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  1. Its planned to be called Sobek (the name of an ancient Egyptian figure with a crocodile head), so I would imagine it's still part of Forbidden Kingdom.
  2. I think proper work to make the park more presentable would be nice. If they’re not getting anything new for the next few years, at least they can take some proper steps toward improving what already stands. Hence the next few points are just suggestions on which bits need cleaning up the most. - The area around Amity Cove and Tidal Wave is a big ol’ mess right now, and could do with cleaning up. So many games and garish temporary buildings blocking the view. You basically have to go round the back of the coke freestyle thing to even find the entrance to TW. - Remove ABL. Obviously don’t remove the rides. But the theme of the area as it stands is a big ‘wtf’ moment for every guests no doubt. And I feel the park would benefit no end by cleaning up and getting rid of this garish area. Theme it back to Amity Cove. - Removal of Saw Alive building. Just imagine if you were a first-time guest and saw that dilapidated, literally abandoned shed suck to the side of the park in plain view as you were coming in. It looks awful and needs to go. - Continue the painting work done begun on Stealth and Rumba Rapids. - Complete overhaul of the food offering at Fins. This should be the park’s proper restaurant. Not whatever tf it is right now.
  3. - Clear and regenerate the area around Megastore, Derren, Walking Dead, Slammer and Storm Surge. Create a proper central feature and plaza. - Retheme and regenerate Rumba Rapids. New turntable building, new theme, new tunnels. - Clear the Saw Alive walkway, return to water. - Replace Vortex, Zodiac and Samurai with newer flats. - GCI mid-level family thrill coaster akin to Joris/Wicker Man around the loggers lake. Big drop visible through trees behind Saw for a nice vista from the bridge. - Clean up and revamp Colossus. Consider Intamin Mega Coaster trains as replacements. Properly resolve ground work issues. Rebuilding lakes if possible. - Theme Angry Birds buildings back to Amity. Theme dodgems to speedway derby. Detonator back to tropical fortress theme. Additional theming around the base of the tower. - consider building more attractions on the lakes, family boating etc. - Intamin Blitz coaster on the back island behind Stealth and Swarm. Station on island. Ride over lakes.
  4. They’re currently playing the old end of day music after close. The one from 2002(?)-2011 I believe. A great shame really, the music from the Shark Hotel they were playing last year was much nicer. Definitely one of the better imascore tracks, and it fit really nicely as a “winding down” sort of piece. The 2002-2011 one is just far too lively and in your face.
  5. Quantum is still a fair way off being rebuilt for the season. It’s partly in bits, scattered around the platform.
  6. Pretty sure they would've been VIP passholders. I've seen them doing it before. They sort of sit there and make their own SR queue. Bit of a mickey-take really, given they already get unlimited fastrack, guess that's not enough for some people.
  7. StevenVig being unnecessarily sarcastic about a justified comment? Shock horror
  8. All the coasters bar The Swarm were open much later than 5pm. Downtime during such temperatures was never as bad as it was this year. I believe they've either risen the minimum operating temperatures, or have just started to stick more closely to them. They've always had some sort of restriction, its just never been as much of a problem as it was this October.
  9. Thorpe Park typically caps daily visitor capacity between 17k and 18k, fluctuating on a number of factors, such as ride availability, opening hours and such. The physical maximum they can safely fit on the island is actually more like 24k, but this has only happened once or twice (I think the last time was Fright Nights 2014?). They tend to stop far before this now, as it gets so unbelievably crowded, with all hell breaking loose the second a ride goes down and the queue line is evacuated. The busiest day this season was the last Saturday of FN (as is typically), with around 17/18k guests. This was also the day all the coasters closed at 9:30pm because of the new temperature rules.
  10. Thank goodness the original music is back in the station. It was so embarrassing it was ever replaced with that YouTube download that didn't even loop properly. Now all they need to do* is produce a proper ambient track for the queue line, playing the station music out there ruins the effect so badly. *Besides bringing back the chandeliers, coffin bays, cloth dressing, lightning crashes, crypt queue area, and relighting the station.
  11. The reason Dieway closed is messy, but I’d think twice about sharing it on here @Bourriquet. Something like that shouldn’t be disclosed, especially not online where the park can read it and might know who you are (they may still have the record of your name as operating the ride that day). They’ve gone to efforts to keep it hushed up like always, so I’d be careful...
  12. Wicker Man was the first time they actually used the idea of a “Secret Wepon” in the advertising though? It only started out as a code name for projects internally. It’s a bit of a shame really that it’s become some sort ‘series’ in the park. The rides are just meant to be fun; and ironically, wicker man being the first big addition to the park since Rita without some sort of gimmick, is actually the most fun of all since then! Just enjoy the ride no need for it to have any silly advertising feature
  13. You know, I’m sensing a BIT of a vested interest with this one ?
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