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  1. 3 minutes ago, JoshC. said:

    All for rowfacing the other way, but having one is just very odd.


    The choice of mandrills for a winged coaster is still taking some getting used to. I get the idea, but I guess I still have the preconception that if a winged coaster has an animal theme, an animal with wings would make sense.


    1.2m rides all round is good. The concept art looks good, and is something that feels realistically achievable.


    I'm still concerned about the throughput and how this will cope in terms of popularity, especially at first, but we'll have to wait and see on that front.


  2. 15 hours ago, JoshC. said:

    So we have more details about Carnival now:


    -A fire performance

    -Circus acts, such as Contortionists and Aerial Artists

    -A Mime Troupe

    -The "Ringleader show"

    -A trio of singers, "The Flossers"

    -And of course, the special version of the Fright Nights maze Trailers, "Trailers: Breakout at Bozo's"



    It sounds like something different and fun. It'll be interesting to see how it all comes together, as the presentation of each thing will be the key deciding factor in their success. If they are overbearing and/or cringey, it will come across as annoying. Done just right, and this will add an overall atmosphere to the park which will really help over the summer.


    It's a shame there's not an arena, or just a general performance space with designated seating, anymore. This event specifically, but also Mardi Gras, would have really benefitted from it.

    That's the issue, it seems like we have gone from sponsored and fun stunt show esk events to enhance the visitors day into events for the sake of having a full time ents team dance around the park and sell as much branded merchandise as possible.

    Also why do we keep taking away from Fright nights, lets keep that as one event in October, last thing I want is summer and scares. 

    Thorpe has got really boring recently. 

  3. On 6/27/2022 at 7:48 PM, JoshC. said:

    Presumably this is happening then, given some posters for Carnival appeared around Trailers. It being taken down means it probably just wasn't meant to go live / be seen yet.


    I don't want to jump the gun too much. But damn, I'm going to say it now.

    This will not work.


    Scare mazes do not work in UK theme parks outside of Halloween.


    It didn't work when Thorpe opened Freakshow 3D in summer 2005.

    It didn't work when Thorpe opened Saw Alive year round (beyond its opening year, which was admittedly good at capitalizing off the Saw brand and ride hyper).

    It didn't work when Chessington opened the Twilight Zone in April 2010.

    It didn't work when Towers open Sanctuary in early 2013.

    It didn't work when Thorpe opened Living Nightmare / Saw in summer 2018.

    It. Does. Not. Work.


    The maze might be good. The experience might be good. But the masses just don't care for mazes outside of Halloween; the demand isn't there. Maybe this will be different with it being an upcharge. But I just don't see it happening. In Summer 2018, when the park opened one of Saw / Living Nightmare as part of the Year of Walking Dead events, they rarely had a queue beyond 10 minutes. Yet in the same year at Halloween, they were attracting 2 hour queues. Now add in the upcharge, how popular and worthwhile will it be?


    As I say, I don't want to jump the gun. Maybe the "Breakout at Bozo's" tagline might make it a more jovial experience? And tbh, I shouldn't complain too much, since, y'know, I'll do it, and I'll enjoy it. But still, I think from a wider business perspective, it's a bad call.

    But it gives the actors a chance not to do something cringe and boring in the summer and helps the eComm team to hit basket value and upsell targets.

  4. 16 hours ago, ML27 said:

    Nice to see a fully fledged event, by the looks of it anyway.


    It’s got a bit of everything, isn’t just based around food (Oktoberfest) or Music (Parkvibes). It feels like a transformation of the whole park, something which is an advantage over towers. 


    Curious to see how well received the parade is, I’m not sure on what level to expect it. All I’m saying is that Thorpe’s demographic is likely to turn a blind eye to it.


    That isn’t to say, that I wouldn’t want it. I’m really excited to see it along with all the other performances.


    I’m just aware, the main demographic turn a blind eye to the Thrillmakers.

    Events bar say the October Halloween run are just another reason to sell more merch / food, guess you can't complain though as technically they are free and add more to do to the park.



  5. 9 hours ago, MattyMoo said:

    Sooooo.... Twisted Clowns is gone and being replaced with something that looks to involve electricity judging by the question mark... and a brand new haunt is coming too.


    I do wonder if Tulley's will do a full reveal waaaaay before Thorpe to one-up them (especially considering some of their tongue in cheek tweets last year!)

    Yay remove one of the best mazes for a maze where they will probably just shock you as a gimic. Thorpe did that like 12 years ago now mate. 


    How's the Wordle going by the way M8te?

  6. 1 hour ago, Eddie said:

    I am going to Thourpe park Very Soon And I need to make double sure that I fit,I am 5"4 Waist size of 37/8 inch & thigh of 26 inch I am More Worried About My Thighs and if they can fit in the seat. 

    If any one can answer this question for me then thank you...

    Contact guest services is probably you’re best bet and just ask

  7. Really feel sorry on this one. Quite concerning. I don't know how this situation can happen however looking at the image pre ride launch of the person in the seat, there's no way the ride system should of allowed the ride to start.

  8. This is the thing apologies if off

    The documentary is excellent, however something doesn’t sit right with me here you shouldn’t be continuing to make fright night construction updates if you’re actively involved in the product / have signed NDAS despite saying it’s all speculation.


    it’s also a great documentary however I hope they were paid industry rates rather than the mares rates Thorpe would be happy to give out which could lead to toxic relationships further down the line.

  9. Do you think as an Easter egg to the log flume whereby this rollercoaster will be placed, that the general queue goer may be able to skip the queue and have happy birthday sung if it is indeed their birthday.


    I miss those days.

  10. On 1/30/2022 at 10:16 PM, Matt N said:

    I know this is going to sound slightly random, but I have a question to those who’ve ridden Sky Lion this year in terms of their thoughts on the ride, if you don’t mind me asking.


    Warning: Minor spoilers for those who haven’t ridden.
    Is it only me who felt that the ride could have used a bit of feedback to what was happening on screen through the use of physical effects? For instance, I’m talking about things like it squirting you with water when you travel through water on the film, or blasting some hot air at you when you travel through the hotter environment. Personally, I did feel like some of this would improve the ride, and my parents both agreed with me; it was one of the first things they said to me when we got off. We all expressed feelings that there were points where we were expecting a water squirt or whatever and it didn’t come.


    Don’t get me wrong, I thought Sky Lion was a great dark ride (one of my favourites in the UK) that’s really fun to ride, and I overall thought they did a great job with it! That is literally the most picky of flaws I could find in it, but it was something I did personally notice.

    Spoilers ending

    Does anyone else think this? Or am I literally the most petty reviewer ever?

    I haven’t ridden the ride yet, I hope to in March. But perhaps it’s for accessibility reasons and to prevent sensory overloads although a flying cinema probably already does that.

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