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Sebastian at Alton Towers, talking about McDonals next to CATCF

I mean what the f**k is that? Did some retard drive through the front of mcdonalds shouting 'BEEP BEEP?' with his sidekick who looks like he was standing next to Chernobyl?
Yhrly. Good times Marc (y)
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ARGH! I could actually hit the BBC with a wet tuna - they've taken off FAMILY GUY off BBC3. The highlight of my week. gone. :( Actually want to slap someone... SHEEPIE.


Hang on let me get my violins! Honestly, get over it woman :) I might have abeen more sympathetic, if you hadn't said that you wanted to slap me.Mind you, I do enjoy being hit, so if anyone sees me in future, don't hesitate to hit me. I remember the first time I met Phill, he kept hitting me all day- and I had bruises all up my arm! :(And then there's James who is obsessed with my ginger hair, and is always pulling it. There's Holly who squeezes me so tight that it hurts! Hmm... who else. Seb: he just likes to jump on my back, Joe- he secretly wants to bone me, Marc- ermm.... he didn't say anything to me (lol), and TpDan- well, I think it's more us that terrorize him really.And I think that's all the people I've met from this forum.Would be quite embarressing if I left someone off, in which case, you can hit me very hard indeed :)
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