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  1. Yeah, considering the Colony was walk-on for us, I was very surprised we both caught another group and got caught by one.
  2. Don’t know if anyone will bother to read this but here are my experiences from yesterday. Spoilers (a little bit). 1. Creepy Cottage - Pretty much unchanged as far as I noticed, a few good jumps where I failed to spot some of the curtains, good way to start. 2. VIXI - Having had quite a good experience with it last year, I was let down when I went through the first two or three rooms with nobody interacting with me or anybody else in my group. After that there were very few actors at best and they didn’t do a great job of surprising any of us. The ending still manages to slightly redeem the maze. 3. Coven - I still love the effects in this maze, but my run through was let down by a slow group ahead of us. I’d gone first to leave myself a bit more exposed, but could already see the group ahead of us as soon as I came out of the briefing area. The swamp still gave me some good scares so I’ll let it slide. 4. Hayride - The same layout as years gone, but the actors seemed a bit scarce this time. Only a few hopped onto the trailer and they didn’t interact much with us as we were at the tractor end. Still enjoyable. 5. Chop Shop - Still one of the most intense mazes I’ve experienced. Going last, I was stopped by actors and cut off from the group on multiple occasions, making it the best run through I’ve had. 6. Colony - Again, batching let this maze down for me as we were stopped about two thirds of the way through by a group trying to get through the inflatables but hesitating. I went last again and was joined by the group behind us around halfway through. The final actor also failed to interact with us, meaning we just walked past and she terrorised those behind us, disappointed. The unique parts of this maze do make it memorable though, and I still enjoyed it for the most part. 7. Cellar - Going last again, I had the best maze experience I’ve ever had. There was no instruction to form a conga line this time (not sure if that’s an intentional change for this year) so I was free to create a gap between myself and the group which the actors abused, blocking me off and jumping out in front of me at every corner. The variety in this maze still contributes to it’s greatness in my opinion, combining Big Top’s strobe maze, Cabin in the Woods’ corridors and it’s own theming elements to create a great experience. 8. Twisted Clowns - The 3D element to the maze still makes the clowns stand out from anything else I’ve seen, and the interaction was great from them too. I was stopped for a while by a clown asking for a password before I could pass, separating me from the group and making it really enjoyable. Overall: Cottage - 6/10 VIXI - 5/10 Coven - 7/10 Hayride - 7/10 Chop Shop - 9/10 Colony - 8/10 Cellar - 10/10 Clowns - 9/10 We didn’t make any of the Circus of Horrors time slots, so can’t comment on that.
  3. Not sure if anyone would agree with this, but I feel that a much simpler and actor-free dark ride like Hex would actually have been a better addition to the park. Sure DBGT could have worked brilliantly, and it did on the media night, but the lack of effort to maintain the experience has let the ride down.
  4. The mailing address on the email sent when you sign up to the project 0? newsletter is Centurion House in Staines, the same place given as Figaro Bros Ltd's office here: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11184462 so it's definitely them behind the project.
  5. Is that not the Platform 15 exit?
  6. In case anyone wants to analyse the project-zero.info page, this is the full background image. "Big top" to the right and "P15" (which I assume is Platform 15) to the bottom left lead me to believe this is Fright Nights related. Not sure what to make of the 27 top left.
  7. Well hello Jart, hoping you have information
  8. Yeah it wasn't the length of the whole park haha
  9. It was installed on the opposite side of the park, but it was more of an attempt to replace haunt's place in the lineup as opposed to fill the area where it stood.
  10. I know they were removed to make way for Storm Surge, but I'm not sure what they did with them afterwards. I wouldn't assume another park bought them, maybe they were put into storage?
  11. It was replaced by Detonator and one other ride which I believe was Vortex.
  12. Oh yeah and the other descriptions have been updated too, Twisted Clowns will still have the gimmicky 3D. The Cellar also hints towards another creature being featured in the maze, not sure if it's the same description as last year. Also believe this to be a new image for VIXI that I don't remember seeing in the Hellements gallery last year:
  13. Thought VIXI was meant to be completely new? Apparently it's The Hellements VIXI
  14. Quorn

    MAP Discount

    Not 100% sure but I doubt it as you have to pay extra for fright nights with an annual pass anyway.
  15. Will do, thanks for the response!
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