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  1. If you even call DBGTROTD a good thrill ride anymore.... heyooo! Seriously though, get your act together Thorpe/Merlin
  2. I bet Merlin/Thorpe are kicking themselves now since they are the ones that claimed that the fake train section (Middle Section) was the main reason that the ride was breaking down all of the time...
  3. I have just come back from thorpe park once again and... Wow, just wow... I know how much I rambled about my disappointing experience the last time I rode Derren Browns Ghost Train... HOWEVER, This time was even worse than the last: 1) Both headsets were faulty for me during this ride. The first VR scene kept freezing and resetting During the frequent resets then a weird grid would appear and was quite disorienting and breaks the illusion of the section. The second sequence was a bit better but it still had a weird audio buzz and a high pitch tone in the background. The VR scene also froze a bit but not has bad as the first. 2) The midsection live-action scene somehow managed to be much worse and insulting compared to my last visit due to the fact that there was not any audio at all and the worst part is that they tried to pull the same number combination skit the last time I went: However, this was further ruined by the fact that when she opened the doors then the train wasn't even ready for us... or that is what she claimed. 3) The last gripe that I have is: I didn't have to wait in the queue so long this trip (I queued for over an hour and a half the last time) but I still had to wait 30 minutes for an even worse experience... I will not be riding again until they sort this out!
  4. I have to admit that some of the members of staff were absolutely fantastic in the park including a member of staff who played the train conductor (who is placed in the holding room before you enter the main train warehouse) in DBGT who was seriously invested into his role (this occurred during my last visit) and made the atmosphere a lot more entertaining, however, some of the staff members (not the majority) over the last couple of years then the staff have seriously just seemed to get worse and worse... I even had one experience where a member of staff working in the coca cola freestyle stall seemed more interested in talking to their friends than working and serving a customer in front of me. When she finally got around to serving the poor gentleman then see spoke in a disinterested and harsh tone to the man who just wanted a bit of service... He then asked if there was an ice machine and she completely ignored him (you can guess what she was doing) leaving him to leave the stall unsatisfied. I didn't want to deal with that so I didn't bother purchasing anything... I know they don't get paid well but what on earth is this all about... Alton towers on the other hand seems to have much friendlier staff (from what I have seen of them) who actually commit themselves in making sure everybody has a great day (not saying thorpe park has not got its fair share of fantastic members of staff)
  5. I sadly have to agree with this due to my horrific experience... Wish Merlin would try to amend these faults as it is getting quite ridiculous now
  6. I had an awful experience in regards to the evacuation and mid-section scene... We were told to remove our headsets, however... the staff were not in character at all as they remained with a glazed smile other their faces as they told us to get off the train as they were clearly heard converting with each other about their social lives, without a care in the world. Due to this then there did not seem to have any urgency or adrenaline that invested us into the world derren brown and Merlin Entertainments tried to present to their guests. We were slowly huddled along and into the "Scare Maze" which had pre-maturely started the audio which completely destroyed any remaining immersion and due to this then we were quickly pushed through the maze "Which didn't have any scare actors at all" and were relocated into a secondary room with a red pipe and a train. This is when I witnessed the part which really killed my experience... We were then told by the same staff member who had been following us from the first train that we had to locate a set of numbers in order to open the doors that leads to the next train... without any scenes which would make it seem like we need to urgently escape from an incoming threat. All they did was stand there and ask the younger members of the group "Can you see the numbers anywhere?". Like this was an attraction for young children... A guy then shouted out a number which was obviously supposed to be a joke as he said "1234"... Well, you wouldn't believe what happened next... the staff member (who still had that unprofessionally glazed smile) spurted out "Oh My God! That was the correct number! Well done". She then opened the doors and we then proceeded to the second train (2nd VR scene)... Another problem that I encountered was with the first VR scene due to the fact that the audio was so broken that it was very difficult to understand what was being said. I queued for this "experience" for about an hour and a half and ended up being very disappointed with the staff and Merlin for their lack of commitment on keeping the customers satisfied with their attractions
  7. From the video, It looks like there is going to be a walk through part of the ride? Are they going to remove the train crash scene and get us to walk through there?
  8. Even though I found the ride incredibly enjoyable. There was one part of the ride that just kept on going on and on and on. The section of the ride I am talking about by here is the green mist sequence. I have to admit that part of the ride was a bit of a drag. The ride was supposed to virtual reality based and what is the most important thing about virtual reality? Being able to see the action
  9. I was in thorpe park yesterday and it was very interesting to say the least. I remember that I was inside the Ghost Train Shop as I overheard two men speaking to a man. These two men claimed that they worked on galactica (these two men were in suits) I think they may be there to test or examine the virtual reality aspect of the ride
  10. Perhaps the fracking may have something to do with digging into an old burial ground or even digging into the gates to hell due to the fact that it would be the main cause of the supernatural activity's
  11. Maybe it is going to be a rotational system like Hex. I know that HEX has a much bigger interior but I think that it will shorten the queue by a heck of an amount
  12. It says " I see you" in Derren Brown's eyes
  13. I thought the website was going to update like The Swarm website did Still no more information about the ride itself (excluding Derren Brown as we figured that out a while ago)
  14. Is that a clue or are they trolling us?
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