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My photo challenge!


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Hello , I have decided to create my own photo competition sort of thing.Each week a different criteria will be set and you guys will have to come up with a picture that meets that criteria, then the best will be chosen and it will be named the winner of that week. Then another challenge will be set, For example if one week the challenge is to take a picture of Three trains at Thorpe , you would have to a post a picture of 3 trains at Thorpe :lol: .If you have any ideas for challenges feel free to message me. :DAlso I haven't yet decided how to choose the winner , was thinking of doing it with a couple of judges but thought communicating within just a week could be difficult.Also , some weeks , Editing , amongst other things will not be allowed. For example , if it was the 3 trains at Thorpe challenge , you would not be allowed to copy and paste trains in. ( don't know how its done but I've seen it done. ) Rules1. The picture MUST be taken by you2. You can only enter ONCE3. Can't think of anymore at the moment but will add them if I feel they are necessary.By the way to make it clear, you are allowed to use pictures you've taken in the past , even years ago , as long as there not someone elses. By the way , some weeks I may enter, however when I do I am not part of the challenge I am just posting mine for fun and cannot win :D Hopefuly this will be popular and a bit of fun :DChallenge 1 , starts 7/6/09 ends 14/6/09 at midday. It is a simple one to start with. You have to get a picture of Colossus. That is all , the best one will be announced next week!! get capturing! :(Editing IS allowed this week.

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Posted Imagethis is mine , remember guys I can NOT win so I'm just posting this for no point at all really :lol: I'm not entering to give you other people a chance at winning :PHmm, already deciding what next week's challenge should be, I think next weeks will be another easy-ish one to get people in the mood and then things will get tougher :PRemember any suggestions for ones then message me , I ask you to message me because then it can stay a surprise for as long as possible :PAlso new rule added, probably quite an obvious one but you can only enter ONCE , you are allowed to change your entry though anytime up untill the closing time of the challenge.
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Yea I had some trouble to start with. What I did was create a photobucket account (takes a few mins tops) and then you just paste the link in the little box that comes up when you press the little button that is at the top of the reply box, it's the 5th one along from the right. Hope thats clear and will help :P

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