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  1. Coming in to this thread to see what it looks like
  2. btcc1721

    2019 Season

    It opens 3pm normally on Fright Nights. I imagine this is just a mistake on opening dates.
  3. What I would do: - Keep Saw Alive and Living Nightmare as is. They're both decent enough, and don't need changing urgently. - Do Vulcan Peak properly. Do something different. Don't make it a maze with people jumping out at you, not bags on heads. A tour in a mysterious Jungle maybe. Maybe even a little outdoor section where the ride used to be on the exit for IAC(Miss Hippo was it?). A real chance to do something unique. - Scrap Dead Creek Woods, and reverse Platform 15. Start into the tunnel, and use it for storytelling. ("They disappeared into this tunnel never to be
  4. https://queue-times.com/parks/2/queue_times I'm a Celeb is Vulcan Peak, Sanctum is Do or Die, and Big Top is Dead Creek Woods (IIRC)
  5. Here are my brief thoughts from my experience of Fright Nights on opening night: Vulcan Peak: Awful. The bad reviews for it aren't an exaggeration. Opened 40 mins late, and queue moves at a crawl. Couldn't hear the opening video, and only encounterd one actor in the whole maze. Also constantly walking into walls and banging your head which gets pretty painful pretty quickly. Wouldn't even bother even if no queue. Living Nightmare: Same as always. Solid and well themed. Bit with the car at the end is a nice improvement and adds the kick at the end the maze needs
  6. Damn, I'm at Thorpe today and was about to post a picture of the new Sanctum stuff. There's also a little bit of building work outside of Blair Witch's hut too (just some wooden frames up atm), plus a new giant wooden Blair Witch symbol (not the hanging one that's been there a while)
  7. No Sanctum. Thank goodness for that.
  8. I had a thought the other day, what if Blair Witch is going to be run in reverse this year? The exit for it has plenty of room for temporary queue barriers, removing the issue with the two new rides blocking the old queue lines, and ends up moving the mazes spread a bit more around the park. Otherwise you have 4 mazes really close to each other. There's also little chance to see that Blair Witch symbol (that you see now from Nemesis's exit) at night, when that maze only opens, unless they put more lighting there, which they would need if there was a queue system there.
  9. I was set on going to Fright Nights this year. BT, P15 and LN were all good to varying degrees last year, Saw OK and Sanctum awful. Normally once a year do mazes and rides in the dark which is all good fun. But Saw has been open all summer, we had LN Extreme early on in the year and plenty of chances to ride coasters in the dark this year. So there's no real motivation to go for any of that as have done that already, and in the case of LN, will be a downgrade on what we had earlier on in the year. Still, Fright Nights would give me a chance to do Big Top (
  10. Absolutely. Getting shoved and pushed around everywhere
  11. Been lurking here for a while. Decided to post an account for this. Was in the third group to go in. Really good. Huge amount of actors, and think a few bits have been rethemed, and first scene is a little different. All in all, definitely worth doing. Just worth noting queue was moving excruciatingly slowly. Hopefully that will improve as they get going.
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