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  1. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Christ on a bike... We were there yesterday and it was bad, but not THAT bad. Operations were dire on a number of rides. Nemesis broke down every forty minutes or so which didn't help matters...
  2. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Umm, no? Its a totally valid point. If a company has the arrogance to claim they're that big, they should be held to that standard. So its justifiable because it may cost the park, say, an extra £60 a day? That's one walk up ticket price. One. Guests pay that much to get in and still the park can't be arsed to have enough staff? Its pitiful.
  3. 2017 Season General Discussion

    HAHAHAHAHA, they're saving like £14 pounds an hour on this. Is guest experience really worth THAT LITTLE to them?
  4. General Discussion

    Plot summary- for the love of god, remove Dragon's Fury.
  5. Future Of Chessington

    It'll be around for a fair old while yet, mainly due to the fact the supports go right through the middle of Tomb Blaster, and there are a million reasons why the won't dig around in there. Its a shame really, as its so old now. Its becoming quite the maintenance nightmare. And for god's sake- Chessington needs some new hardware!
  6. Future Of Chessington

    That looks so... bland. It's worse than I expected, at least they've got some interactions with the tigers planned. Its a nice idea to drop through the mouth, but if they don't cover up the rest of the wearhouse?? What about fixing up and hiding the rest of the geotty bits? The lift hills have been without rockwork of disguise for years, as has the rest of the tomb building, specifically after the dragon tunnel section. Hmmmm
  7. General Discussion

    That's been a rumour since the dawn of time my friend. The 2016 and 2013 coasters can tell you that...
  8. General Discussion

    The trough wasn't actually replaced, it was reinforced and received new support beams which had rusted over the years. Dragon Falls will be around for a while yet sadly, which is a shame as that whole area just needs a proper redoing, not a series of mini fixups that leave it feeling queer.
  9. Tomb Blaster

    People do notice when things are good. They might not come out of the attraction and think "xyz was expertly timed", but their overall satisfaction with the attraction will be greater if it's looked after. The park just have the complete wrong attitude- if no one complains it's alright. Which is exactly why we have disasters like Vampire's station (and crypt, cave and queue for that matter).
  10. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Errr, this thing closed two years ago...
  11. The Gruffalo - New for 2017

    The irony here is that by blindly supporting an attraction because "everything in it is new", you end up the more typical fanboy... There's difference between cynicism and balanced analysis you know...
  12. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Haha, who's idea was it to make half the path the same colour as the grass? Silly billies!
  13. General Discussion

    Ugh, why do they have to go and slap the station music on everything? That piece is meant for a big sound hall, not tinny queue line speakers. Audio creativity has slipped quite a bit at Chessington recently...
  14. Rameses Revenge

    Well the title's not wrong
  15. Bubbleworks

    I thought so, but not certain.