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  1. Hey guys! I have literally not been on this site for like 4 years... Anyway! I have a quick question about Chessington and I figured this would be the best place to ask it. (I couldn't find any other threads, and I couldn't find it on the site). So I'm going to Chessington for the first time in 6-7 years tomorrow and I have a Standard Merlin Annual Pass. My concern is that I know it doesn't cover car parking, but all of us have the same standard passes so it doesn't cover any of us for parking, however none of us need to queue to get entry to the park (to buy tickets), therefore missing out the part where we buy the car parking ticket. How do I buy one on the day without having to queue up in the morning? I'm worried I won't be able to buy one...
  2. Most schools in my area go back tomorrow, so I'm guessing that might be why all the school kids that go back tomorrow are cramming it in on the last possible day, when many schools have already gone back. That being said... Many Universities don't go back for over a week and my Sixth Form/local College don't go back until next Monday. All of these could be reasons why it was so busy today. (: Hopefully it won't be too busy on Wednesday though. ^^
  3. Went yesterday for the full 12 hours and had an amazing day :)When we got to the park we first went on Depth Charge (like always) and then ran all the way to X:// No Way Out. I was reminded how great that little ride is and was even slightly worried that someone was going to be there on the breaks to touch you and stuff... By the time we got off X:// No Way Out it was just gone 11 so we went over to Colossus and it said a 60 minute queue. Thankfully, we got on in just over 30 minutes and with a little help of the iPod, the time went really quickly. Then we quickly got on Samurai within 10 minutes and the friends went on that awful ride Slammer... It said a 10 minute queue so they said just to wait outside and they'd be out in a minute to go get something to eat....HAH! Almost an hour later, they finally get off and leave me feeling sick because at this point I was starving... (Didn't have breakfast, overslept.. yeah) This was the only big letdown of the day, I felt really annoyed at the Thorpe Park Queue time board lying, if it was like 5 or 10 minutes longer than it said I wouldn't have been affected by it, but the fact that they were in the queue for almost an hour was just a huge letdown... Next we went to the nearby Burger King and I dove in to a beautiful Chicken Royale, which was much better than the last one I had at the branch in Waterloo station. After lunch, we all felt rather bloated so we decided to queue up for 15 minutes for Loggers Leap and then went over to the Rapids and despite it saying 20 minutes, we got on in just over 5 minutes, which was great We even got a lovely photo of all eight of us playing dead... lol We went over to Mr Monkey's Banana Boat where we had a great ride on the classic ride. By this point it was 3 so I told them we needed to start queuing up for the Asylum, but they knew better... We went for Tidal Wave, and I knew we'd regret it, but they'll never learn We got off at 3:25 and ran (quite literally) over to the Asylum queue... At 3:30 it was right by the toilets outside of the Slammer, so we sat down and prepared ourselves for a lengthy wait. Then suddenly they opened the queue at like 3:40 and we were standing next to the old control-hut to Miss Hippo's Jungle Safari. We got in at around 5pm but the wait was definitely worth it. I was 5th out of the 8 people in our group and was somewhat terrified on the first corridor. *Spoilers Ahead*Then when the live actors started appearing I was in hysterics for roughly a minute. Then we bumped in to the group of girls we were talking to in the queue who we were just after and two of them were crying and asked us to help ... But we kinda just ran off and left them (we're so nice) and then a guy with a hockey mask joined on the end of the line and was doing the conga with us, lol... Then when we got to the final corridor I knew something was coming and then when I heard the revving of a chainsaw I panicked and turned around to see this guy sprinting down the corridor towards us. Of course, the people behind me were now frantically pushing me to get out of the way and the people before me were still confused on what was happening. I was unfortunately stuck in the middle and got tripped over by the guy behind me. I face-planted the floor hurting my nose (woke up with a bruise) and then ended up with two other people on top of me and a guy with a chainsaw standing above me... I had to wait until the other guys got up off me before I could even move and then I ran like hell out of that place in more hysterics, all my friends were already at the bag collection point, yeah... Great friends I have, they saw me trip and they just kept running!! Whoever gets to do that job with the chainsaw must seriously have the best job ever!! *End of Spoilers*Then we checked the queue-lines and saw Nemesis Inferno at 25 minutes (shortest it had been at all day) so we quickly got on that and then decided it was time to go to Saw. We thought about dropping out because the queue was 90 Minutes (though we waited 2 hours) however we stayed in and was entertained somewhat by the total chavs infront of us who were cursing really loudly at people in the queue and ended up opening two gates throughout the queue to try and queue jump, but luckily they didn't get away with it either time, and yet they STILL weren't kicked from the queue! I didn't see the point in this because there was even an announcement saying that anyone found queue-jumping would be removed from the queue. So we got in the building and was definitely disappointed to find there was not a single live actor there... But then when we got to the station we found a really sad looking mime-guy... We got on to the ride and heard lots of girls screaming, so I guess he was doing his job well... Saw was great in the dark with all the lights and was definitely one of the best rides of the day. Then we went over to Rush, they all went on Rush, me and a friend went on Quantum and Zodiac... Then we ran over to Nemesis Inferno and by this point (9:30pm) the whole track and area was coated in smoke and mist, which was breathtakingly amazing...So Overall Ride Count and Queue TimesDepth Charge x1 - 0 to 15 minutes all dayX:// No Way Out x1 - 5-30 minutes all dayColossus x1 - 60 minutes until 6pm when it shot up to 90 minutes before going back down to 45 minutes by 8pmSamurai x1 - 30 minutes most of the daySlammer x1 (not me but still ) - 10 minutes on the queue line thing all day but from my experience it was 50 minutes :LLoggers Leap x1 - 10 minutes during the day, 0 minutes at night (obviously)Rumba Rapids x1 - 30 minutes on the queue line thing most of the day until it closed but we got on it in 5 minutesTidal Wave x1 - 10 minutes until it got dark when it went down to 0Banana Boat x1 - 0 to 10 minutes all dayThe Asylum x1 - Ranged from 90 minutes to 45 minutes at the end of the dayNemesis Inferno x2 (1 dark) - Ranged from 20 minutes to 90 minutesSaw the Ride x1 (dark) - Around 90 minutes all dayQuantum x2 (2 dark) - 0 to 15 minutes all dayZodiac x1 (dark) - 15 to 30 minutes all day (from what I saw)Rush x1 (dark) - 15 to 45 minutes all day Closed Rides-- Detonator - All Day-- Saw the Ride - Stopped running for about 5-10 minutes at 11-- Rumba Rapids - Shut down at just after 6pm and didn't open againBest Bit of the Day-- Falling Over in the Asylum - truly classic
  4. yep I don't think I'd want to go by myself since I don't know anyone :P

