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  1. Either a coaster or a new water ride in my books. RMC is the top choice here, especially as it would be at or the near the parks 50th. Failing that, something like Toutatis or Veloci-coaster could also work. Wouldn’t mind seeing a modern flume/rapids or water coaster too, as this could work. There are three areas they could put this new development, on the unused island, where the beach & depth charge is or where Rumba is. Might be fitting if they chose a water based attraction.
  2. I just about managed one ride on Hyperia today for the first time. It’s a stunning coaster with amazing views, fast snappy elements combining what must be the finest moments of airtime and hangtime in the U.K. at least. Most likely my favourite U.K. coaster, but on the worldwide map it’s a bit of a blur right now. Sadly 20 minutes after this experience, the ride broke down at the top with the queues eventually cleared. The ride tested throughout the afternoon but never reopened. I strongly enjoyed my go on this attraction but really hope they can sort the ride’s reliability out pronto, because it seems like a mess at present. Hyperia is one of the hottest new additions to the park in its 45 year history and they must strike the iron while it’s hot!
  3. I recently went back to Europa for an express trip. Contains spoilers. The Croatian area looks splendid. So much lavish theming around the courtyard and buildings and nicely integrated into nearby areas. Voltron looks the part with its photogenic angles and immense queue and station building. I especially like the water effect in the queue and the Teslas in the station are interesting. Sadly I wasn’t a big fan in the ride, I just found it surprisingly rough and jerky on my first go, the second half is better. Although my second ride was a noticeable improvement, my first impression remains cemented for now. Much prefer the likes of Blue Fire & Euromir. I went into the Austrian area with open expectations and whilst it (naturally) doesn’t live up to the since destroyed hall, I like what they’ve done to the area. The cool and interesting walkways around the area, amongst the interactions with both rides are lovely. I also like how the finale of the trail is similar to that of the Diamond mine. I like what they’ve done, which has given new life into the area, especially since rebuilding the original setup probably wouldn’t have been possible. Rest of the park (albeit brief) was a joy as always, from the near immaculate grounds and ride selection to even random entertainment. Did Snorri Touren for the first time and was a delight.
  4. Went to Towers yesterday with work mates, to check out the reimagined Nemesis (Reborn). The ride looks different although striking with the new track colour and other features. I especially love the new giant eye effect/ animatronics, which really enhances the area. The other area theming is fitting too, amongst the new soundtrack and station updates. The ride was running relitively well, albeit maybe the tiniest of judders. However it was a front-row ride first thing in the day. The queue line has seen a slight but noticeable route change, but still feels fitting to the landscape. I did Alton Manor, not once but twice. I really enjoyed and appreciated this ride so much more this time and adored the story, effects and set pieces within the ride. Can safely say it’s my favourite U.K. dark ride now. As for the rest of the park, it’s very trial and error. I love oblivion, but it needs some updates and TLC, Smiler was a little bumpy and breakdowns were noticeable, even to my (mostly ) non ride-enthusiasts group. The lack of support rides was showing, more-so with Sky Ride and Hex (still) closed. Numerous areas need jetwashing, repainting and replacing. 4pm is just too early to close for a park this size, even if it is low peak. Towers isn’t a bad park by any means, but there’s a number of basic things they could do to become a great one!
  5. And we have some new POVS of the almost complete (and updated) Alpen Express & Wildwasserbahn. I can pinpoint the start and the end of where the Diamond Mine used to be in the Alpen video. it still isn’t complete, but what they have done is still astounding, especially when a park on the edge of Greater London still has a similar ride SBNO.
  6. I think some new flat rides would be a great idea, especially as they work well to support the coasters and some are no doubt coming towards their end of their lives. Vortex & Detonator will be 25 in a couple years. Another new coaster in the future would be great, but maybe in a number of years when Hyperia settles in. A modern water ride could work too. Put it where the beach and depth charge are or maybe as a replacement for Rumba. A dark ride doesn’t seem a necessity really especially given the park’s current identity and how disastrous the Ghost Train has been.
  7. It’s a honestly a park where you think their operations couldn’t get any worse. Yet somehow it does. At this rate, they might as well close for park for a year and carry out a massive maintenance upgrade, especially with half the park’s rides on life support.
