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So I'm on the hunt for some new headphones and I'm wondering if anyone in here could help. My current headphones are the Sennheiser CX 3.00, while they're great I'm finding that when listening to music loud, the sound distorts, especially when there is more going on in a song. I'm ideally looking for some over-ear headphones in the £100 to £200 price range which have a good level of bass and still sound good when the volume is turned up. Wired or wireless doesn't matter but I prefer wired. :)


Thank you to anyone who can help!

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I have Beats Solo 2s they are brilliant and some are pretty cheap if I'm honest and it has amazing

high quality sound and the Bass OMG its literally sooo good, but I find the wireless headphones any

brand worse quality then wired ones in my opinion.


But Beats Solo 2 is a good shout!.



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Wireless really does make your life easier. I have a Sony pair (no idea what the model's called) which comes with the odd volume buttons and slider with which to skip and pause/play tracks. They're noise-cancelling and are bloody good sound quality too. Can easily be paired with a Bluetooth-equipped device. :)


Really does make everything a lot better when you've had a wired pair for a while, meaning you have to constantly take your phone out of your pocket to change tracks.

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I have Beats solo 3's and air pods - both have their pros and cons.


If you have an iPhone both work very well - connecting is so easy it really is seamless and will also connect across all your iCloud devices - they do also work if your not apple!


Both have great battery life too - like insanely good, the AirPods when they run out get a decent charge after 10/15 mins in the carry case and slips in your pocket.


The beats solo 3's are bulkier - but imo have very good sound quality.

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I've got a pair of Sony XB950B1's. The cons are that they are quite big but they are over ears rather than on-ears. Also I found out that they are not compatible with the Sony PS4, which is stupid they don't support their own headphones.

The pros however include great battery life, they've not actually ran out of charge on me yet. (Claims 18hrs with bass boost on) They have big drivers and a Bass Boost mode (Adjusted through the phone app) which when enabled really gives a deep bass rumble. It's nice the sound profile is adjustable so you're not stuck with a rumbling bass either. They also have an input jack and detachable cable if you want to use them wired. They have NFC pairing too (although I can't use that with the iPhone).


I'd reccomend either the B1 or N1 (with noise cancelling +22hrs battery) Which are currently about £145 - £170 respectivley on Amazon.

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