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  1. HermanTheGerman

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Bubble Works opened in May.
  2. HermanTheGerman

    Park Operations

    A big part of the problem is guest services not explaining the system properly to guests. Like Benin said- the number of guests who have a RAP yet don't know how it works is ridiculous...
  3. HermanTheGerman

    Park Music

    I hope this is sarcasm... The Nick Hutson pieces suck... I really don’t like the park’s decisions regarding audio recently. Removing the original Inferno, Rumba and Colossus/Lost City pieces in favour of very bland, generic and unatmospheric IMAscore tracks was a very poor move. The entrance theme is certainly very nice, and a vast improvement; I just wish there wasn’t this brand-obsessed idea of redoing all the music to feature that one park jingle. Homogenising the park for the sake of fan service is not a good idea... Fright Nights too, the old Midnight Syndicate tracks that they used to play were great. The Asylum’s music was . From what I’ve heard of the Hutson music (2017 Dragon Falls mix, Pandamonium and Molly Crowe), it’s all just as unimaginative as IMAscore’s anyway, just without the glossy overlay. So this isn’t really much of an improvement.
  4. HermanTheGerman


    Besides it being impossible, there’d be absolutely no benefit to running more than two. Offload often takes longer to clear than the load station, delaying dispatches. This would be the exact same on three trains, just with an extra train stacked behind the offload platform.
  5. HermanTheGerman

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Take that back
  6. HermanTheGerman

    2018 General Discussion

    Staff have definitely been briefed that all the September closed days are now open.
  7. HermanTheGerman


    Depends what we’re classing as the ‘original’ doesn’t it
  8. HermanTheGerman


    They really should get rid of those tragic queue line vinyls while they're at it... And that boring projector pre show. Honestly, the themeless 'Air' aesthetic was much better than the silly 'words as theming' approach they took with the re-theme, its so pretentious for such a mediocre pay off. With that in mind, I'd rather it go back to being Air; no false promises, no over-hype in the queue line, just a solid ride experience. I think it'd be better off for it.
  9. HermanTheGerman

    Rameses Revenge

    The first cycle was always really bad though. It just gave you a massive head rush and was super painful. Id much rather they skip straight to the five flip cycle (which they now do) and save the ride for a few more years.
  10. HermanTheGerman

    Ride Accidents

    Jesus Christ... That has to have been one of the worst accidents in years
  11. HermanTheGerman

    General Discussion

    Sounds exciting
  12. HermanTheGerman

    Best theme for the pyramid coaster?

    X. I.e the one that was actually fun...
  13. HermanTheGerman


    So long as they maintain it properly, there’s no reason to think any accident will take place... Ride safety standards are very high in the U.K. They’d be very silly to remove The Vampire in the near future. It’s the park’s most popular and renowned attraction, I struggle to think of any other park that is as reliant on one major attraction as Chessington is on the Vampire. There have probably been talks of rethemeing it no doubt, but an actual removal is hard to fathom. Least not because it’s location would be totally useless if they did remove it... given they’re not allowed to use it for another major attraction.... Unless something dramatic changes, the first roller coaster to be removed from Chessington will be Dragon’s Fury. Followed by Rattlesnake. Not in the immediate future, but those rides were not built to last in the same way Vampire was, nor to cope with the pressure they’re under crowd wise. The benefit with Vampire is that the Arrow structure is super sturdy, hence it’s far less susceptible to cracks in the way Fury is for example. It was certainly built to last, and the Vekoma modification ought only to have improved that. Relatively minor work like lift hill replacements might have to be done, as the clanky chain system is outdated (especially for durability on 3 train operation), but other than that the ride should last.
  14. HermanTheGerman

    General Discussion

    That single rider queue is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen 💀 They use it to give you an entire boat to yourself. And the queue only goes as far as the batch point, so even if they wanted to use it to fill empty seats, they couldn’t, because it doesn’t actually go into the station. The queue for Tiger Rock has regularly been out the entrance, spilling into to the main area because they turned the old extension queue into this pointless (and clearly no longer used) single rider pen. The main queue line as it stands can probably hold only a max 50 minutes worth of guests. Which for the park’s sole water ride (and their advertised new attraction) simply isn’t adequate. The single rider line needs to go! Asap!
  15. HermanTheGerman

    Park Operations

    Was Tidal Wave seriously running one boat on one of the hottest days of the year?