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  1. ProudToServe


    Seams the year of the walking dead is dead, the thorpe park website has changed to love island lates now
  2. ProudToServe

    Project Zero

    but its not "fake". who said this has anything to do with Thorpe park? The fan pages, youtube videos, forums. not the people behind the Project.
  3. ProudToServe

    Project Zero

    how people were linking it to a new ride at thorpe, is beyond me! Let the games carry on!
  4. ProudToServe

    Park Operations

    My original post listed many factors or what could cause the slow turn arounds with bags just being one of them Wasnt saying it was just bags. But guests crossing to shove bags in a shelf while others mess around finding theirs add's a few mins
  5. ProudToServe

    Project Zero

    Right.... First of all the site has no referencing to being "thorpe park owned" at all. People only assuming this, because Thorpe Park social media channels started dropping hints in posts and tweets including 0? etc. Yet they now say it's a scam and not them. Make your minds up thorpe. Jump on the band wagon, then jump off. Whats a scam? Currently it's not asked for any money or claimed to be thorpe park. Just linked two mazes from thorpe, which if you read posts here, link back to the company who own the site having worked on. Project Zer0 isnt "fake". Maybe is just has nothing to do with Thorpe Park? But hey, the only ones to blame for making people think it might be, is Thorpe Park their selfs.
  6. ProudToServe

    Park Operations

    Yes sure, free lockers outside the attraction for a set time (or following the queue time). Could be even more clever and use the park tickets. Very simple and sensible. works very well with many parks across the states. Leave the messing around outside the queue and station. I know this is something thorpe have recently looked into, but it costs. So it didnt happen. unless it's free, TP wont do it.
  7. ProudToServe

    Park Operations

    You shouldn't arrive in the brake run to then wait while they are still loading the next train. All this is down to lack of batch staff, and staff just not 'helping' guests. The complete mess of having to cross the track to store bags just adds to the slow turn around too. Shame really. But one less staff member to ensure guests know what row to stand in to ensure a full train and that their bags have to go in the shelf is overruled by profit. For the sake of £80 a day.
  8. ProudToServe

    Park Operations

    Being on two trains and stuck on the brake run for ages just defeats the point of two trains imo. that train should be ready to go once you leave the first brakes so it just keeps rolling in
  9. ProudToServe

    2018 General Discussion

    Just got to hope they execute it well ...
  10. ProudToServe

    2018 General Discussion

    Love Island is only happening because the year of the walking dead hasn't really worked...
  11. ProudToServe

    Park Music

    it's people not knowing what they are doing
  12. it wont be a priority on the engineers list, sadly.
  13. ProudToServe

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    In reality though, The Walking Dead The Ride is just a re-theme with miss-lead advertisement and Living Nightmare Extreme is what, more actors with 'new rooms'. More miss-leading advertisement? And can there be any more less guests in the park than what there is now? MoS looked dead, £5 to upgrade to MoS too? sounds like they cant sell the tickets. I am for one very lost as to why they thought having a Fright Nights exclusive maze open out of Halloween time would be a good idea. And the whole Walking dead stuff really, it'll kill the buzz for Fright Nights as everyone will have had enough of walking dead. The Tv series that is now dropping off. Investing into things that everyone would enjoy and not limiting your target group would have been the better option. I know quite a few families that have decided not to visit Thorpe because they think it's all 'Walking Dead' related. Yet it does have timber tug boat!
  14. ProudToServe

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    Shame, maybe they are holding out for FN 🤣
  15. ProudToServe

    Living Nightmare Extreme - SPOILERS

    That or better... somehow. Nightmare needs SFX and clever use of AV more than actors. Just typing this, and I could think of many things to do at low cost... How are the light levels in the maze? last year the rooms were all very bright, including the hospital area.