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  1. profburp

    TPM Discord

    Yeah I just tried it too and said link was expired
  2. profburp

    2019 Season

    Saw this this morning. Think this is a really good offer and should help to boost visitor numbers this season despite there being no new attractions as such. For those without a season pass or MAP this looks to be a very good option!
  3. That is very good going! I haven’t been yet, but was expecting to see the odd goblin on a lamppost still! So that’s great to see!
  4. profburp

    2019 Season

    I highly doubt that, as this has been on there for the corporate events they offer for companies etc. They were offering this over Christmas in 2018, so I don't think this is related. They offer the fastback (q-jump) to the corporate packages. Also I would say they look more like stars than snow, sorry to disappoint! I think it is most likely going to be summer nights returning, but again I could be wrong.
  5. profburp

    2019 Season

    Yeah just seen it! Another event like fireworks or something in summer. Perhaps it’s a retheme of stealth who knows. I would say most likely an official announcement about summer lates
  6. Oh wow guys thank you so much! Feel really welcomed already! Sounds like hey See great fun! Everyone seems a really nice too which is lovely! So how do we know when meets are coming up do they just get posted on the trips page or is there a calendar of them already set? Sorry for all the questions!
  7. profburp

    2019 Season

    I’m still yet to go on DBGT Every time I’ve gone, I’ve either been in the queue and it’s gone down or it’s closed when I get to it! I literally gave up with it especially after hearing such bad reviews of it anyway. Doesn’t sound like I missed out on much.
  8. Haha I never am late! But yeah sounds good!
  9. profburp


    Agreed....poor Thorpe just seems to have been left of late!
  10. Hey! So fairly new back to the forum, never been to one of the meets and a little nervous to meet a load of people for the first time! I am not shy, just not something I have done before, I saw it is possible to organise a small meet up on a day with a few maybe going the same day, does this usually work and have people done it in the past? All new to me!
  11. profburp

    Logger's Leap

    I think what’s interesting about this response is not loggers or development related and that’s the fact for the first time they’ve properly mentioned about their 40th birthday and the fact they have some sort of ‘unmissable experiences’ this year. So be interesting to see what it is they are actually not telling us yet.
  12. Was very excited to find this today on Apple Music! Don’t know how long it’s been there or how it got there but brought back some amazing memories from my childhood! Has anyone noticed this? I would love them to bring back the rangers for the birthday celebrations, but seeming less and less likely! Anyone got any great stories or remember these banging tunes! How’s
  13. Awesome, yeah I noticed it was now on accesso. That's great news, thank you very much for this!
  14. I have decided to start with a monthly annual pass as think this is a great idea to help split the cost over the year. I remember them running a similar scheme before but sadly it stopped very suddenly. Anyway my question for you guys is is there anybody who had a monthly one before and did they let you continue this even after it was no longer publicly available or were you then sent back to buy full priced ones?
  15. profburp

    2019 Season

    You are right, nobody should judge until they've actually seen what comes out of it, so I take back some of my comments and will await what comes along. But from now hearing that it has received some potential bad responses already is a little worrying. Also with regards to the comment that it appeals to younger visitors, the costumed characters they are talking about in the Ents advert, is this likely to be something to do with fortnite too, rather than the rangers as previously speculated and people hoped for? I don't know enough about it, but is it a possibility? Maybe a meet and greet etc?
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