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  1. Park Music

    They were all repaired before the opening of 2017 season. Their current state, who knows now. The 2016-2017 SS team had plans to continue the repairs to the park wide audio during 2018. Let's hope the new team will have the drive to keep on top of it.
  2. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    so it's only the WD ride thats open? also an Indoor ride at night isnt going to make much of a difference haha
  3. 2018 General Discussion

    My bet is, it was running on 2 trains and the host got the number of headsets available on the two carriages mixed up. Two trains means a long wait between batches.
  4. Rumba Rapids

    It has all the pumps working now, so the flow of water is much quicker
  5. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    "I absolutely love the ride and I genuinely mean that" We'll wouldnt expect Jordan to say it's 'okay', if she works at the park...
  6. X

    As I said in WD thread, X with the budget of what WD had, it could have been a great original IP with some pretty epic lighting and sound thought the attraction. It's a shame the park has to be so invested in WD. Before WD, it was a pretty busy ride and had a queue all the time. With 500k, so many awesome things would have been done in the ride area too. Shame.
  7. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    It sure is a weird way to advertise something. and with all the actors in the PR for it, which you wont get on the day. I was hoping for new train shells sadly not.. See, the idea of the safe zone is that they have "taken over X" so the remains of old X being there can work from a story point of view. despite it coming across lazy and cost saving. I do agree, they could have created their own IP relating to the music and old X, a better music and light show throughout the attraction. Like rockin rollercoaster. done something that was actually pretty neat. some video wall at the blocks. using lights and sound to make the coaster feel faster. With the budget, some pretty neat stuff could have been done! But instead gone for a decreasing in interest IP. god knows what happens in 2 years time when walking dead is dead.
  8. 2018 General Discussion

    Sadly, more actors doesnt mean its going to me more scary. too many can make it less scary. element of surprise is the best scare. if there's a maze full of actors standing in a hallway, the surprise element is gone.
  9. Food Outlets

    that could be the reason why some of the outlets that have gone cashless could be going back to cash and card, like pizza pasta. Keep sending thorpe feedback regarding this as it'll push them to make the decision quicker
  10. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Yet some fan pages claim to have been through the whole attraction, been on the ride, in the latest marketing stint. Do I smell something?
  11. 2018 General Discussion

    I'd take the queue times with a pinch of salt at the moment. They are still displaying X and FN mazes. Ask a member of staff.
  12. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Guess they thought it worked well for DBGTROTD, so would do it again. Really, they should have come up with something new. As you said, what did happen to her? bit late to carry that on now as the ride has been announced. They do need to work on better marketing, the audio on the video was horrid
  13. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    Well it definitely comes across like that. It's very "Jordan jordan jordan" rather than "thorpe park thorpe park thorpe park". Using business news for personal gain. Thorpe park mentions: 2 Jordan mentions: 8 Possibly the worst marketing campaign ever and turned it into as you said, a press relase about a job promotion as some excellence manager... And what seems to be false advertising going by what people have been told to say. Like this ride is operational now....
  14. The Walking Dead: The Ride - New for 2018

    That'll be one problem they haven't thought of yet. If everyone has visited during the summer and done two mazes, whos going to pay the extra on FN days to do 3 attractions, compare to the previous year of 5. I feel like Thorpe have boarded the Walking Dead train a few years too late. re-theming an attraction on a dying IP that needs to be around for 5 years easy, is a bold move. Yeah, it'll be alright, people will like it, but feels like the park's direction has no GPS signal. The money could have been better used on a new flat to replace the lost attraction count when slammer went, and 60-70k or so spent on making X a better experience of 'light and sound'. No IP costs, actual identity for X and new ride instead of a re-theme. Of course, this is all subject to how much money there is to spend, but I think it's got to be around the "I'm a celeb" mark?
  15. Park Music

    Pop singers don't release 30min songs, so a very invalid comparison . Seeing as you can only get 74 mins of audio per CD, adding the full length tracks would be costly and lots of CDs. There are a few tracks that are from the same area, like the dome, so you won't be far off the full length track. If you want to hear the full length tracks, head to the park. As that is where they're intended to be heard.