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  1. Sorry to be annoying and a party pooper here but isnt this topic getting a little bit side tracked now and possibly should even be archived as it is 80% confirmed there is no new ride for Thorpe in 2013 unless Vengance does make the highly rumoured move.
  2. Sorry if the links failed guys they did work when I posted them And as Fred said it definitely wont be Vengeance as this has been fully confirmed as not making the move
  3. Colossus (5) Detonator (3) Nemesis Inferno (6) Rush (6) Stealth (5) The Swarm (5) - Detty +Stealth
  4. Colossus (5) Detonator (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Rush (8) Stealth (6) The Swarm (6) Tidal Wave (2) X:/No Way Out (3) Tidal + X:/ No Way Out -
  5. Colossus (5) Detonator (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Rush (8) Stealth (6) The Swarm (6) Tidal Wave (2) X:/No Way Out (3) + Tidal - X:/No Way Out
  6. Colossus (5) Detonator (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Rush (8) Stealth (6) The Swarm (6) Tidal Wave (2) X:/No Way Out (3) Swarm + X:/No Way Out -
  7. Extremis is the last part before you exit just like it is now I am not too sure on the complete order myself. Sorry about that link I will remove it.
  8. Valhalla wins my vote hands down went on it first time this year and loved every second of it theming is amazing effects all work its not really short and in won 2nd best water ride in the world at golden gates awards enough said. Also you left out Viking River Splash at Legoland
  9. Colossus (5) Detonator (5) Nemesis Inferno (5) Rush (7) Stealth (5) The Swarm (5) Tidal Wave (3) X:/No Way Out (5) Tidal + Detonator -
  10. Plans for the Basement http://planning-docs...cs/00357088.pdf Sub Basement Plans http://planning-docs...cs/00357089.pdf Hope that answers your question Will. Also this is the more detailed version of the plans etc showing how the entrance should like etc, http://planning-docs...cs/00357138.pdf http://planning-docs...cs/00357139.pdf
  11. Don't know whether this has been put on here yet but this is the Ground floor plans for the new dungeons. http://planning-docs...cs/00358377.pdf
  12. Guess whos back yes the Skunk is back

  13. That is plenty of time for them to install it as it is not very big considering Dungeons installed it whilst they were still open to the public. The dungeons is still open and will close shortly before the move to the new site so Janurary seems most likely. As to the move to Thorpe it will be most likely that if it was to go anywhere it would be where Time Voyagers was because they wont need planning permission as they only needed it for the building so it would be easy to add
  14. I do believe you have missed out the Aquarium on here Marc and depending if I am working I can see if I can sort anything out at all for you
  15. As there is nothing reported on here I know its not really a ride accident as such but someone was still injured. Basically an Imagineer was working on Crush's Coaster at Disneyland Paris and got his hand stuck in some machinery and it severed his hand it is not in this link but I saw it on another site just cant find it now (silly memory). The ride was closed for about a week or 2 whilst it was investigated by the park and Police. http://www.newsdlrp.com/en/dlp-13316-en-crushs-coaster-closed-due-to-a-serious-incident.html
  16. Just to change what you said Hazzer the website does not exist no more
  17. I dont know wether or not this has been said before but just to let you know the Dungeons official opening date is 1/3/13. Vengence is 110% not going to the new dungeons and the Thorpe Park rumour is a strong one which is floating around. I also cant see it going to a park due to the poor throughput and reliability but saying that they already have Slammer.
  18. Just to give a more knowledgable reply to this thread The Dungeons will be opening in Janurary 2013 and work has already started with waterproofing already taken place and it will be a whole new dungeons with nothing moving over its a complete new attraction. As it stands Vengance will not be at the new site but seeing as it was closed for the last 2 months perhaps this is a good idea. The Dungeons will see a massive increase in visitors and in regards to opening times I can't see it being open until 10pm as only the eye is at the moment and sealife closes at 7ish latest. As for the move yes it was a joint decision as Merlin wanted to help national rail and realised that the move would be a bigger money maker for them being close to the eye and sealife. If I manage to see or hear anything else which is able to be told I shall do.
  19. just realised I have been on TPM for 3 years

  20. In my opinion I would say themeing wise it has to be Alton just cos most of the rides don't need anything added to make them halloweeny where as Thorpe ha the best horror mazes but this being because of their target audience having said this the business on park most of the time let's it down. Chessington is good but they need something extra going back a few years the scooby doo event was good and they do add theming to rides all be it not much but it helps alot. In general I think it completely depends on what you want and on a yearly basis it changes with Thorpe rumouring a new attraction this year for Halloween it might just take it into the lead over Alton where as last year Alton was in front
  21. Thanks for the add hope your enjoying the forum and look forward to your input and possible attending of meets

  22. OMG probably my first rant ever. But I get so annoyed when people ask me at work where is the Eye its like you see that big thing there thats it. It seriously cant be that hard you have just bought a ticket and you don't know where it is the worrying thing is that the question is serious as well.Also people that mock you when your doing your job just because we have to say Mind Your Step about 1,300 times a day does not mean you can then say "MIND THE GAP" like we work on the tube in your annoying and winey American accent.And on this note why do we even have to work wish it would just be possible to get paid for lying in bed or going out with friends life would be so much better lol.
  23. Did you enjoy the meet today hope you didnt find it intimedating (spelling bad I know lol) or was scared by anyone (ahem HOLLY lol)

  24. Had a great day one of best meets for a long time thanks to sheepie for organising and making it happen. Was great to meet new people and old faces love you all
  25. Hey all just to let you know the table at the monkey puzzle is booked for 7-15 so meet at 7 either in bar area or outside the entrance if you need to contact someone either contact sheep who isgoing to pm people his number or contact myself as I should be around with him.
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