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Any News if you can add Europa Park ?

Yes! When it opens for summer I will try and add Europa to the site.




could you check thorpe park?


it says it's open, but yet the rides say they are not  updated


same with the spanish park. it's saying not updated


and I know I keep going on about it... but universal!. please add the universal parks!

Sadly Thorpe seem to have dropped support for their really old mobile app (which was the source of the data). I can't really blame them given that the app hasn't even been on the store for about a year, but its still a shame. Hopefully merlin will make a new mobile app for Thorpe (Chessington recently had a new one made), I'm afraid that until then there is no way of getting the data. Queue times at PortAventura have always been a bit dodgy, the park was really bad at updating the times for their app, and seem to have also given up updating them. And yes, I really should add universal  :rolleyes:


Yup and the chessingtnon rides all have two listings too, one the ride time and one saying closed, guessing Merlin changed a few things in the off season...

Essentially Chessington seem to have two sources of wait times, but each one seems to display something different (one is only sometimes available). It's really confusing, but the way it is at the moment the last updated one will appear at the top of the list. 


Aaaah, I was going to mention the Thorpe one not working currently..


But on that note too, given that you were planning on finishing the site and project.. on behalf of every-one every-where, thank you for not!!

Thanks, it is a shame that the Thorpe Park page is no longer updated. I've been trying to make it easier to access data the site has collected, particularly Thorpe, so now if you go on the calendar you can go back to dates in the past and click on a date, you will be taken to a page with queue times and eventually other stats for just that day. 

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On 5/22/2016 at 10:20 PM, Project LC said:

Where are you getting the data from cedar point from?

Cedar point now has an app, which has the data - all it took was a little bit of tinkering.

I made a few changes to the crowd calendar page, now its sort of like how it was before, for days in the future the colour shows how busy I predict it to be, and then for days in the past the colour shows how busy it actually was. Click on any day in the past and you can see wait times for that entire day. See it here

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1 hour ago, CharlieN said:

Hi @Zach 


Just wondering whether you are going to create a crowd calendar page for Chessington? 



Hi @CharlieN, in order to add the crowd calendar page I need to know the opening hours for 2014 and 2015. If you have a map or anything with them on, a photo of the calendar section would be great, then if I have time I'll add the past days to the site.

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