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  1. Completely agree here. Personally, I think the money spent on a IAC (surely the IP alone would've been very expensive?) should have spent on actually redeveloping Loggers Leap, a well established and somewhat major ride at the park. Now both attractions are suffering due to Merlin not looking at the future and only focusing on quick profit.
  2. It's been confirmed by the park's Twitter. Strange move, really. I suppose if a somewhat minor attraction such as this is closed to make their major new attraction an overall better experience, it could be justified. Let's just hope DBGT:ROTD is a major improvement from last year's disappointment. If not, they have a lot to answer for.
  3. Well, all I can think of is DBGT:ROTD potentially having a scare maze at the end and the actors are being put in there for peak periods? Probably not the case but even so, it's stupid to close IAC (which is barely 2 years old!) for pretty much the whole season.
  4. Would seem that Thorpe are closing I'm A Celeb during peak times this year... (Also, first post - Hi everyone)