    I've been great thanks

    Been doing so much revision for the GCSE's and mocks :(

    and yay another anime fan :P

  5. I hope I can too! :)

    I'm asking my friend if they want to go because I don't really want to go alone and plus my mum would be too suspicious to let me go if I was on my own :P

    How have you been? :)

  6. has not been on TPM for so long :P

  7. So, I was just wondering...My school had an inset day on the 1st of October, a thursday.A week or two before fright night and of course a thursday where (hopefully) most of the schools around the area are closed...Using info from weekdays atm, are there any approximations for the queue times?~~~~~~~David~~~~~~~
  8. Haha I'm quite looking forward to the geography because my tutor is my teacher so I'm kinda like her favourite student =PThis shows by the fact my neatest workbook by far is my geography one, which I actually try to keep as neat as possible (but this doesn't work when a bottle of oasis in your bag leaks all over your books *sigh*)
  9. I started Y11 a week ago (on thursday)So far it's been terrible...The school computer network crashed and I lost all my graphics coursework design ideas on CAD... Thank god for back up's on a memory stick >_< I have Graphics, German AND English coursework all due in for monday...Not to mention the Geography coursework I'm starting next week :LCan't wait for exams... not >_< But yes, if this is a sign for what's to come... then I'm screwed lol
  10. If I could go I would probably visit every cosplay shop and anime shop and buy everything =D

