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  1. I have one of the original Hic-Cups
  2. Pepper's Ghost is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to old-fashioned Haunted Houses and Ghost Trains (see Haunted Mansion). There was a reason Derren wanted it included in his ghost train...
  3. Chaz


    No. No. NO! Really? I know off-topic BUT the old GaGP film is a classic. PLEASE stop re-making things!
  4. Over this closed season they've spent 800k essentially restoring the ride to new.
  5. Really? Look at any TV personality (or band for that matter), they'll keep going for as long as they are relevant/paid to do so. If they love what they do (which Derren does) they will continue - even when they aren't on TV. His live shows are incredible (can't wait for Miracle in a few months). But even if he were to completely disappear in 5 years time, he isn't like the usual 'IP'. He could even be a fictional character. Look at Dr Frankenstein's Scream Machine - a fictional character - still had relevance (and would do today if it were still there). It could have been called Dr Merlin
  6. Could it be that they are making it a permanent building, but only using it at FN's. It was quite a success so make sense to do that rather than pick it up and drop it off every year?
  7. Those timeline pictures are great - can really see how the building has grown. Cannot wait to actually see it in person.
  8. And when you see it, you're going to kick yourself.
  9. Anyone working on this project - whether it's 3rd party or not has signed an agreement. Nothing will be leaked until TP want that info out there. It's much better this way I think. Unlike The Swarm (or similar) where we knew what it was (roughly) a long time prior to opening (because of plans etc.), this keeps us intrigued and hyped - which will only benefit the park (even if we are disappointed once it opens). In other news, can't be much longer until the next clue now. can it?
  10. Incorrect. He has devoted his life to manipulation, hypnosis and suggestion. When he did the "medium" experiment, that was when he said he was a fraud; he doesn't believe (rightly IMO) in talking to the dead, and was showing how showmanship and suggestion (and cold reading) can make it look like you can.
  11. It just wont. You need to have sufficient training in order to be able to hypnotize people. The recipient needs to be subjective (only a handful of people can actually be hypnotised). It's just not possible, sorry. That's not to say that TP won't advertise that there will be (signing wavers on that Psycoaster remember?) but there just won't be. Have the Derren IP (IMO) has already done wonders for this experience and it's only been a few months. I say the marketing on this is going to be brilliant. I mean, the man works 12months of the year - and ends up handing out leaflets at his sh
  12. Yep - http://www.chessingtonbuzz.co.uk/news/new-adventures-coming-2016/
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