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  1. I had a really good time there on thursday. Saw & Colossus rode really well, the audio improvements were a big hit and operations were spot on, really fast dispatches and offloading. Stealth and the swarm were tip top - so consistent.
  2. Yes, the sound yesterday was noticably better! Walking up to Colossus was epic!
  3. The scaffolding company that’s doing it posted some photos on their Instagram a while back. I’ll try and find it. It was mainly to work on the big iron ball thing. edit: they’ve taken the pics of the ball down but there is one of the work going on near the station. The pics of the ball shower a really rusty and knackered old gas ball with the quote ‘this is what 20 years of tidal waves does to iron’ or something. But that’s gone. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJsx6SGHA3Z/
  4. Don’t forget, tidal wave is getting a new (refurshment of some) theming 👀
  5. Ali G

    2020 Season

    With some regret, as someone that has lived in Staines all their lives, I have to point out that there are some really unpleasant kids around here. It’s always been that way. Don’t get me wrong, there are many wonderful and well behaved upstanding young citizens that live in the surrounding areas. But for some reason, there is a much higher percentage of young men and women who are utter bastards to one another. so much so that most of Staines’ nightlife has been regulated to the point where it’s just not worth it for many licensees. All the late bars and clubs are gone. The police
  6. I guess we got lucky! I didn’t even realise the TVs were on until my mate pointed them out. I was wearing polarised sunglasses LOL
  7. Yes - very good ops on Monday. Super organised and some real characters on the last ride of the day couldn’t get on saw all day. It was 110 mins from 11am onwards. probably didn’t help that Colossus didn’t open until about 1pm
  8. I live in Staines - so about 4 mins by car. Hence the username!
  9. Ali G

    2020 Season

    I went to Thorpe park on Monday. Got there at about 9:45 and was in by 10:10. Security has been stepped up somewhat. Metal detector wands, bag searches and a pat down. It all went very smoothly and without issue. I kinda fee bad for the people who went on Sunday as having worked in public events I know it’s almost impossible to spin up a security team over night. Monday was great, no worse than going to a gig or a festival. good vibes all round.
  10. I rode swarm four times on Monday. The water jets and the fire engine flames were working all day. The tv screens were on in the afternoon. had a fantastic time - no bad vibes at all. In fact swarm had the shortest queues all day, 25-45 mins tops.
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