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  1. Re-development of the playground and non reopened (Charlie and Lolas) attraction in CBBC. New twister in David walliams world? other than that I doubt much will happen in Walliams world this closed season as its open. anything else ??
  2. RobF

    Rocky Express

    Why Chessington they don't have the same ride? Everyone forgets Legoland which actually has the same ride, merlins challenge
  3. Other than the cars turning, its essentially the same ride style as sea storm smaller foot print same restrictions , for me its simply to similar to have alongside seastorm?
  4. Staff at tulleys have to declare there covid status when they are employed in terms of vaccinations etc I'm sure they have some idea of what they are dealing with. Admittedly a lot of there staff are only 16-18 so will be unlikely to have had both jabs yet.
  5. Anyone go to the press night yesterday ?
  6. Tbh, I think the hands on shoulders mazes offered something else that now cant be matched. and until covid is no longer an issue I cant see them returning due to proximity. all the reactions of the people in the group or hearing them was simply brilliant. Although there is no better experience than a unofficial brave it alone on Asylum when its empty and they called out staff member before letting me in (2008) I think. yes there are pro’s and cons for both types of maze. But lets not forget the scare ability of the likes of some of the earlier mazes surpasses that of the more recent additions.
  7. Following on from incidents, I cant remember pre or post smiler, they wont run 3 trains anymore, I believe its block related and possible for a minor bump between trains if all 3 end up in station/waiting/ brake run due to a delay. there was talk of up grading the brake system a while back to prevent the 3rd train meeting the waiting block. However it didnt materialise due to cost/ other reasons. as such merlin wont risk an incident like that however minor again, resulting in 2 train ops. there is no longer any rush/effort to load quickly, more slowly and safely
  8. The volt ex Tulleys maze, is making an appearance at Thorpe obviously
  9. RobF


    If its like Thorpe of old…3rd party parts or old reconditioned parts caused samurai no end of issues
  10. Why when its part of the area theme ??? Destruction carnage etc
  11. Legoland use a reservation system for RAP, it seems to work allot better than the other parks approch.
  12. There was a jam on Coastguard HQ today near the end, they closed the ride and half the boats decided to turn around and go back to the start ….
  13. RobF


    Lego has gone back to buffet pizza pasta/ 12.99 online or 15.99 walk in. Overall quite happy with lego mythica, although I wish they screened the warehouse roof, it spoils the experience a little
  14. Ultimately were teaching kids its fine to tailgate
  15. Thorpe copied October fest this just seems a rehash of the mardi gras idea at Towers. Thorpe seem to be unable to come up woth Unique ideas at the moment
  16. They joined them together running 5 trucks again and joined together to speed up the queue
  17. Bot of an own goal with the restraint changes to reduce the height restriction.... wait a second they did it to reduce the height restriction and .....
  18. Tbh were at chessington and I was shocked tiger rock didn't close in the storm.
  19. Tbh if there is a switch track outside the station/ behind. it could still achieve a 2 train operation
  20. New restaurant in mexicana opening soon... Tortilla
  21. There is a switch in the console that turns them on and off, likely they weren't switched on or the operator switched them off
  22. The ride cant seem to lift much weight these days.... ( I'm not saying your big lol) more that any elephant with an adult doesn’t go full height
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