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  1. Is going too? We don't need to wait till tomorrow to see the videos, if you know already?
  2. I mean I wouldn't start jumping the gun just yet. You haven't seen them yet? For all we know do or die will have black walls again, does that mean it's set and design is amazing? Surely anyone can do that. Would the maze have been worse if the photos were taken with a camera that could produce more pixels?
  3. It's cheap and easy. Thorpe rely on their night time riding to pull in visitors for Fright Nights, which is a shame as it shouldn't be. Cutting back on some rides like flying fish, tidal wave, storm surge, zodiac, depth charge, banana ride, tea cups. (how many of those are open I'm not too sure..) But closing them at 5 and using that operational budget to fund two actual decent scare zones, followed by 7-8 mazes would be the right direction in my eyes. I love that a brand new maze, not even finished yet, is being advertised as their most intense maze ever. Once again,
  4. You would think it'll be easy to just create a strobe maze, throw a few strobes in, bobs your uncle, sadly not. It sure was, a lot of thought went into it's versions. 2015 wasn't the best layout, but it laid down some core features which helped 2016's come about. 2017 took 2016 problems (people walking out fire exits and open spaces etc) and brought us a 're-ridable' attraction, because there would have been rooms you will have missed the first time you went through. You should have seen version 4s concept If they are unsure they can't match 2017s version or 'big top i
  5. ProudToServe

    2019 Season

    This wouldn't work, most take months to diagnose someone, or years. A doctor can't decide this on the spot. Most places require a letter from the GP, not sure if thorpe do or not?
  6. Well in all fairness, the paint on the boat wont match as it's pretty worn and weathered. Sadly there isn't a team who handle just fright nights, who have an understanding of scare attractions, how and what would work etc. It's all headed up by marketing, dictating what they want, when in reality it wouldn't work as an attraction. Just look at Vulcan Peak... And this year, it's all new faces again due to people leaving. The Big Top was created by people who know scare attractions and everything that goes into them, unlike last year, which was frankly just a $#1T show.
  7. Jungle escape, it's been advertised.
  8. Well... I saw an ad looking for a show control programmer yesterday, so doesn't look to be going to well. Pay was poor too.
  9. I actually started on something like this, but the state of the park, it just needs flattening and rebuilding.
  10. There is a time and place, and frankly if I received a negative tweet, I wouldnt be using ! in the reply 3-4 times. If its something positive, I'd share the energy in a reply using !.. Right?
  11. Sadly that'll never happen. They can do it, they just need an injection to boost the event. stuff they can buy and keep. Instead of boing like "we need a new maze every year" no.. improve on what you have already, and introduce parkwide lighting and sfx. take over the displays with FN branding, stick flames on the beach, light areas up with themed lighting and not white flood lights. 2017, I miss you. far from capacity compare to last year. It's just a complete shambles. no one in their depts are trained adequately to handle their role correctly or guests. Don't get me started on the s
  12. The park has no clearly defined zones due to broken speakers or areas not had speakers added as the islands expand/contract/move/appear. Like the bridge into the park, entrance plaza, Colossus, angry birds splitting amity/stealth plaza up, dock yard, dock yard, is that still a thing? The Jungle island has little to no speakers yet has it's own track? There's nothing in these areas which have dedicated scare zones or actors themed to the tracks/island they are in. So you have Clowns walking through a jungle area to a jungle themed track, yeah that makes sence? Do you see what I'm getting up? Yo
  13. Come on... if you put cheery 60s tracks in the mix that are used on the standard amity track, then people are going to assume its the same BGM or just pure laziness, just like I did as I walked through Amity in 4mins, hearing no FN related stuff at all. This actually ruined the atmosphere for me completely, as BGM plays a massive part in the mood. No one wants Big Bob, its Fright Nights for god sake. You can't be on here defending the track saying "had you listened longer and closer" you would have heard the FN theme. Are you standing outside Thorpe Park telling all the other guest
  14. 2016, Small things make the world of difference... The park has sure gone for "FLOOD LIGHT THE MAZE" Approach, rather then smartly lit. I mean, why is Stealth being lit with RGB MoS night look? Stick it on Red or Orange for god sake.
  15. Fright Nights 2018 - No where is safe Quantity over quantity I'm annoyed that the fire people from press night are not at the public FN events.Why advertise something which isn't going to be there. very very disappointed
  16. So I visited FN last night, and I have to say, what a complete shambles. No atmosphere anywhere, didn't feel like Fright nights at all. BGM audio was pretty much non existent, Most the ride's BGM was off, old town was quiet if on at all, Saw area off, Amity area which felt like it was playing amity's normal stuff.. The lighting around the park just white floods everywhere blinding you. The towers from last year, smoke machines around the park? Big Top Showtime, what on earth.. thats not a show, it's some actors on a stage. it sounds horrid, no lighting, no effects, no
  17. Just jumped of the back of universals Halloween horror nights campaign, instead of coming up with their own idea. ?
  18. A scare zone doesn’t specify that it requires theming, it’s an area where you can get scared. And this falls under it. I think you need to stop defending the audio. Someone didn’t like it, it’s personal preference just like you not liking imascore. if it wasn’t finished, it shouldn’t have been published, pretty simple. People would assume it was a finished product. Would you expect to see 3/4 of a movie at a preview screening? You bashed imascore stuff when it first came out at the park and you bashed that, despite it not being finished.
  19. You have just described a scare zone. They weren’t expecting to have one untill pass holders pointed out they actually listed a date back in March for a preview. So had no choice 1. Why not? 2. Don’t be blunt with those who don’t have access to hear or know what the tracks are being created before they are actually played in the park. It was a preview, surely all the tracks should have been “installed” or rather changed over (it’s pretty easy) for this event. No ifs no buts. All that was open should have had completed audio playing.
  20. It does come across as Dead Creek and Blair are going to be walk thru woods. They should have just left that whole stretch to Blair..
  21. Thorpe has a rather large sound system and each ride actually has a lot of amps, so the issue will be a mix of speakers and amp . Sadly they dont have a team with the skills to fix the issues, as well as money and the 'want too' attitude.
  22. They struggle to run 6 scare attractions, so 11 will be interesting. And it does come across as "throw as much crap in as we can" attitude. which is all good, but exactly how many actors will be in these attractions? 6? not going to be that scary...
  23. the hidden attractions are likely hidden until they are sure they can staff every attraction, no point advertising something then not being able to do it. Theres so many halloween events now, getting actors and running staff is proving hard, looking at their current jobs up for grabs.
  24. Parts flying of a ride mid cycle, is horror, no matter what it is, as no one knows what it is at the time. We only know it was a foam thanks to merlin comments. Seeing as Horror means intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust, it suits this event perfectly, that's exactly how I'd feel if I was there.
  25. Woah... Any part that's come off mid motion, non-critical or not, can do some serious damage to someone. That foam back is actually quite a large lump and after being flung off can be traveling at some speed, and only needs to hit someones head to give concussion or some serious damage. It's part of the seat thats come off, so the Sun are correct. This shouldn't be down played, because its foam. This is still serious.
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