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  1. It appears Thorpe are back to saying it's permanently closed
  2. We all know what the redevelopment is, its letting the ride rot for 2 years ?
  3. A fire in a flat in West London has left 6 dead with more fatalities predicted. Tragic
  4. Couldn't Thorpe At least repaint Timber Tug Boat , Lumber Jump and those horrid fences To Fit in with the Canadian Theme of the area
  5. Does anyone know why Rumba was closed for most of the day yesterday?
  6. It Looks like some more work is happening to loggers leap.
  7. It will probably open this weekend
  8. Well at least something has happened to loggers
  9. Hope you enjoy your day. The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure is a great ride it's definitely better than the imperial leather bubbleworks.
  10. I think you should go to cardiff and watch Brentford play and then go to oakwood afterwards
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