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    2019 Season

    That’s usually what’s businesses do when they can’t be bothered about solving customer service / experience. They think a rebrand “resets” it all.
  2. Ringo

    2019 Season

    And if this was a park serious about turning guest satisfaction and the experience around they’d of replied with something like how they are working to improve across the park etc They still don’t get when it’s appropriate to go all jokey edit, later replies they do say how they’ve been working hard to ensure 2019 is great
  3. Ringo

    Logger's Leap

    So a “help” section has been created - maybe if they’d maintained the ride it wouldn’t of lost its magic? https://support.thorpepark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002574552-Will-Loggers-Leap-be-re-opening-
  4. Ringo

    2019 Season

    Exactly why they’ve done it, some get drawn in by the tag “pay for a day come back all year” they think it’s a great offer, which it is if you are going to hammer it. Plus Varney gets to boast about how many new sales they’ve made and then spout the on average our pass holders spend XXX in our world.
  5. Ringo

    2019 Season

    So Summer nights hours have been reduced from 10pm to 8pm which isn’t surprising but they brought back 6pm close on Sunday. https://www.thorpepark.com/resort-info/opening-times-and-travel
  6. Ringo

    2019 Season

    Is it still that enthusiast who’s in control of social media?
  7. Ringo

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I don’t know about that when it opened they were using 1 wipe to clean 1 row so the dirt was simply moved from each headset meaning only one headset actually got cleaned. Whether that’s changed now who knows as I certainly don’t queue up for VR but it was noticed by a lot at the time
  8. Ringo

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    That’s what I was thinking, cleaned while in the tunnel get back on watch last video end of ride then new people get on and put uncleaned headsets on
  9. Ringo

    Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    On the subject of cleaning headsets, how often does DBGT get cleaned because it’s certainly wasn’t after each go as when they were holding people right outside the carriage you were sent straight in as soon as the exit side opened
  10. Ringo

    2019 Season

    oh they’ve decided to be a family theme park again 🙈
  11. Ringo

    Park Operations

    And rather conveniently for Merlin
  12. Ringo

    2019 Season

    Means absolutely nothing, an enthusiast member of staff trolling you. If you take what you see in that screenshot as gospel then the island is being submerged by the lake and they are planting trees and laying grass down
  13. It’s the worlds scariest ride that’s all you need to know 😉
  14. Ringo


    It does need some money spent on it though, this season they were using tape to hold the padding in on the seats on the back row. But agree with you it’s not unrideable and it’s not as rough as it used to be
  15. Ringo


    Also visited on Saturday. Park didn’t feel as busy as previous years and I often felt queue times were exaggerated to mange the weather factor. Ninjago was an odd experience, we got held just before batching for around 25mins, no announcement of any kind and then twice we stopped while on ride. Didn’t really matter we only went on it to get out the cold. Fireworks were odd, opening with a message about the park being the first to open outside Billund and then straight into what was music and fireworks to different Lego brands, As usual the mad stampede to get out the park as soon as the lights were back on, we made the decision to walk to the park so we could get straight out. A 5min delay for the free shuttle bus to take you back down, due to the fireworks location you can’t walk down until the area is safe. The bus driver was standout star of the night, taking us on a spooky tour down the service road, stoping at various locations to get the kids involved about witches and dragons - even stopped under the Dragon lift hill doing his horn getting us all waving at people on the ride. Not the best fireworks but not the worst experience we’ve had.
  16. Should of taken notice when first heard that new audio, was clearly an omen Apparently a journalist visited over the weekend and an article is being done, been mentioned that it will appear on the Mirror site.
  17. Is it still that vlogger / enthusiast who does social?
  18. That’s the problem, the park won’t admit to being the problem - everything else is the problem, heck even guests visiting are a problem. If there was any leadership at the park they should be forcing out an apology across social media. Admit things haven’t been right and start rebuilding confidence and trust in the park otherwise they’ll alienate even more guests.
  19. @Marc they may not of been the main issue but they were still an issue. The weather has been known for a few days, why no advanced “islander information” advice about weather delays? Doesn’t forgive the park for a poor showing this year, as we know the divisional director has gone and other positions are being shaken up - there’s a problem at the park much deeper than weather.
  20. They should rest Fright Nights for 2019, come back for 2020 where they have enough time to actually provide a product that’s worthy of paying guests. It’ll take at least year to rebuild the confidence in the park full stop.
  21. This photo was the fastrack queue for SAW, snaking up to photo point and back. credit to ihaveaspergers @ TowersStreet
  22. Ringo

    Wicker Man - New for 2018

    No, just the fire and wood...
  23. Ringo

    Merlin Entertainments

    Well we already have staggered openings, rotational operations and seasonal attractions at Thorpe. up-charge on parts of Fright Nights wouldn’t be a bad thing, it manages queues and could improve the experience. Ironically despite the cuts at Towers, although taken with a pinch of salt at the start of the year in an interview with Blooloop And today another bit of info of what’s gone wrong at Thorpe came to light with the info the park now being right at the bottom Merlin’s leaderboard for guest surveys- 192 out of 200! Attendance has fallen & profits fallen. It’s not hard to see why such drastic action is needed to drag the park back up. (Credit to @HermanTheGerman who posted over at TowersStreet)
  24. Ringo

    Merlin Entertainments

    Apologies I misread that as in he’s not exactly known to the public so shouldn’t be identified. It is fact he’s no longer in that job position though? The direction the park has headed in has been questionable though. Thorpe has a history of a cycle of attracting family guests and then undoing all that effort by alienating them, we’ve seen that again this year with Year of the Walking Dead, Walking Dead the ride & love island to name a few. Fright Nights has gone for quantity instead of quality. Behaviour of some staff has been questionable and wouldn’t be tolerated at say Towers. But on the flip he did oversee the entrance area improvements and driven home the brand of the Island and managed to bring the theme back into theme park with parkwide audio changes and improvements. Time will tell what other changes the interim director makes.
  25. Ringo

    Merlin Entertainments

    @ChiapasC.I’ve not named him, but you have despite saying you aren’t sure how appropriate it is to comment on it. It hasn’t been denied and the fact TowersStreet posted that Ian Crabbe is currently acting as interim director at Thorpe whilst maintaining his Towers commitment confirms he is no longer the parks director.