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18 hours ago, Coaster said:

Today's episode was slightly better.  Some creepy (if underused) robots, a stronger plot line and much better use of humour for Bradley Walsh.


Still nowhere near where the show should be, but better.


Interestingly today's episode wasn't written by Chibnall.

The episode would have been brilliant if it was revealed that it was the cybermen taking the staff and then you saw the conversion of the woman in the bunker thing. Then if it revealed a load of empty/dormant cybermen instead of the robots holding boxes and the episode could have ended on a cliff hanger. It was an episode with a lot of potential and way better than all of moffats but it still fell flat. 

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I saw a while ago that they decided not to use any of the 'classic' baddies for this season, presumably thinking that they could cook up some imaginative ones/focus on the human side of things with the Rosa Parks/India episodes...


A decent idea, but not sure if it's working well... It ain't Dr Who unless the Daleks are being reborn. Again...

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