the economy to employment, amongst being a national treasure. Its certain to say, the park without expanding their current boundaries are pretty limited on future developments, especially considering the location. Some attractions like Panda Vision could be the On the chopping block, but the park rarely remove existing attractions unless they have to.
  20. It’s about time they got a Teletubbies addition. All they need now is a Pingu ride! I wonder if the drop towers will reuse or replace the Frog Hopper Tower. Could we see the remains of Cloud Cuckoo be closed off completely (bar the Dungeons)?
  21. Clearly Phantasialand and Europa Park aren’t words in Varney’s dictionary then.
  22. It saddens me to see yet another U.K. park going through decline, with the exception of their Thomas Land ( which is clearly the park’s life support machine). G Force wasn’t the best ride in any form, but for a park like Drayton it was still important. Also not forgetting they’ve removed their big wheel, Skyride and Excalibur attractions whilst Pirate Adventure remains closed (most likely permanently). I wish the park could (and would) invest in something like Lech, Lost Gravity or Kentucky Flyer. However it’s pretty clear they probably don’t have the money and will no doubt get fined for the dreadful accident two years ago! If they ever receive anything new agsin, there’s a 99% chance it’ll be in Thomas Land anyway.
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