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  1. I love TH13TEEN to bits all year round. I think it's the perfect balance of quality theming with just enough thrill to appeal to the families and the thrill seekers out there. That first drop still gets me every time with the surprise of the sheer steepness and height of the drop!
  2. It's just occurred to me Thorpe SHark Hotel Thorpe SHippingContainer Hotel Coincidence? I think NOT
  3. I normally hate flats, get motion sickness real easy, but 'Air' is such a good one! Anybody else agree though that the Alpen Hotel fun house thing is just really, really weird and creepy?!
  4. Totally gutted I can't make this, but hope to meet everybody at a future event! Enjoy, everybody!
  5. I love the Lazy River Rap.. I mean, the Rumba Rapids, yes, um, great ride *ahem* Nah though, they need to scrap it, if they're going to use Loggers Leap's site for something new, they've got the space for a new one where it sits, just imagine a log flume drop looking at Stealth's top hat element.. Look at me, getting my hopes up over log flumes not becoming completely extinct in UK theme parks...
  6. I agree with what you're saying about needing to think about how to get a comfortable ride, but I also acknowledge when riding that Gerst are amongst one of the cheapest coaster manufacturers out there, so I sort of take that into consideration, and generally, I manage to get a relatively smooth & enjoyable ride out of Smiler. Saw, however, I love the franchise but the roughness of that thing is just crazy nowadays..
  7. Generally, a queue of 30+ mins isn't unusual for the Ghost Train, I believe.. It didn't have anything added to it throughout the season as far as I'm aware, but VR seemed to hold up pretty well every time I visited, and the attraction as a whole was running smooth!
  8. Looks good, thanks for sharing! What's Oli Sykes doing in the maze though at 3:25?
  9. I feel so out of the loop. I've missed the last 2 years of Fright Nights! I need to see this Living Nightmare theming for myself, I hear great things!
  10. I'm not entirely sure what you mean here, EpicSmatty.. A rail depot fused between the middle of a jungle and a fishing village makes perfect sense!
  11. Can't help but agree with QzzB. Thorpe are marketed as the 'Nation's Thrill Capital', so with the exception of Angry Birds Land & parts of Old Town, I'd say Thorpe's target audience is more for adults and thrill seekers than families. Alton seems to be more family-orientated these days with the on-going development of CBeebies Land.
  12. I mean, I liked Jigsaw; but that ending was by far the worst in the series. The acting on display here was the worst since the original, but the modern, revamped overall tone to the traps and the added comedy element I felt was welcome.
  13. Very excited to see the completed Tiger Rock in 2018. I believe Chessington is Merlin's outlet to show off some of their best theming abilities when they put their mind to it, so I think we may be on to a winner here!
  14. So, SAW - The Ride is now about to enter it's TENTH season.. Time flies! Personally, I feel like the ride is ageing relatively poor, with the last couple of years becoming unbearable to ride, I mean; they sold Paracetamol in the store once upon a time for a reason! What does everybody think lies in the future of this attraction? I always presumed that the ride would be re-themed with the end of the Lionsgate contract, but now that Jigsaw has been released in the cinemas, I should think the contract has therefore been extended?
  15. Personally, I really enjoyed DBGT in the 2017 season. Opening year was a complete mess, with upside-down visuals, out of sync audio and timing/hardware problems. In 2017 though, I feel like they pulled out the stops with the majority of the issues the attraction was having. That said, I really didn't care for that new ending..
  16. Mitch makes a good point, I completely forgot 'WD' is in the project name - Walking Dead it is. Interesting move for the park, I always felt like with Angry Birds Land that Thorpe were finally starting to get to grips with appealing to families, but turning a family attraction into a horror-based IP is peculiar. Mind you, the new family attractions in Old Town more than make up for the lack of family attractions in the park; especially if Loggers Leap is ever to make a return.
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't DBGT have a watchtower in the original plans but didn't actually make it to the finished idea? Just a thought there that this could be somehow linked to the demon inside of DBGT.
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