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  1. Thanks everyone again for a great meet-up, enjoyed all of it as always and look forward to what next year’s meets might bring. I don’t have 2020 vision.
  2. I guess that launch number two just became even more dramatic
  3. Yeah I definitely get Thorpe withdrawal symptoms. Gosh I miss those long queues, weather delays and dirty buildings. Sometimes though I miss Swarm, Stealth, Inferno, Detty and Tidal Wave though.
  4. I can safely say that meet-ups are a fun and great occasion, whether your brand new to this forum or have been a user for years. quite a few of regular attendees were in that position once too, but have now become staples to many of the meet-ups. whether you are an avid park fan or just like the social side, all are welcome.
  5. Wicker Matt


    I know what your all thinking. No, I won’t be there opening day. it’s a plus one for another time.
  6. I predict a hung forum.
  7. Yep, in that whole brand new area next to the Top Spin and Aquatrax coaster.
  8. I want them to get an RMC like Untamed, but we all know that’s clearly happening soon.
  9. To be honest, most parks in any first world country are generally safe. Accidents do sometimes happen, but are generally rare. Unfortunately I think the U.K. has somewhat always had a “Is this safe” sort of culture, where a noticeable proportion of the popularity will question the whole reliability side attractions.
  10. Now where was that photo taken? The monorail? OMG, that’s so many attractions coming back to Blackpool next year, I’m so excited! Yep. Clearly.
  11. D|$ne¥ And now we’ve started.
  12. Thanks again for doing this Josh, I was only thinking about this the other day. So glad the rewards have been condensed this year, as Helix is no longer my number one after all this. P.S I have voted now.
  13. It’s definitely going up fast. Looks like I’ll be returning sooner than I expected then.
  14. I think red suits it better than the intended colour, however I’m sure it’s still not impossible for them to paint it.
  15. Trains kinda remind me of like a custom made vehicle in a racing game. Could definitely look better. Still excited to see the finished result. Should be a killer ride for this park regardless of it rates among other RMCs.
  16. Wicker Matt

    Youtube Videos

    Made a overdue music cover video. A cover of The Never Ending Story theme.
  17. Phantasialand have released a video featuring an animation of what the area will look like when it is finished. This definitely gives a good scope of how the area will generally look when it is completed.
  18. Liking the sound of the sweetshop style place. Could we be seeing Phantasialand’s take on Toothsome Emporium? The whole marketing there looks wonderful.
  19. Might as well do my list considering I probably won’t hit another abroad park, let alone a new before the end of the year/decade. At least 43 new creds this year, probably won’t see that level again for a while. Top 10 (New For 2019 Creds) 1/ Oziris- beutiful B&M invert with many blissful moments and rich theming 2/ The Beast (K.I)- absolutely relentless and thrilling. Such a great classic and probably the best coaster in the dark 3/ Fenix- a beutifully crafted coaster with some beutiful theming and surroundings 4/ Valkyria great variety of elements for a dive coaster, the theming helps too 5/ Rutschebanen (Tivoli Gardens)- Such a classic coaster, which perfects it’s simple tasks 6/ Troy- Not a Wodan beater, but still a great coaster nonetheless 7/ Tonnere De Zeus- This ride knows how to pull some forces 8/ Pegasus Express- Lovely themed coaster with quite a few surprises up its sleeve 9/ Dwirvelwind- Such a fun,whacky and re-rideable attraction 10/ Mystic Timbers- It was still a good GCI regardless Other Decent (new non coaster) attractions The Flying Trunk- charming dark ride based on Hans Christian Anderson Vertigo- One of the craziest and most intense rides I have ridden, still good Defy Caesar- impressive mad house with several pre-shows Merlin’s Quest- the dark ride section was incredible World Of Plop- a lovely dark ride with much charm Dino Splash- probably one of my favourite flume rides that isn’t Chiapas kronosar- the Hotel looks lovely, can’t wait until Rutluntica opens Worst (new for 2019) rides Gouderix- probably one of the roughest coaster I’ve experienced to date Banshee- this coaster didn’t do anything for me, the vests ruined the ride and it is one of the worst (if not the worst) B&M I have done Boo Blasters- dull and dreadful ride, makes Tomb Blaster look like Phantom Manor Hero- it was not anything special
  20. Yep, because 5pm is classed as a late opening now. as I said, just an hours difference for weekly operations would be such an improvement. After all, the Southern parks can just about manage to do so, so why not Towers too? If I’d said something like 7pm for example, then that would be a different matter. I’m sure a multimillion company can afford to,but they just choose not to because they can somewhat getaway with it currently. Legoland China couldn’t have been cheap aye. Unless there’s been another Ropers thing (heavens forbid), then I can’t see the issue here as they always used to close at 5pm, but gradually pushed. It go 4pm. Prebooking only attractions are different though because they are usually smaller stand alone attractions in/around a large town and not in rural Staffordshire. As their provisional hours, I’m sure we could see some changes.
  21. I understand the demand is generally not there in these low peak days, but that is still not really excusable for a big park of this level. As Josh says, there are people who will be travelling a journey similar to the complete opening hours and that will certainly hinder a noticeable chunk of those people, even if they are willing to get, say a travelogue or something for the night. I'm not expecting “Europa Park style” closures in the week like 7/8pm, but a solid 5pm consistent close would be perfectly sufficient for such a park. Just because a park is walk on low peak days does not necessarily mean it’s easy for everyone, especially when everything is spread out in the park.
  22. There are theme parks in small regional towns with better opening hours than Towers. Worst hours of any theme park really, let alone a major one.
  23. Thorpe Park x5 Chessington x4 Legoland x3 Flamingo Land Lightwater Valley Harbour Park (yes I visited and probably my shortest park trip in history) Tivoli Gardens Parc Asterix 2x Cedar Point 3x Kings Island Phantasialand 2x Toverland Europa Park 2x Liseberg 2x Plopsaland Definitely one of the better years for abroad trips which I doubt I’ll top for a while If ever. Also had my share of cultural experiences too such as Rome.Shame I couldn’t get Towers, but then again my social life is currently heading down a rocky road. May still get more stuff done, but probably just Winter Wonderland and maybe Legoland Christmas at best. Will have to see. We are all Benin
  24. Wicker Matt


    And in surprising (or unsurprising) news, Legoland Windsor have confirmed via social media they will be removing their Star Wars Miniland walkthrough. With the other Legoland parks removing their equivalent attractions, it is highly likely the result of Disney’s ownership of the brand and the recent openings of the Galaxy’s Edge areas in Disney resorts. The attraction closes on the 31st December if anyone wants to see it before this disappears into the force.
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