  8. Although different circumstances, it is crazy how in half the time Scorpion has been closed, Towers have rebuilt/plushed Nemesis and Europa have replaced their largely fire damaged version of the same ride. As part of a whole area rebuild. Meanwhile at Chessington, we still know nothing more about the fate of the ageing Scorpion Express. Which has been SBNO for almost 2 years now, but looking increasingly likely to be permanently closed. I guess this isn’t the first time this has happened at a notable park. When we see what with the Hollywood ride at Phantasialand and various closures over the years at Blackpool.
  9. Very embarrassing and poor for the park to deliver this level of service for the opening of the park. It seems to get worse every year, with last few leaving lots to be desired also. Chessington’s reliability issues are certainly even worse than Thorpes and Towers.
  10. A lot of the above is looking a lot better than before. Whilst I expect there are some imperfections and areas that will contrast (at least for now), I am looking forward to seeing these updates in what looks to be the biggest TLC project in the park’s post Tussaud days. Lets hope they keep this a consistent thing and don’t abandon it like Towers Loving Care.
  11. It has taken a big loggers leap into the sky. Better chance of Eclipse returning than that.
  12. Map perfectly competent to me, much better than those silly big heads from all those years ago.
  13. These updates are lovely, have never seen this amount of work or updates around the park in my time being an enthusiast. stealth already looks a lot better.
  14. To be fair even if it isn’t entirely like the concept art, I’m sure it will be better than its Angry Birds Land carnation. Which isn’t difficult for them to do.
  15. It was an interesting excursion during its first season, but after that generally forgettable. Like many walkthrough attractions before it, this one aged like milk.
  16. I’ve been to Legendia twice, in 2021 and 2023. It was definitely a park with charms and a stunning flagship coaster, however the park seemed rundown with a number of attractions either looking on their last legs or SBNO. We were actually evac’d from the twin looping coaster on our front trip as the chain snapped. I mean Liseberg is nice, I like their flume ride, Balder is incredible and the rest of the ride lineup is generally staple. I stayed in the Grand Curiosa hotel during its opening with the ECC and consider it one of the nicest park hotels I’ve done so far. The Oceana water park looks promising too.
  17. Coaster Studios listed their top 25 European parks. Here’s mine: 1/ Europa Park 2/ Phantasialand 3/ Energylandia 4/ Disneyland Paris 5/ Parc Asterix 6/ Alton Towers 7/ Liseberg 8/ Tivoli Gardens 9/ Efteling 10/ Thorpe Park 11/ Tover Land 12/ Blackpool Pleasure Beach 13/ Legoland Billund 14/ Paultons Park 15/ Plopsa Land 16/ Chessington 17/ Hellendoorn 18/ Drayton Manor 19/ Legoland Windsor 20/ Great Yarmouth PB 21/ De Wasrbeck 22/ Flamingo Land 23/ Tivoli World Spain (now infamously abandoned) 24/ Bakken 25/ Oakwood Should probably try and visit a few more there. But long haul is more of a priority right now. I won’t be updating my dark ride list yet, but can safely say Pirates In Batavia 2 is arguably the best dark ride I’ve experienced outside of a Disney or universal park. It’s incredible!
  18. I heard it was going to Chessington as a new addition next to Sea Storm, with the name Shiver Me Timbertug.
  19. Currently unsure on the blue colour for the exterior, but I’ll wait and see what the finished product is like.
  20. Matt 236


    I like how the 30 somewhat subtly appears in the logo. I’ll still be calling it Nemesis however.
  21. Very excited to hear about lots of these updates. Very much needed for the park and something which should have been done years ago. A lot of the U.K. parks have been way behind many in Europe and America, when it comes to upkeep and presentation. But this is a strong start indeed. Would be nice if this was a regular thing rather than just an odd number of seasons.
  22. I’m not holding much hope yet, but something like this would be great over here. Especially as attractions and the film industry are two key areas the UK should be prioritising.
  23. I’m very mixed about the whole thing, so I decided to create my own logo instead.
  24. If this ends up like the concept art, it will be quite the improvement. Angry birds was a cheap (cheap) area.
  25. Another one for the Port Aventura club. It has been six years since my first (and only) visit. With other trip priorities and the park’s countless operational faults, I’m still not overly convinced to return yet. Even with Uncharted. Oakwood is another one, 8 years so far. More likely to return there. It’s been almost 5 years since I did Mingo & LWV. The latter I doubt I’ll ever visit again.
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