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  1. do Chessington have a height limit like thorpe do.also about q times,when I went they were:vampire:90fury:60bubble:45tomb/dragon : 35
  2. Matty22


    how scary is this, it is the only ride in the park I have chickened out of?
  3. I feel safe in Stealth as I put my hands in the air where as on collosuss I hold on
  4. going tommorow for the first time this year , looking forward to it
  5. is it like quantum at thorpe, better than it looks
  6. will saw be open tommorow
  7. never ridden it cos I thought it didn't look good. I was also put off by a 30 min queue(according to the board)Is it worth a ride?
  8. if youre gun doesn't work and you asked for a priority pass (or something similar) would you get one
  9. I tottaly agree the people spend lots of time on rattlesnake and I will always love this ride.Except for SAW, thorpe should take a leaf out of Chessie's book
  10. I like the orange squash at the startbut I will always miss burpy waving as you enter
  11. haven't ridden in years, dont intend to , Detty rules the world!
  12. does anyone have a pic od the old vampire before the change of train?if so post it please.I haven't been to Chessie yet this year but am going next week. Looking really forward to it.I'm going to Thorpe on the 14th, Chessie on the 15th
  13. I will mention it againam I the only one who thinks this.I also love the start announcement and want it back!
  14. now that the kids are off school, does anyone know what the queue times are like
  15. what is stealth - age?
  16. I have only been on Colossus twice but I have never found it as rough as people make out
  17. 4 hours for the curse at fright night ( ive seen)2 hours for Colossus ( I was dragged the board said 1 hour)
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