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  1. ......and it will all be painted the same colour blue!!!!
  2. kpnuts


    Being replaced with B+M Launch and Aquatrax.... Straight from Thorpe Park direct 5 mins ago
  3. Yes we came off totally drenched as well - almost as much as Tidal wave!!! Never got wet on it before... Oh well gives pleasant reminders of loggers I suppose :-)
  4. Anyone want to confirm whether Rhumba Rapids is rougher this year? Also how annoying is the new water cannons that squirt you halfway round!!!
  5. It is having teething problems but we went on it loads yesterday - it just kept breaking down for small periods of time otherwise it is went to be open.
  6. Hi guys.... I got a sneak preview of the new IAC for this year and they have massively improved it with lots of audience participation and more actors and really love the new version. I guess this is why they can only afford to run it during peak times. Well worth a fresh visit I think.
  7. Went on it yesterday and will just say "WOW" what a difference they have made - there is bits that could do with tweaking still but I would ride this again willingly - love the new special ending (my lips are sealed though)!!!
  8. I have an annual pass but my friend hasn't - does anyone know if he can wait in the annual pass queue with me and get in a little earlier?
  9. Does anyone know when Stealth will be opening - going next week and hoping as is my favourite?
  10. I just DM'd them and they replied with "Opening time is now TBC"
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