  11. haha XD I love Japan in general~ Best country in the world!! I really wanna go hah :P

  12. yep :D I watch Naruto, Bleach, Ghost in the Shell... I watched Animatrix and this random weird thing about a guy with a TV for a head XD I also like japanese culture and cult classic films like Battle Royale :P

  13. yay for anime fans :)

  14. My replacement entry, sorry for being dumb and posting the wrong image
  15. David


    I'm with everyone else on the "cannot wait to get on Nemesis" vibe. I'll be heading to Alton Towers in the summer, hopefully... Nemesis is definitely top of my list, then Air which I hear is such an amazing experience XD Damn it for breaking down when we were the next riders =(
  16. Went yesterday and am going again today XDFriday 26th June - it was so packed.. all the queue's were so long =[Ride CountX://No Way Out - 1Depth Charge - 1Quantum - 1Zodiac - 1Time Voyagers - 1Colossus - 1Flying Fish - 1Stealth - 1Nemesis Inferno - 1Saw - 1Samurai - 1Plus the people I was with went on Rush twice whilst I sat there taking photos =PGood Points-Finally getting on Stealth after like 4 trips this year -Not getting hit by bamboo on Colossus! Bad Points-A very rude employee on Inferno yesterday called 'Poppy' She was shouting at our group to get in Row 7 when there were already people there. So we missed a ride because she wouldn't let us in another row and we had to wait until we could get in Row 7 only to find out that they were only letting 2's on the back for some unknown reason so we missed about 3 rides because of this incredibly rude girl shouting at a bunch of 15 and 14 year olds... We were going to complain but we were rushed for time so we couldn't -Saw Queue Line said 40 Minutes and in fact it took almost 80 Minutes for us to get on =S -The girl selling ice creams in the Saw Queue had sold out two people before us
  17. Saw is amazing XD I don't know why but everytime I go on it I get caught off guard by that first drop, I've seen construction and it looks tiny but it's so forceful, more so than the 'main' drop in my opinion~I don't know the right terminology but what is it that makes your stomach drop on some drops, like Detonator and sometimes the first Colossus drop. I don't get it at all on the 'main' drop but that little drop gets me XD
  18. David


    Listening to Good Charlotte atm~
  19. Uhh well I just said I didn't have them on my ride...Learn to read before you post please...And by the way, Do you like starting arguments and being sarcastic..? I see you do it a lot... If it wasn't obvious I was joking...
  20. I miss half the indoors scenery on Saw because my glasses are really loose and would fall off straight away so I can't keep them with me like some people do~ >.< So I'm half blind without them I didn't notice until I was told that the swinging things were pendulums, and I've still failed to see the spike pit you fall in to? There should be special restraints for glasses for us blindies~ XD
  21. =D Can't wait for the final~As much as I don't like him, because in interviews he seems very arrogant, however, Shaheen has a good chance to win~Susan Boyle, Diversity, Flawless and Shaun Smith are going to make it a hard night for him~Stavros Flatley shouldn't have even gotten through, I thought it was stupid. =/Hollie Steel voted through by Piers because she broke down was just pathetic :SGood luck to them all~
  22. David

    Logger's Leap

    So I was having a think earlier,Is it possible to fall out of Loggers Leap on the drop?In some ways I think it's quite possible. Last time I went hands free I lifted out of my seat on the big drop.However, you will only fall out if you are being stupid, for example standing up.Have there ever been any incidents on the ride?Also, is it possible for the log to fall back down the lift chain on the main drop?
  23. I disagree... Loggers Leap has the best music.. Country FTW =DGood Old Dolly Parton!
  24. I've seen staff ride down before to change shifts, whilst the second person came up the stairs.
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