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  1. I think in 2014 there could be some flat ride on the swarms island, possibly around the theme of a fireball, then in 2015 a really tall and fast flying coaster on the other island themed around a bird. It could drop down to the water and have some water jets like on Manta. I'm tired of scary themes and black track like the swarm, saw, and the smiler. I much prefer Colossus's theme, even though it's quite vague at some times at least its happy...
  2. There's some rumors going round some other website forums that the vertical lift could stop and freefall backwards before climbing it again, similar to the freefall chain lift in expedition everest and big grizzly mountain railroad. Do you think this could possibly happen and be the long awaited secret element?
  3. First drop being built today
  4. MI7 up in the air today
  5. The third leg (tickler) now completed
  6. I think all the track should be up around the middle of next week, but it could change depending on how much work they want to do on the marmiliser... New update from thealtontowersguide facebook page:
  7. A catwalk being put in place for the brakes just before the vertical lift... And slowly putting up the second diving loop A panoramic from blivvy And again, another picture of the second diving loop being put up
  8. Looks like the bunny hop is trimmed
  9. Maybe if the worst came to the worst they could put up some temporary ones...
  10. My birthday's in may too... Maybe I could ask to go as my birthday treat...
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