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Screams and Ice Creams


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Myself and a couple of friends have are trying out making a theme park food blog on Instagram. It's still very much in its infancy for now, but we're planning on building on it over the coming days / weeks. Basically just photos of food at theme parks; a big part of the experience (for us at least!), but something which can sometimes be overlooked or underappreciated.

Would really appreciate any follows, and also keen to hear people's views too!



[Disclaimer - this isn't associated with TPM, but rather a separate side project for me]

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5 hours ago, RobF said:

Brighton pier ?

6/10, too thin, a little greasy but dried out.


The best I've found were Holiday Park, Germany. Cooked fresh to order, plump, moist without being greasy, tonnes of cinnamon, good thick chocolate dipping sauce. Pretty cheap too! Mmmmmmm. 

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