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  1. General Discussion

    The rule on Fury is 1 disabled guest + 3 companions. So that's one full car. On busy days with the 20min + RAP queue you mentioned, it was common that every other car sent would have a disabled guest and their three companions. It was a bit daft.
  2. General Discussion

    Chessington was suffering from LOADS RAP exploitation in the past few years, with legions of disabled guests (regardless of whether they're fit to queue) getting RAPs left right and centre. While at other parks the rides have the capacity to cope with a few extra, non-legitimate RAPs that slip through the net, at Chessington this really isn't possible. (Dragon's Fury for example would commonly send every other car with a RAP group.) They really had to clamp down on it to ensure that queues moved as efficiently as possible. Given how many RAPs used to be handed out, it was not uncommon for 20min + waits with a RAP on the major rides, which defeats the object for those that genuinely do need a pass. It can also have very bad effects on the main queues, given the park's three biggest rides only pull 500pph, 750pph and 400pph respectively.
  3. The Smiler

    I agree. Though I get what people mean about other guests pushing past you at the baggage hold, that couple of people getting ahead is surely better than the whole queue moving slower because every single dispatch is delayed? Baggage holds seemed like the best of a bad bunch of options to me.
  4. The Smiler

    Is there not room on Thirteen to just take your bags with you? Put them under your feet or something. I agree baggage holds can be a bit of a pain, but for something like Thirteen which relies on quick dispatches, they’re pretty much nessecary...
  5. Tomb Blaster

    I’m almost certain that’s what they’re already doing. There’s now way its this bad by accident. They wanted to re-do Tomb properly years ago, back when they were told it barely passed the safety tests Runaway Train and Dragon Falls failed. For whatever reason (perhaps because of the need to do it sooner rather than later), they were granted a small budget to sort out the problems in 2016. So it’s quite likely they’re pushing to make the ride worse in order to follow through with their original plans.
  6. Tomb Blaster

    Ok now that’s bad
  7. Rameses Revenge

    The problem with Ramses is that it would be very costly to remove, moreso than the expensive motor replacements it keeps requiring. Building it into the pit in the way that they didn’t perhaps wasn’t the best long term plan... Its footprint isn’t anything you could realistically use for any other attraction either, as the space is so small. So that said, I’d doubt they’ll get rid of Rameses until they absolutely have to- it’s quite a well-known ride locally too!
  8. Alton Towers General Discussion

    More interesting news from Alton Towers...
  9. Alton Towers General Discussion

  10. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I mean, it’s hardly a surprise, but as Marc said, the way they’ve gone about the matter publicly is a little odd... To close such a historic attraction while pretending its no big deal is very strange... they didn’t even hold a closing event.
  11. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    In fairness, that track sounds a lot better and works well as an ambience compared to that tiresome, out of place IMAscore piece the played a few years back. And the other Halloween score you’re talking about was nice, but dreadfully overused and only 6 or so minutes long. It got very tiresome after a few hours on a loop! Although it’s just another YouTube download jobby, this piece is at least nice and lengthy. Its much more subtle thank god; less in your face like the other two. Its a shame to hear the atmosphere is not as good this year. I don’t like to visit anymore, so I can only go from the pictures. But from what I’ve seen, it looked as though there was a lot more park-wide decoration this year, which is good, as in years previous it was looking a little skimp! I hear they’ve also got roaming actors again, another improvement on the last few years! I wonder what’s let all this down like you say... It could well be the changing atmosphere of the park, as it moves more towards corporate stiffness and animal-oriented “Wild” themes; perhaps this doesn’t gel as well with a Halloween atmosphere as the park’s previous whimsical characteristics did? Who knows.
  12. General Discussion

    Zufari being awful is no surpise. The cave’s always been a missed oppurtunity but it’s certainly worsened since. If I remember rightly the pumps for all the water effects are grossly inadequate for the pressure they’re under (no doubt a little cheap as well!) As for the lack of animals, that was always going to happen with a rise of this nature, the real problem is the ride’s far too short. There’s only two proper paddocks, so if you get a bit of bad luck and the animals are off somewhere else, there’s not really any other sections to make up for it. Not building down into Wanyama was their biggest mistake... the ride’s a fraction of the size it could be! I appreciate what you say about it being a sad place to visit now; I quite agree. I live within half an hour of the park yet haven’t been for years. I used to get really frustrated remembering how it used to be, or seeing how easily things could be so much better, so I just stopped in the end. If you’re not enjoying yourself there I suggest you do the same.
  13. General Discussion

    Hahah, probably because the filter broke years ago and they cba to buy a new one. Its been filthy looking for ages. Shame though, that turf is just going to get walked over and ruined.
  14. General Discussion

    Come now, I'm sure very few themes in this country actually "make sense" to the majority of visitors; namely because they're not looking to find out or "learn the story" as such. It's a theme park not a museum! If it works and they have fun- who cares? To say Bubbleworks was a half baked idea because it didn't fit in is a very ignorant thing to say. Surely just because "Transylvania" connotes spooks and horror, doesn't mean it has to be all that? Anyway, Bubbleworks was perhaps the best-produced, most fun atrraction in the country; the fact that it doesn't tie-in with your preconceptions about a Transylvania themed area, surely doesn't override your judgement of it actually being a great attraction? Its also funny you call the park soulless... can't have started visiting more than a couple of years back? The reason it was so popular back in the day was for its silly, slightly off-the-wall sense of humour. Whimsical yet dramatic. Full of spirit! As for the park not being "immersive", well, that shows more than anything that you've only met the new Merlin-era Chessington; because I quite agree, it is very bland, generic and cheap looking now, a shame really. But perhaps just bare that in mind when other members talk of their fond memories from the park? It was once very different, very impactful and very fun. You might not understand, given your experiences, and that's fine. But just bare it in mind.
  15. Chessington Howl'o'ween

    Haha that's exactly the kind of thing we mean though... In fact, much like this Halloween "theming", that print-out looks like it was recycled from the local primary school play. I used to love as a child looking around and pulling at the trees from the Vampire lifts, they really made you feel in the thick of the woods (even though you were meters from the main road), by boxing you in with this cheap homogenous banner, they're just boring you buy not giving anything real to look at. Not being mean or unnecessarily cynical, but stuff like this just cheapens the product... A cartoon-style printout looks bad glued to the side of the lift, surely anyone can see that? To theme a lift Hill and have it not look bad and tokenistic is quite a big thing to try and do. They obviously don't have the budget for something like that; so yes, in this instance, doing nothing really would have been better. Much like StevenVig said, if you're not going to do it properly, don't do it at all.