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  1. Dan C


    Anyone know what’s up with Samurai? Seems like it’s been closed for nearly a week now!
  2. Quantum closed early at the end of last season so was removed off the app and hasn’t been on there throughout Winter. I’m guessing that they have just forgotten to add it back on there so far!
  3. Most of Rush also seems to still be missing from that picture too! Is it definitely returning? Because I’m pretty sure it won’t be ready for the start of the season
  4. Seems like Quantum has closed again and has been taken off the app. Is it likely that it will be closed for the rest of the season now? I’m glad that it’s had a better season reliability wise anyway, hopefully this problem isn’t too major.
  5. It seems to have been closed the last couple of days so I wonder if the changes they have made have been because the actual ride has a problem or whether it’s just coincidence that it’s now closed!
  6. Dan C

    2019 Season

    Anyone got any idea how long Stealth and Swarm have been closed for? I’m plannimg on going tomorrow but don’t want to go if both of those rides are going to be closed. Thanks if anyone has any info about either of them!
  7. @JoshC. Do you have any info on Quantum? Doesn’t seem to have operated since last Friday when it only opened for a small amount. Is it still because of limited operating or do you know if they’ve found another issue with it? If anyone else knows anything as well then that will be great, thanks!!
  8. I’m pretty sure it’s not been open since it opened for a small amount of time unfortunately. Probably just a few things they need to sort hopefully!
  9. And it seems to have closed again after about half an hour operating!
  10. Does the poor thing look any closer to opening now? Has it been sent on anymore test cycles? To be almost July and it still not be open with no indication of when it will open isn’t great really!
  11. Is it’s rattle worse than normal or just it’s normal rattle and shake? If it’s anything worse I really can’t see it lasting longer than next year really unfortunately.
  12. The dreaded Vortex is currently closed sign has gone back up on the website (unless it just wasn’t taken down from last time)
  13. Looks like Vortex has gone down again, its not having a good year reliability wise. Anyone know what’s wrong with it?
  14. Is Rush only on one swing at the moment? Just saw in queue times that it has a 60 minute queue and thought that that’s quite high for it? Also, I presume as no one has posted anything, that there’s no news on Vortex. I’m going in about a month and hoping that it’s open by then! Finally, are all the coasters on two trains at the moment. I don’t want to go and find out that they are only running 1 on all of them!
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