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  1. Really hate the influencers going to an experience and wanting to film the whole thing to make ad revenue on their YouTube channel. £80 still seems like an ok price for a track walk, but the entitlement is through the roof. Influencers think they own the parks nowadays….. If the park want professionally recorded content they will come to the influencers directly.

  2. Unpopular opinion perhaps but I think despite the sparkle project the park will still look very run down in places, as it youths have been able to climb over everything for years with no maintaining… 

    Id also question if the new area will look any better than angry birds land did, I expect a lot of printed 2d signs rather than prop pieces, at least with angry birds there was other set pieces.

  3. On 1/31/2007 at 10:15 PM, Ash said:

    Well this start of the season is going to be interesting for the Rumba Rapids. I wonder what we will expect now its getting re-themed (or not). No more Ribeana sponsorship.Any comments, please post them.

    16 years later let’s bring back ribena. It’s only fair.

  4. Ok so they are just doing stuff Europa park would do whilst open?!? It’s great but I don’t think they should be proud about having to make a video to say….. yeah we let these things get so run down that now we have decided to give them an uplift.


    also this list doesn’t include the screen at the entrance plaza should we be concerned.


    Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Merlin pull the budget plug at any point…..

  5. I think it’s alright and will grow on me.

    For what it’s worth Merlin got rid of there in house graphic designer probably about 5 years ago now and since then have just been re using old elements in all their marketing etc so it’s nice to see them take a risk with this one.

  6. Seeing a lot of map holders complaining about the down sizing of the Xmas event this year…. 
    well perhaps if you spent money at the Christmas market it would be back.. cheap and cheerful as always the map holders expecting everything for free with their £120 annual pass bought in the sale whilst visiting the attractions bi weekly

  7. 1 hour ago, MattyMoo said:

    Sorry for bringing the topic slightly off kilter... but still... 


    Am all for "nods" to things that are easily noticable - e.g. the XNWO number plate on the crashed vehicles in TWDTR, but tiny details like mentioned above - which, literally does happen, as we all know from vlogs and such, just seem pointless and a back-scratching, THEME PARK FRIENDS! kinda exercise - that someone has actually spent time creating when you have to wonder, if that time could be better spent elsewhere...

    Sorry I’m confused are we talking about video game style Easter eggs… such as those explained here or are we talking about a ride or land literally themed to Easter eggs. 
    With the close of angry birds and the collaboration of Cadbury we could literally be quite close to this happening!

  8. Thorpe to Imascore….

    Hi we have a new rollercoaster being built could you produce the music please…


    imascore… sure thing that will be xxx


    thorpe… oh that’s a little bit high, perhaps we will get our crew to do it….


    imascore…. How about you offer us a seminar with your enthusiasts to bring the cost down slightly.



    thorpe…. Sure thing! Let’s sell this out!!


    in all seriousness I wonder if this is the day in which the music for hyperia will be signed off and handed over to the park and then this event is a little add on to make some east money?

  9. On the topic of RAP and fixing it’s issues, I really do hope that they build some sortof portal or app system that has each user and their guests registered. One account per person only so there’s no more of this we will use your RAP for Colossus and then mine for Nemesis….it seems like the system is currently an advantage for those with it who can get more rollercoasters in the day than those who queue normally this just seems unfair to me and tbh I’m sick of vloggers seemingly going from ride to ride despite the queues being 2 hours long…


    yes it would take time and money but at what point does someone say ok we need to address this. Surprised that Merlin don’t have a head of RAP tbh…

  10. Question, are we expecting this rollercoaster to be heavily themed? I’m slightly concerned that we’ve had nothing story wise other than the name. With the swarm we had actors running around telling us the end was coming or will it just be a let the hardware do the talking type of ride?

  11. 1 hour ago, JoshC. said:

    I would hope / imagine that by "brand new area" they decide to keep within the Amity/American realm, even if it's just a different era.


    The Tidal Wave side is a bit more 50s/60s. Stealth side is 60s/70s. American 80s style for example would work.


    Alternatively, bringing the Fright Nights schools into their own area could work. They seem to resonate with people and do well merch-wise.



    The park have confirmed it's a retheme with no new rides, but a new 4D film is coming.

    I wonder if pirates 4d could still be used. The kids nowadays don’t know how fun it was…. Or perhaps get Disney on the phone and the Star Wars film installed. 

    in all seriousness though my prediction is a new film produced directed and acted by the silkstone squad.

  12. 3 hours ago, MattyB said:

     Having done Universal, I think the conga line would help in this situation, particularly if demand is high.  RE closing at 9pm, the park has to ensure its staff can get home, particularly if they are using public transport.  Considering some staff may stay up to 2 hours after park closing (depending on how busy it is).  I don't know how we got away with the late night closings back in the day!

    Still find it odd why people would work up to 2 hours away for minimum wage.

    with the amount Thorpe are taking in these busy periods they really shouldn’t have staffing issues.


    I just wonder how many people go in peak and just say never again it was too crowded. That’s a customer potentially lost for life.

  13. Perhaps the universal route is required then of removing the pre show and having one long conga line fashion.

    Yes there’s not 8 attractions but 3 mazes seems like a major cutback from the 2010s era……

    Also I don’t care if the park has staffing issues I don’t know how they get away with closing at 9pm

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