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  1. Does anyone know the reason Big Top was scrapped? It seemed to be really well received... Fright Nights is a poor event these days it used to be something to get excited about but now it’s just lacking anything that exciting... kind of sums up the state of Thorpe Park... it was once arguably the best park in the UK and now it’s just rubbish “investment” after rubbish “investment” The last few years have been so disappointing I miss the days when flat rides opened in between the years of coasters being added and then we got a rollercoaster to be excited about... those were the days
  2. Hello guys, Been a regular of the forums for many years but decided to ask the burning question this morning... just what has happened to the park? Thorpe Park a few years ago was arguably the best park in the UK, it was going from strength to strength in terms of investments and then all of sudden we get IACGMOOH, bouncezilla, the year of the walking dead etc They even pulled The Big Top off the Fright Nights bill which from what I understand was a favourite by many I assume 2020 will be just as poor in regards to the parks line up / investments as no planning has been put through for a coaster or even a new flat ride... Any information regarding the reasons behind the decline of the park would be interesting to hear...
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