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  1. Today I found a load of old merch and stuff from parks from my old fanboy days. I cant really believe how many maps and Thorpe park signs I have! (Tommy ) If anyones interested I'm trying to get rid of it without throwing it away so take a look http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=171065914269#shId
  2. Really wish I could come to this but I'm working
  3. I finish work at 7 so if something is going to happen after 7 someone text me so I can come (Just incase!)
  4. true, FCC at Chessington only has five till points which usually runs with five staff on at once anyway. Dont forget its a lot of big family orders coming through!
  5. I may not be able to talk about ride queues but I can however talk about these ones This shows everything thats different between Thorpe and Chessington, at Chessington F&B it's all about the customer service because units such as FCC and Pizza Pasta get so so busy compared to the like of Burger King, so what if they're over polite.. its just GOOD customer service, at a Merlin unit they'll say to 'enjoy the rest of your day', whereas at places like Burger King at Thorpe (and CWOA) the not very good English speaker of Asian origin will shout NEXT PLEASE before he's even handed over your fries.
  6. Desperately trying to get the day off work but not having much luck
  7. Chris

    2013 Changes

    I'm actually pretty excited about going on The Swarm backwards, yeah It's a bit gimmicky ... but It's definitely not enough to pull guests through the gates. X retheme would be call... X has had its day and as much as everyone hates to admit it, it will never go back to the way it was, that ended years ago, the club/music theme on X would be awesome I think! I remember at Thorpe Blast '08 meet (Good times ) They had music on it then and it was loads of fun! Personally I think that'd be better than how it has been in recent years. But hey maybe I'm just their target market (who some of you love to hate)
  8. Chris

    The Smiler

    I think saying "lets go ride The Smiler" is nearly as laughable as when we thought it was "lets go ride Dylan" I'm not convinced, whilst yes it may be relevant to the theme and story behind the ride. Ride names almost need sell it to people before they even know what the ride is, it needs to entice them and make them want to know more about the ride. Personally I don't see how "The Smiler" will get people excited about going on the ride.
  9. Chris

    The Smiler

    Agree with everyone absolutely awesome advertising, the way its almost graffiti'd everywhere again means it'll stick in peoples minds. I cant believe how great they've done, as doing it like this is such a new and innovative concept for advertising. ...surely eventually a bigger advertising boom will come a long, like TV ads to explain what the logo actually relates to. I know very little about the ride itself having not followed the forums but dayumnnn that track looks good. Pretty excited to see what they come out with then give it a ride!
  10. Chris

    2013 Changes

    As far as I can see Thorpe aren't advertising anything as a 'New Ride' so surely the seats thing on Swarm could be a possibility? Personally I'd love to see something done with X but we all know that's something, sadly, which is never going to happen. Just want to take a moment to highlight a great comment from the Facebook threads.
  11. Tried to find a relevant topic and this seemed the closest to it ... This needs to go to a loving home ... reminds me of the good times but no longer have room to keep it. Can go to anyone who can collect from me or is happy to pay for postage!
  12. Thorpe would be lucky to have a Pizza Pasta, better food PLUS don't forget annual pass discount!
  13. If you can build a Retail unit out of them, why not build a hotel out of them?
  14. Will there be a TPM FN meet?
  15. I don't want to sound like an idiot but what mazes were where last year? I can't remember a thing about it so I must've gone into hibernation or something ...
  16. work shirt ****er

    1. Ellie


      Only just noticed this! Totes bbz. But you can't see a logo :F

  17. Chris


    I really need to go to THORPE PARK as yesterday I realised I haven't even been on Storm Surge yet.. any takers?
  19. I think when people underestimate Fury after experiencing Spinball Whizzer (Or what ever it's called now), it only makes their ride on Fury even better!
  20. Chris


  21. I've been put in Gone Away!
  22. chris is also loving the new avatar

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