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  1. Bit late on this but yes its nice to see that Jack is allowed to do his updates etc, just unsure if he works for Thorpe or not? Seems to be a sketchy line.... either you do or you don't is this paid for is he part of the consultancy group or is he just a fan walking around. 


    I do feel sorry for the other UK youtubers, why does Coasterstudios get to go on site but Legends like DGOfficial who have been putting in a load of hard work arn't getting any access, seems like access is being gatekept? 

  2. On 5/20/2023 at 5:44 PM, JoshC. said:

    Nice to see this sort of information included.


    There weren't any seat vibrations. Presumably with the removal of the computing hardware for the VR headsets there's now space for this sort of stuff. 

    Actors touching your knees, oh wait there's no VR so that effect wouldn't work. 

  3. 2 hours ago, MattyMoo said:

    Had a sticky beef Po' Boy (essentially like a posh-ish kebab/sub) yesterday on the Island Like No Other, with cajun fries - this was from one of the pop up Mardi Gras food stalls which are not Aramark run. £14.50 in total for both, and it was genuinely decent. Pint of Camden Pale was £6.75 but had to be done because sunshine innit.


    Similarly, at Fright Nights I bought food on two occasions from the Ghost Train Smokehouse near the teacups, again, external, and was very good indeed.


    So basically, just go when there are pop up traders xoxo




    Did you get RAP discount? 

  4. 19 hours ago, Parm Pap said:

    find the track, release the curse



    wurp waaaw, wurp waaaaw, wurp war war war wurp war war war wurp waaar, wurp waaaar, wurp wur wur wur wurp wur wur wur






    but you didn't listen



    it was in the maze and the maze with more directions has more than can meet the scope



    and now boop boop bop bop, boop boop boop bop, bop, waur waur

    Will the ride be accessible to those over 2m tall?

  5. On 4/20/2023 at 11:07 AM, Glitch said:

    Actors are starting training, I would say it will be a month or so, I putting my cards out there and saying this is the first project which Silkstone and team have been given full creative control on.... 

    Look forward to it.

  6. Industrial action is occurring see more information here: https://www.chessington.com/industrial-action/

    ·       Friday April 28 to Monday May 1

    ·       Friday May 5 to Monday May 8

    ·       Friday May 12 to Monday May 15*

    ·       Friday May 26 to Monday May 29*


    Remember to support the engineers, perhaps even join the picket line,  and visit guest services for some free fasttrack after you have talked politely to an underpaid member of staff who has been shouted at all day by RAP holders.....

  7. My prediction is that the ride will have some sort of theme related to ne of the events either Marti Gras, Carnival or Octoberfest, so that they can sell more merchandise during the event and have a fully themed hub area for whichever event they choose. Ruling Fright nights out for obvious reasons. 

  8. 3 hours ago, tactic said:

    Pizza pasta has always been reasonably good in my opinnion. I've never not like the buffet cause you know, the more food the merrier and I've always found that the quality of the food isn't awful (I'd take it over something like KFC every day), but then it's also not great either . The only issue is, even with the MAP discount, it is getting rather expensive nowdays, and I don't really feel like spending £17.50 (£14 with discount) on just lunch, when I could bring my own food in for absolutly nothing. To be honest, that's where I've got to on all theme park food at this point, it's all just starting to become a too expensive for food that reasonable at best. I know that Thorpe can't help having to up their prices due to the state of the economy at the moment, but I feel like they have taken it a step too far.


    Also don't get me started on the refill cup now being £9 to reactivate. At £5 it was a perfect, at £7 I was a bit more concerned about the pricing but would bring my cup occasionally, but now at £9 I fell like it's not worth it at all.


    I find Aramark being an odd scapegoat for enthusiast this year because they have a contract with UK government services.

    Just a lot of moaning when we all know theme park food should be seen as a treat rather than an essential item every weekend you visit. 

    On the cost for freestyle, I don't see people complaining about the $20 fee for the cups in America, so £9 still seems fine for a treat and an unlimeted one at that.

    Especially when at FiveGuys a cup is £3.40 and can't be refilled. 


    Luckily Merlin allow you to also bring lunch, so nothing stopping you bringing a Greggs or meal deal from Tesco, overall food costs are rising and themepark food should be seen as a treat.


    Merlin outsourced food as its really expensive to run and hard to get right, so why not put the contract up to an outside bidder and get guaranteed money to build the secrete weapon. 

  9. On 1/13/2023 at 12:45 PM, MattyMoo said:

    For crying out loud, just give me the mod keys already, this is more of a SHAMBLES than my last ride on DBGTROTD.


    Please direct me to guest services.


    I mean, it probably will open in June by the time traditional delays get factored in - shout out to the Smiler.

    Need to get to atleast rank 10 first :)

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