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Walibi Belgium

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2 hours ago, Glitch said:

What is the point of all the angled track. Is it a nice sensation or does it just make it feel as if you are falling out of your seat?


It's very much a newer trend in steel coasters. It's off the back of some of the crazier-looking elements you find on RMCs. And that ultimately boils down to advancements in engineering.


From my experiences with that type of banking and elements, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Untamed has an outer-banked moment which, though fun, feels very forced and not as 'crazy' / 'out of control' as it looks. It's nice still though. On the other hand, Taiga has a similar piece of track which provides sensations I've not experienced anywhere else.


But yes, in theory, it can add to the out of control nature some coasters give. 

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2 hours ago, JoshC. said:

Following the recent heavy floods that have hit parts of Belgium and Germany, Walibi Belgium (as well as Plopsa Coo, which regularly suffers from flooding) have had to close. 

Some photos of both parks here:



Seems to be becoming a regular occurrence at theme parks. Didn't Drayton Manor flood recently?

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On 7/16/2021 at 11:07 AM, Glitch said:

Seems to be becoming a regular occurrence at theme parks. Didn't Drayton Manor flood recently?


Drayton flooded towards the start of 2020. I wouldn't say floods are becoming regular occurrences though.



Walibi Belgium have announced they intend to be closed until at least August 15th. 

Plopsa Coo (which was also hit but, being next to a river which floods, were somewhat better prepared) is set to open tomorrow.

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Current update about Walibi Belgium:


Last month, following complaints and disputes from locals, the park had their most recent noise permit document revoked. This was issued in 2018, and meant that the ambient noise level that the park was allowed to have was increased. This allowed the park to make some of their more recent installations, like Tiki Waka (Gerstlauer Bobsled) and of course Kondaa.


This this document revoked, they have to go back to their most recent one, which was issued in 2015.


Whilst it's not clear what this means exactly and what the park are able to do, it is expected that when the park opens for their season next month, they won't be able to run some of their newer rides, specifically Tiki Waka and Kondaa. Obviously a major blow for the park; all the more considering they had to shut for a couple of months last year because of flooding.


Something to keep in mind for anyone planning a Belgian trip sometime soon.

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