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  1. There is scaffolding up to that height so who knows ….
  2. Gas is now to expensive for 🔥 …. Have the tidal wave fences on the raised exit been replaced recently??
  3. Gruffalo was also removed from the event this year at the same time ?
  4. It would have been cheaper to buy it whilst at the event for next year though, bounce backs are the cheapest ticket option every year
  5. 3rd hand -Trawler trouble previously Weymouth and thorpe park temple of mayhem - millennium dome river rafts - weymouth
  6. RMT should have been a proper full size mine train coaster and not a mack powered coaster
  7. Darren SBNO after contract ends …. what ultimately can you do with the ride that will make it work or be suitable for people to want to ride… a train crash simulator???
  8. Could the sinking be an issue placing the track under extra stress as the train runs through , ultimately leading to cracking of the steel
  9. This is a fake account @Thorpe Pork not official 😂
  10. Adapt it for the future ?? New Airtime hill here in 2023 ….
  11. Colossus has currently had all the track along the inlines removed, possible reasons ? -support work -track repainting /replacement any ideas ?
  12. its true the structure required a lot of work along with modern evac platforms around the entire route, but once Thorpe closed it for so long they couldn't re-open it based on cost and the water ride water rules, if it hadn't closed it would have been fine but to reopen ot build a replacement water ride on the site needs a closed water system in place that is treated. Its not practical with the area for the water not to contaminate the lakes, the water from both lifts drain to the lakes, the water is pumped from the lakes etc
  13. Glad you had a good time overall, I likely loaded you onto your Hayride trailer yesterday!
  14. Would a retrack to a slightly different profile require full planning approval, IE retracked with Vekomas Junior suspended track/trains
  15. Sunday was very quiet tbh, I think we dropped to 3 trailers on Hayride by 10pm with most being walk on, expect it to get busier though.
  16. Enterprise was purchased of the fair circuit shortly after the fire and was directly by the dome/vortex. It wasn't advertised as a new ride until Zodiac was launched in 2001. Vortex was obviously also very late delivery (summer 2001) which may have been due to a last minute order ? Mr Rabbits did reopen after the fire, so it’s questionable if its removal was due to the fire, or just market changes
  17. If anything major was happening, there would be some sign of active work in the area I don't think that its likely at this point
  18. Tbh I still think Thorpe's top Mazes were the original/earlier years Asylum, hellgate, cabin/ original valentine . I haven't rated the more recent mazes, I have never had a good run on creek freak
  19. Tulleys have launched a app for 2022 looks like you have a coaster for a cred … https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/tulleys-shocktober-fest/id1627013379
  20. So 5 days togo until the start of the 2022 season at Tulleys, lots of changes this year tulleys are definitely on a Roll…. some bits that have changed are still to become public Who's going this year to check out the park this year !
  21. Moving forwards in my view, it needs a 8 Million spent just tarting up attraction’s cosmetically, and Colossus new trains. Itneeds to continue to invest in thrills but also needs to re introduce theme park staple attractions that are suitable for the whole family, Something similar to Wicked witches haunt re-imagined, a decent family area. I am probably in terms of GP among a large proportion of perspective customers who have younger children, and quite simply haven't been to thorpe in 2-3 years (other than for the beach this summer) for the simple fact its not fair on the kids they have 3 rides suitable for my eldest. And absolutely nothing for my youngest. I get it’s a Thrill Park, but to have a family day out we need to cater for whole families to have a good day aswell. I will use Adventure Island as a perfect example it’s primarily a thrill park on the Coast, but it caters for everyone and does it well.
  22. Thorpe needs something, but what is it? it has a good rides selection for teens which is also a poor target audience, that directly causes other issues. presentation/maintenance/vibe etc there isn't an easy fix to make the park bounce back.
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