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  1. Can somebody please give the scarefestforum llink
  2. I have been in all the mazes at least once every night since opening, Imo the only good night has been Sunday 11th (mazes wise)
  3. OMG, best night for Thorpe tonight. Cabin - 9/10 Saw - 10/10 Big top - 8/10 Bloody valentine - 8/10 Blair witch - 9/10 Operations today were great, park was empty and all rides were running great, especially Colossus and nemesis!
  4. Big top was sooooooo bad tonight, first tent 1 actor (the fortune teller), second tent 1 actor (just stared at us), third tent 2 actors (chainsaw guy and 1 clown) it was terrible. MBV had a good amount of actors tonight who actually did something to scare us. Cabin was great, very dark and smoky, could be a few more actors tho Saw was ok, not really scary though Containment, just another way for Thorpe to steal your money Blair witch, after a 2 hour and 15 minute Q I was delighted to be E-vac ed from the attraction. I complained and got a fastpass for stealth in the dark Worst and busies
  5. Far door on left and after that far on the left again
  6. Waaaaaay too busy to stay today, I'm leaving and I'll come back at 2:30 for the big top. Did any of you actually see the Jack in the box in big top?
  7. First ride was saw and I got there at 10:04 and the queue took 25 minutes, not good for the start of the day. I'm now queuing for X and I'm at the baggage hold, it took 30 mins to get here. For the start of the day the park is packed, don't think I'll be doing too much after 12 I hope that Thorpe keep the lionsgate contract but have an entire new lineup, even saw alive should be re-done. I think a slender themed maze in the current BWP site would be amazing! Both saw and X seem to be running great today, let's hope the mazes are the same. Having a look at Q times: Saw: 30 Stealth: 30 I
  8. Going for a quick coaster session this morning, it's PACKED at the entrance.
  9. Will be popping in throughout the day
  10. Yes, I mean the maze SUB SPECIES: THE END GAMES not the 2 hour experience
  11. My top ten scares this year so far are: 10-Big top 9-HELLEMENTS (tulleys) 8-haunted house (tulleys) 7-saw alive 6-chop shop (tulleys) 5-colony (tulleys 4-cabin in the woods 3-haunted hayride (tulleys) 2-Blair witch 1-the cellar (tulleys) I'm so excited to get down the scarefest for sub species the end games.
  12. Tonight was rubbish compared to preview MBV - 1/10 needs to be scrapped TBT - 2/10 it's funny, I want to be scared SA - 4/10 nowhere near as good as last night CITW - 6/10 pretty intense, gets a bit boring if you do it too much TBWP - 9/10 only maze that actually scared me tonight Whereas last night (preview night) MBV - 1/10 just as bad SA - 7/10 great theming and some good acting CITW - 9/10 So intense, walked through the whole maze alone! TBWP - 10/10 I don't know why but I have a soft spot for Blair witch, I just love it, it's amazing (Didn't do big top) Let's hope we see some
  13. I'm just leaving for school, I'm going straight to Thorpe after so I'll get there for about 3:20!!!
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