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  1. Ali G

    2021 Season

    I think Thorpe are just erring on the side of caution and trying to accommodate everyone. the woman who tweeted out how her daughter had been treated has also previously tweeted that they are mask exempt by choice rather than need. peak Karening IMHO.
  2. Ali G

    2021 Season

    I reckon you lucked out mate! or ive been very unlucky.
  3. Ali G

    2021 Season

    There hasnt been any off peak days this so far this season Han. Its been pretty heaving since opening. It was just as bad when the weather was gash in May as even more rides were closed. quite simply put, the attractions aren’t available for enough hours of the day to acommodate the number of people on park at the moment. No sign of samurai or vortex, tidal wave closed at half term and one train operations on swarm haven't helped recently. I’m giving it a swerve until oktoberfest. might pop in one evening if the queues look quiest but not holding my breath.
  4. Ali G

    2021 Season

    Completely agree, was in the park at 9:30 yesterday and when the island opened up we headed straight into a 60 min queue for saw at 10:05. swarm didnt open until midday. It then shut at 5 as someone took ill on the train and had to be ambulanced out. they gave everyone in the swarm queue a fast track pass but even the fast track queues were 40 mins or so. Nemesis fast track queue snaked all the way round to rhumba rapids. that was my third visit of the year and probably the last until oktoberfest. We got alot done for how busy it was but only by luck of being near rides aa they re-opened after a fault. from memory everything apart from maybe tidal wave broke down twice yesterday. when you see storm surge on 90min + you know things are bad LOL
  5. Had a second run through of this yesterday. half the effects weren't working and they bailed on the finale as they door wouldn't close. this meant more groups were just walking into the final room just to wait for the doors to open.
  6. Ali G

    2021 Season

    Impossible to recommend thorpe at the moment. Its far too packed and every single ride is breaking down multiple times a day. If you want to get on anything, youre better off keeping an eye on the app for whatever ride has broken down, then going and joining that queue in the hope that it’ll re-open on 60mins or less.
  7. Cool man. Neither was open today. Along with samurai.
  8. Its been taken off the app the last few days Along with black mirror and tidal wave
  9. Ali G

    2021 Season

    So they got turned away? You can't get in without pre-booking 🤯
  10. All the lights were working on stealth today and boy was it hauling ass!
  11. Went through this today. My thoughts below. had 2pm tickets and arrived on time, but didnt actually get in until 3pm. I loved the IMAscore soundtrack at first but it did get a bit repetitive after an hour. It seems some fast track people were holding us up as they were batching a couple of people from the time ticket queue and letting walkups wander straight in. I'm assuming they were MAP holders. Moaning done! outside we were kind of given a very funny pre-show by one of the humanoids which made us all giggle - the actors outside are fantastic. Inside is done very well and its very different. I really liked the story and how it was told throughout the maze. It was confusing as hell as in the mirror section some walls move and some mirrors are just glass. We ran into several other groups so if you're a bit nervy around strangers you might not like it. The special effects are pretty decent, the ending was fun, but my favourite part was the strobe hall. Completely blind in there - very disorientating and you are on edge waiting for something to jump at you. I kind of agree this is a one maybe two run attraction but its certainly unique and worth a visit. I can see people having panic attacks in there as it messes with your sense of space and distance quite well. And its loud as hell inside. I’ll have another go in a couple of weeks and maybe leave it there!
  12. They should let the creaks freaks loose in there. Shake it up a bit
  13. Ali G

    2021 Season

    I had a really good time there on thursday. Saw & Colossus rode really well, the audio improvements were a big hit and operations were spot on, really fast dispatches and offloading. Stealth and the swarm were tip top - so consistent.
  14. Yes, the sound yesterday was noticably better! Walking up to Colossus was epic!
  15. Ali G

    2021 Season

    The scaffolding company that’s doing it posted some photos on their Instagram a while back. I’ll try and find it. It was mainly to work on the big iron ball thing. edit: they’ve taken the pics of the ball down but there is one of the work going on near the station. The pics of the ball shower a really rusty and knackered old gas ball with the quote ‘this is what 20 years of tidal waves does to iron’ or something. But that’s gone. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJsx6SGHA3Z/
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