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  1. I know, it will be so much better with lap bar too!
  2. Originally was going to be left as is, but plans changed to get planning permission. Most will be re removed and the coaster will be mostly over water. Should be breathtaking
  3. I’m sure we will see these areas getting investment at some point. The island behind swarm is actually pretty large and could house a really decent coaster. Pretty sure from the old MTDP it can go to 60m as well so potentially another large one in a few years. There’s also two more areas that are available to build on not currently used that are sizeable. So land isn’t really a big problem for Thorpe in this regard. However I don’t think throwing coasters at the park is what the park is crying out for IMHO
  4. When you look at how much space the beach and associated area take up, there’s great scope for a really nice centrepiece and plaza to be built that would look fantastic as you step out the dome. Then overhaul the dome to match. I remember a few MTDPs ago there was a plan to widen/ upgrade the entrance bridge. I don’t think it needs widening, but it could do with improvements. However I strongly think the park will see this as too much real estate to be wasted, and instead place a ride in this area. Looking at the rest of the park I do wonder when we might see a coaster on the island behind swarm island. Hopefully the long awaited woodie
  5. First post. Go easy on me!! For me, Thorpe really need to invest heavily in the entrance to the park. It’s the first and last impression that the park makes on guests, and it’s really not great. It really needs flattening, and then a great centre piece focal point building with plaza surrounding for themed events throughout the year etc. I don’t even think this area should have rides, it should be somewhere that is pleasant on the eye, engaging and there as a conduit between the outside world to the life inside the park. I always get that feeling as you walk into Alton towers with the lake in front of you and the towers in the distance, something I don’t think is felt at Thorpe, and whilst the lake etc can’t be replicated I’m sure an equally well designed centrepiece and plaza area of the park would help take people on a similar mindset journey as they enter and exit the park.
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