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  1. It should be interesting, anyone think there will be a whole new video promoting it or just a website change revealing the name?
  2. Todge

    Queue Jumpers!

    Has anyone seen this before, pretty hilarious :angry:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5euWuISXwfI
  3. Todge

    TPM awardssss

    Sssshhh, they mustn't know!
  4. Todge

    TPM awardssss

    I should win longest inactive member award
  5. Todge

    Social Networking

    I use twitter, I am no ****.
  6. Cheryl Cole is hawt. <3 But I hate her personality..
  7. Todge


    I found myself staring at his monobrow more than listening... but anyway...
  8. Well only time will tell if they renew the contract or not, would be interesting to see a re-theme of it though
  9. Todge


    Found this video of a rollback this season, pretty nicehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4ZXwDvx51c
  10. @tpkabz I told you the head would be there what do I win?
  11. That's not true, it was raining pretty heavily when I went one day and they let stealth stay open.. they announced "anyone who does not wish to ride in the rain can wait in the queue" and it didn't shut at all.
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