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  1. I really don't get the "big reveal" that Merlin do. They start building a ride and hide what it is for xx number of months in a season. Why? What does it achieve apart from a sense of mystery? Jeez, just say whats going to be built and save all the time, effort AND MONEY into promoting something which only a few thousand coaster / park enthusiasts are interested in anyway. Really makes me chuckle. Construction starts... launch the product and say what its going to be. Build the excitement in the park.... Get people talking about it when they see the reveal boards. Even have a little stand explaining whats coming. Guests can then build there own excitement and with the power of word of mouth marketing, do there job for them. "Wow, were getting a Derren Brown designed ride for next year.", "Urg I hate Derren Brown, but I bet it will be great", "I saw his stage show last year, this will be brill.". Get people talking about it themselves. But no... just these tedious campaigns.... Yawn....
  2. Curse of the Dark Castle at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is still great. I also really enjoy Maus as Chocolat and Hollywood Tower of Terror.
  3. Some interesting conversations in here. For me, although I adore coasters, I also love everything else about theme parks, including dark rides. So when I was wandering around Thorpe Park on Sunday during the 2 hours of torrential rain, getting thoroughly soaked, the parks lack of certain attractions became very apparent. Not just the lack of dark rides, but lack of shows (other than the 4D) and lack of covered queuelines. Oh how I would have welcomed the addition of a couple of dark rides / experiences to keep me dry. This is Thorpes problem for me. Being a "thrill" park full of coasters and flats is all well and good, but there has to be supporting attractions. Unless the coasters are all World class, which hardly ever happens at a park, you find yourself riding them, just for the sake of riding them (well I do anyway). TP is the only major park in the UK that doesn't have a non coaster dark ride. Look at the continent and some of the major players ie Efteling, Phantasialand, Europa and they have the coasters, BUT have the supporting dark rides. TP is also one of the only major parks that I can think of, that doesn't have a dedicated kids area. (That's another topic for another day) When dark rides are done well, they can add so much to a park. They don't even have to be "thrilling" dark rides. Maus au Chocolat for example at Phantasialand, is a wonderful ride; a ride type I would love to see in the UK. Then you have the thrilling dark rides like Dark Castle at Busch Gardens which is wonderful. When done well, they take you into a world which no coaster can. The narrative, the attention to detail, all do something that a non-enclosed coaster cannot. This is why I am excited at seeing what Thorpe are installing for 2016. I also hope that this is just the start for future dark ride experiences at the resort as in my mind, they need at least a couple more dark rides. Not on the same scale as this, just build a warehouse and fill it with a family friendly indoor boat ride.
  4. Here is my combined coaster top 10. 1. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure - Unbelievable ride which is going to take something special to beat it. 2. Skyrush - Hersheypark - Incredible moments of airtime. 3. Batman The Ride - Various parks - I love the first gen B&M inverters. Strong G's and when running backwards are even better. 4. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park - Almost a perfect coaster. Great airtime and speed, just lacks a little in the middle section. 5. Mr Freeze Reverse Blast - Six Flags Over Texas - Fantastic backwards launched shuttle coaster. 6. Oziris - Parc Asterix - In my opinion, one of the best new B&M rides out there. Almost a return to form for me. The theming also plays a big part. 7. Colossos - Heide Park - Was my favourite woodie until El Toro blew it out of the water. 8. Tonnerre de Zeus - Parc Asterix - Great CCI coaster which goes on and on and on 9. Troy - Toverland - Fast, smooth and out of control. Great ride. 10. Timber Terror - Silverwood - Great out and back woodie My woodie top 10 1. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure 2. Colossos - Heide Park 3. Tonnerre de Zeus - Parc Asterix 4. Troy - Toverland 5. Timber Terrror - Silverwood 6. Boardwalk Bullet - Kemah Boardwalk 7. Tremors - Silverwood 8. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 9. Roar - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (defunct) 10. Hercules - Dorney Park (defunct) Steelie top 10 1. Skyrush - Hersheypark 2. Batman the ride - Various 3. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park 4. Mr Freeze Reverse Blast - Six Flags Over Texas 5. Oziris - Parc Asterix 6. Van Helsings Factory - Movie Park 7. Nemesis - Alton Towers 8. Aftershock - Silverwood 9. Griffon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg 10. Storm Runner - Hersheypark
  5. As much as I love whats happened to Dreamland and as much as I cant wait for the Scenic to re-open, I do think that that some people may eventually ride it and think what the fuss was about. Its a great ride for historical purposes, but its not going to get in anyones top 10. Not even top 20. My feeling is a lot of people will go to ride it and be disappointed. Its a snapshot on history and that's how it should be viewed.
