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  1. No offence to Legoland! Just in my opinion even that isn’t looking at it’s best at present. Just my opinion, sorry!
  2. Whilst, it would be great for them to have a real investment, I think it's fair to say that of all the Merlin parks, Chessington is looking the most complete package and fresh currently, even if that has just meant retheming rides and areas. I think that the addition of a new attraction together with the Sealife ride will be a great addition, just not quite sure how the drop tower crocodile theme will really fit with the current area as of yet.
  3. profburp

    2019 Season

    As much as Rameses has been faithful over the years to Chessington, it's really struggling now and in the last few weeks has suffered quite a bit of downtime, so it's definitely time for it to go. Like others have said, I'm pretty sure if they could keep it running, they would have kept it at CWoAR rather than transferring it to TP.
  4. profburp

    Wicker Man

    Oh what a shame! Not like Alton have been the most forthcoming in their replies on twitter as usual. Be nice if they told people the situation, but hey thanks for the update.
  5. profburp

    Wicker Man

    Anyone heard anything about what is up with Wicker Man, being down the last few days. I’m visiting Tues-Thurs this week and would be gutted if it’s closed all 3 days.
  6. Still interested to know how much this will cost and how large group sizes will be. Has anyone heard anything further on this at all. I know that it’s the press night for it this Sunday, but tickets to yet to be released for the supposed Monday opening which seems quite late!
  7. Haha yes I can definitely associate with this! I remember this situation well myself! But yes looks like it’s the end
  8. Yes I noticed! Especially since it says 3rd still and then you click the link and it suddenly becomes 13th....I think they decided to quietly change this to not make it obvious it had been pushed back! I plan on visiting on the 17th to give it a go and see what it’s like.
  9. So with jungle escape coming soon in May to fill the once IAC building, had anyone seen or heard anymore about it. There are obviously now boards up around the area showing concept art, but thought this would be a good space to discuss the new upcoming attraction.
  10. profburp

    2019 Season

    The new advert is terrible! If they say “like no other” anymore times I think I might strangle someone ?
  11. Planning on visiting this Friday for the opening day! Never been to opening day before as usually working, does anyone know how busy it will be? Wasn’t expecting it to be that busy considering it’s a Friday, but I don’t really know!
  12. profburp

    2019 Season

    Sounds like an amazing opening preview day! I am really looking forward to visiting on Friday for the firstborn official day of the season. I ageee some of the changes are not ones I like the sound of, however if the throughputs can be improved but not always removing trains during the operating day then great. Roll on Friday!
  13. Wow that looks awful! The trucking metal is really unattractive!
  14. profburp

    TPM Discord

    Yeah I just tried it too and said link was expired
  15. profburp

    2019 Season

    Saw this this morning. Think this is a really good offer and should help to boost visitor numbers this season despite there being no new attractions as such. For those without a season pass or MAP this looks to be a very good option!
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