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  1. HermanTheGerman


    So long as they maintain it properly, there’s no reason to think any accident will take place... Ride safety standards are very high in the U.K. They’d be very silly to remove The Vampire in the near future. It’s the park’s most popular and renowned attraction, I struggle to think of any other park that is as reliant on one major attraction as Chessington is on the Vampire. There have probably been talks of rethemeing it no doubt, but an actual removal is hard to fathom. Least not because it’s location would be totally useless if they did remove it... given they’re not allowed to use it for another major attraction.... Unless something dramatic changes, the first roller coaster to be removed from Chessington will be Dragon’s Fury. Followed by Rattlesnake. Not in the immediate future, but those rides were not built to last in the same way Vampire was, nor to cope with the pressure they’re under crowd wise. The benefit with Vampire is that the Arrow structure is super sturdy, hence it’s far less susceptible to cracks in the way Fury is for example. It was certainly built to last, and the Vekoma modification ought only to have improved that. Relatively minor work like lift hill replacements might have to be done, as the clanky chain system is outdated (especially for durability on 3 train operation), but other than that the ride should last.
  2. HermanTheGerman

    General Discussion

    That single rider queue is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen 💀 They use it to give you an entire boat to yourself. And the queue only goes as far as the batch point, so even if they wanted to use it to fill empty seats, they couldn’t, because it doesn’t actually go into the station. The queue for Tiger Rock has regularly been out the entrance, spilling into to the main area because they turned the old extension queue into this pointless (and clearly no longer used) single rider pen. The main queue line as it stands can probably hold only a max 50 minutes worth of guests. Which for the park’s sole water ride (and their advertised new attraction) simply isn’t adequate. The single rider line needs to go! Asap!
  3. HermanTheGerman

    Park Operations

    Was Tidal Wave seriously running one boat on one of the hottest days of the year?
  4. HermanTheGerman

    Black Buccaneer

    The ride is thirty years old this year, so the supports have been sandblasted to check for long-term strain. They’ve effectively got to build it again now!
  5. HermanTheGerman

    New for 2018 - Tiger Rock

    Whelp, the dragon tunnel looks tragic 💀 And who the hell allowed the old photo booth to be boarded up and turned into the world’s smallest shop?? It looks awful from the outside. this is a shame because the tiger rock itself, and the work to the inside of the tunnel and station looks good. Thank goodness the extended the tunnel back to it’s full length as well
  6. HermanTheGerman


    The biggest problem with this refurbishment is they seem to have spend the money in all the wrong places. Of all the ride’s flaws, why’d they bother fixing up the zombie tomb at the entrance? It’s looked cheap since the beginning of time, reparing part of it wasn’t going to fix that. Demolishing it really would’ve been better, as it makes the ride seem super tacky, hence most guests don’t bother riding. The space it’s in would serve much better as a proper entrance sign. Likewise, the money for those TV’s in the queue was a huge waste, they’re too bright, and distracting from the proper portraits. While on their own they’re a nice touch, they certainly should not have been a priority. The lighting in most places is still tragic, especially the timing. The great hall demon is only lit up towards the end of its movement, yet we see the whole thing reset. The same can be said for plenty of the effects. I think the only one that disappeared on time was electric bill? On the topic of the ride’s exterior- while it’s pleasing to see they’re now diverting guests though the woodland queue, rather than just shoving them though by the side of the house, the entrance really could benefit from having a proper sign to make it stand out, it sort of just seems like a gap in the hedge at the minute. Oh, and please change the name. No guest reads “Duel” and thinks ‘ghost train’. If it had a name that actually told you what the ride was, maybe it’d be more popular
  7. HermanTheGerman

    General Discussion

    The rule on Fury is 1 disabled guest + 3 companions. So that's one full car. On busy days with the 20min + RAP queue you mentioned, it was common that every other car sent would have a disabled guest and their three companions. It was a bit daft.
  8. HermanTheGerman

    General Discussion

    Chessington was suffering from LOADS RAP exploitation in the past few years, with legions of disabled guests (regardless of whether they're fit to queue) getting RAPs left right and centre. While at other parks the rides have the capacity to cope with a few extra, non-legitimate RAPs that slip through the net, at Chessington this really isn't possible. (Dragon's Fury for example would commonly send every other car with a RAP group.) They really had to clamp down on it to ensure that queues moved as efficiently as possible. Given how many RAPs used to be handed out, it was not uncommon for 20min + waits with a RAP on the major rides, which defeats the object for those that genuinely do need a pass. It can also have very bad effects on the main queues, given the park's three biggest rides only pull 500pph, 750pph and 400pph respectively.
  9. HermanTheGerman

    The Smiler

    I agree. Though I get what people mean about other guests pushing past you at the baggage hold, that couple of people getting ahead is surely better than the whole queue moving slower because every single dispatch is delayed? Baggage holds seemed like the best of a bad bunch of options to me.
  10. HermanTheGerman

    The Smiler

    Is there not room on Thirteen to just take your bags with you? Put them under your feet or something. I agree baggage holds can be a bit of a pain, but for something like Thirteen which relies on quick dispatches, they’re pretty much nessecary...
  11. HermanTheGerman

    Tomb Blaster

    I’m almost certain that’s what they’re already doing. There’s now way its this bad by accident. They wanted to re-do Tomb properly years ago, back when they were told it barely passed the safety tests Runaway Train and Dragon Falls failed. For whatever reason (perhaps because of the need to do it sooner rather than later), they were granted a small budget to sort out the problems in 2016. So it’s quite likely they’re pushing to make the ride worse in order to follow through with their original plans.
  12. HermanTheGerman

    Tomb Blaster

    Ok now that’s bad
  13. HermanTheGerman

    Rameses Revenge

    The problem with Ramses is that it would be very costly to remove, moreso than the expensive motor replacements it keeps requiring. Building it into the pit in the way that they didn’t perhaps wasn’t the best long term plan... Its footprint isn’t anything you could realistically use for any other attraction either, as the space is so small. So that said, I’d doubt they’ll get rid of Rameses until they absolutely have to- it’s quite a well-known ride locally too!
  14. HermanTheGerman

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    More interesting news from Alton Towers...
  15. HermanTheGerman

    Alton Towers General Discussion