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  1. "Carers" should not be 3 best mates as I ran into many times yesterday!
  2. Hate that music much prefer the new music!
  3. As long as it makes a profit why would they sell the park ?
  4. Colossus yes I agree with, however Inferno + Swarm and the dome I completely disagree with! I see no problem with Inferno apart from the chewing gum which is hardly a big issue if you think about it. Swarm I see no issue at all with great operations. The new dome looks modern, clean and in the 21st century!
  5. Fake video Old video
  6. Well... lets hope 2020 is still here.
  7. Very interesting new offering!
  8. Shame there is no 10pm closes in summer. Better than towers still!
  9. Those opening times look very bad....
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