  6. If anyone thinks that Merlin will stick to only 1000 of these passes then they might need to think again. They will sell as many as people want. Last year only 850 (estimated) bought the pass out of a 1000 allocation, but I know for a fact that these vip pass were available to buy as late as May this year. I love the new terms and conditions which clearly state that they can change the price whenever they want. My guess is, that if they don't sell well when they go on sale to everyone, then that price will come down to a level where they do sell and they will keep on selling until the no-one else wants one. Anyhoo, my pass has expired now and I am not renewing. I haven't downgraded to a standard or premium either. May pop to Scarefest or Fright Nights, but apart from that will be taking a break from Merlin. As for the Dungeons etc, I only ever used my pass once outside of a Theme Park and that was at the Weymouth tower thing and didn't get anything special. But yeah, it happens. People who seem to wear the lanyard get extra special treatment. I never wore the damm lanyard, I hate the things. Even my work one stays in my pocket !!! Thanks for the screenshots Paul, interesting about Fright Night and Scarefest Mazes though. I know they said that last year, but allowed us one entry into each maze at Alton and fastrack at Thorpe, but as they have said it again, maybe its not going to include those. Good job I didn't renew then !!
  7. Just for info, the Scenic Railway restoration / rebuild will cost at least £2.64million There will be a modern "Twist" as well as Flamingolands old Wave Swinger. The astroglide they have is reportedly from Paultons Park.
  8. The Wild Mouse has been scrapped and will only be used in the upcycling project. Blackpools Whip is being considered for Phase 2.
  9. I spotted it advertised outside the fastrack kiosk next to Interno's shop. Didn't take a picture of it, but £50 unlimited coasters.
  10. You can now buy a £50 unlimited wristband at Thorpe JUST for the coasters !!! A LOT of people were buying this!
  11. As you know I have a vip pass, but at £600 I have no intention of renewing. Sebastian, a lot of vip pass holders in the past (and some still now) have taken the P*ss and it has caused a lot of animosity towards vip pass holders in general. I am one of those which adhere to all the rules, don't take the mickey and even don't impact on throughputs by offering to fill empty seats !!! So its not jealousy. Just like in all walks of life some people spoil it for everyone and users get tarnished with the same brush. At the end of the day its a product that Merlin are offering and I think that for the new pass price of £699, then they will struggle to sell. However, the inherent problem is that Merlin do not manage fastrack well, in that they oversell it. So even vip pass holders are going to find in the future that the product they have purchased is being devalued by Merlins overselling. See my photo on the previous page from Thorpe on Saturday for proof. This is one of the main points for me not renewing. When a park is selling a £50 per day unlimited coaster fastrack, then these queues are going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. I enjoyed this year as a vip pass holder, but at the end of the day, it is Merlin parks that its for.
  12. Well maybe the £50 unlimited fastrack for just the coasters is a tad popular. I saw a LOT of people with that yesterday. That coupled with staff outside the entrances with a sign around their neck saying "buy fastrack from me", saw big problems yesterday. On Saw, the fastrack queue was out of the entrance.
  13. ^ I would be more concerned about Merlins overselling of fastrack rather than a handul of vip pass holders on site each day. This was the inferno fastrack / disabled line yesterday. Not all of those were vip holders... And yes, the line went all the back to the photo booth !!. But for any vip holder who is thinking of renewing, take this picture into account. It will only get worse.
  14. I wont be renewing mine. The renewal price is a bit of a kick in the teeth, considering all the problems with the pass last year and the inconsistencies that still occur. I have used this pass 14 times since I purchased it and that's included 2 days at Gardaland and 2 at Heide Park, so I have hardly "hammered" it. I will just go back to using Tesco vouchers to have two days at Thorpe and two at Alton. Not bothered about Legoland or Chessington or any of the midway attractions. Its been nice having it as I have had the knowledge that I can go whenever I want and not worry about the queues, but I will just go on off peak days next year when the need for fastrack is low.
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