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  1. Probably been asked a thousand times, but are we any closer to getting the music from the big top?
  2. With the train conductor scene at the end of platform 15 gone (No tent visable for the scene to occur) What do you think will be the changes to platform 15? The tunnel section looks to be the same, which is mostly what let the whole maze down for me (looking past all the uneventful walking!)
  3. I'm going to be there october 1st, tulley's is going to be on 29th
  4. I really hope theres more to sanctum than that, and that the path on the side hasn't been themed yet or that the containers are going to be put to some use internally. That maze does not look big at all, and I'm hoping its going to rely on actors to make the experience longer.
  5. I think there will be more. As much as we are close to fright nights, thorpe will need to continue to release information as we get closer and closer, to release it all right now could be a little too early. They have to keep the GP interested haha
  6. I'm pretty sure that was just thorpe messing with us. or it could be part of the details that they haven't released yet
  7. Apparently platform 15 is getting an upgrade. I don't see what that could be though since there hasn't been much construction near it
  8. From what we've seen from the pictures inside, the strobe maze seems to be in the same section of the big top, so I'm not sure if its going to move to to the second section?
  9. Thats another point, do you think that they'll have the exact same layout for big top? As much as I loved all those props in that one room, I felt like it could've been spaced out a little better? The strobe room was good but that had little themeing inside, while I feel that prop room almost hogged it all haha
  10. Do you think they still have what was inside experiment 10, and if they did, do you think they'll reuse them for some of the other mazes? I'm not sure how experiment 10's theme crossed over with any of the other mazes though...
  11. Apparently the experiment 10 shipping containers were spotted near the swarm. Maybe we're having old mazes return too?
  12. The ride was closed due to a 'guest action'. The fault required engineers though so I wouldn't be too hopeful.
  13. Pretty far in since people have left. I just hope I don't waste my day here on a ride that can't be fixed in 10 minutes.
  14. Derren brown just broke down. In the queue right now. Should I stay or should I go? I hope it's an easy fix
  15. Does anyone know where to find a high quality recording of the indoor audio for The Big Top 2016? I loved the soundtrack, and I think the really upbeat music worked quite well with the strobes. Gave it a sense of danger I know IMAscore said they'd release it but has anyone heard anything from that?
  16. I thought that over the weekend the operations were quite good for what they were dealing with. I'm sure they'll be able to smooth out any problems that they're having. But it is a little bit of a shame to see some of the rides not fully operational yet.
  17. I agree, but when will Thorpe ever put in a great coaster for the sake of putting in a great coaster? Everything's got to be world first or new. I would like to see them put a mack launched coaster in, but I think the chances of that are quite slim since there's already a launched coaster at the park.
  18. Oops, I had my head turned away. I'm the person with the dyed hair
  19. Hopsfully I can come to the meet today. I'm still a newish member but Id like to meet everyone, and also itd be good after a long closed season
  20. Is DBGT closed today? Checking queue-times.com and its not open. Planning on going today as well :/
  21. I can't imagine it would be much longer now. I'm hoping for by the end of this week
  22. On my visit there I saw some good old shipping containers around the back of the tent. Perhaps these are going to be situated inside of the tent?
  23. Dammit, Now I want to go to thorpe park to see if Vortex judders or not. I've never noticed it in the last 3 times ive been this season.
  24. Any update on what they're fixing? Its almost been two weeks now.
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